Warcraft 2 v1.6

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This is a total conversion of Warcraft 3 to Warcraft 2 made by me in order to provide a perfect wc2 techtree to Linaze's project. Every unit, naval combat, rangers, berserkers, ogre mages, paladins, submarines, old wc2 heroes, everything is here. This uses a well balanced map a that allows both ground and naval assaults. Also every tricks from Wc2 is here, like turning a knight invisible, giving him a flame shield and rushing him to enemy units, or casting unholy armor on a zepellin so he can scout the enemy base without beign attacked by enemy towers lol (read the quest menu for more information about these tricks). This map is still a BETA, and many things can change. PLEASE, COMMENT! Your comments are very important to me, so I can know what you think about the map, and if necessary, fix bugs.

- Same status and prices from wc2. The game is exactly as if you were playing wc2 in a 3-D version.
- Full Naval combat, including oil tankers and submarines.
- All old wc2 heroes avaliable.
- Capturable Points, like Circles of Power, Runestones, etc.

This map is Open Source, you can edit and republish it as you wish, but please dont forget to mention that I created the map, and you modified ;)

Model Credits:

Human Town Hall - Myself. Dont tell me its bad because this model is still a beta :p

Human Castle - Feleer

Orc Barracks, Orc Lumber Mill, Orc Blacksmith, Orc Altar of Storms, Orc Great Hall, Dragoon Roost - Red XIII

Ballista - Happy Tauren

Catapult - Kitabatake

Elven Ranger - General Frank

Mage Tower - Tranquil

Stables - Mechanical Man

Explosion Effects - Willthealmight

Ships - Wolverine, JEDI_Knight, _ViRus_, Hexus, ScorpioT1000, Feleer.

Trees - Webster

Church - Ket

Alleria - Hueter

Death Knight - Nekrokenis

If I dont added somebody's name on this list, its because I dont know who made the model. If you know who did the Elven Archer, Gnomish Submarine, Sea Turtle, and Gnomish Inventor, please, tell me so I can credit them.



Wc2, Warcraft 2

Warcraft 2 v1.6 (Map)

15:18, 2nd May 2009 by bounty hunter2: Two people have warned about crashes, consider finding the problem, leaks perhaps, and fix it. Then update the map, until then, Rejected.
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Oct 19, 2008
Oh hello again Ham Ham ^^

Here is my new report for 1.5:

Both Human Shipyard and Stables are bound to the same key.
Same with Gryphon Aviary and Gnomish Inventor.
Second level of human melee attack upgrade don't affect the unit's attack power.
The same with the the Ballista and the Archer attack upgrades.
I believe that Ranger Scout Upgrade doesn't work.
I think its kinda dangerous to make Slow, Polymorph and Flame Shield affect allied units because now they may cluster together much more easily than before.
The model you currently use for Mage doesn't have a portrait, and its portrait is algo kinda bugged, I suggest you use the chaplain model.Anyways, that model is for Warcraft 1 Conjurers of Azeroth.
The sound set for Mage doesn't work here.
In War2 the Paladin healing couldn't be cast on himself I think, it also had a heavier mana cost.
Holy Vision was kinda more useful there, it revealed a much larger area.
The current Ballista model shields are bugged, they died once and the shield remained.
EDIT:A strange bug just happened, I poly'ed 2 of my own gryphons and one of them became a flying crab lol.
And I could still control it, I suppose it can happen with enemy Dragons too.
EDIT:The normal archer has a strange attack animation(the way the arrow leaves it), and I don't see any problems with using the same model for both, I believe that in the original game all that changed was the icon.

Also, Tranquil gave me a slighly edited version of General Frank's blood elf archer (this one is a high elf) so, if GF gives both you and me permission to use it, then I could give you if you want(I intended to ask permission when I was about to share a map/campaign with it)
Also some of the tooltips are outdated with the newer lore, I know its not a priority but they could be changed in my opinion.

I'll test Orcs now.

EDIT, Horde:

Both Blacksmith and Troll Lumber Mill are bound to the same key.
Troll Berserkers got hero armor.
EDIT:I believe that the Troll Berserker scout upgrade doesn't work.
Just like the weapon upgrades with humans, the second upgrade does nothing.
The Whirlwinds are kinda strange, once he kept following the death knight who casted it and the other 4 times it went for the sea and remained in the coastline- That could be my paranoia, just put here for the laughs :D
I still believe that the Dragon should be red, lorewise its correct like that.Also the icon used for it is the Bronze Dragon one.


Why the advanced peon/peasant?In warcraft 2 there were two building skills, one normal and one advanced.
EDIT:You also mispelled your own name in the loading screen.
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Jun 8, 2009
Hi. i've tried this with AI. Nothing to say, just a bit slooow. Movement speed of units is really low and boring. Otherwise, terrain is nice, and can be improved a bit. Will you add some features or will you keep it WC2-like ?
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Oct 19, 2008
So, about the models you spoke of.

I believe that the Gnomish Submarine was made by Kam, the Gnomish Inventor was made by ElvenSpellmake and if the Elven Archer you're talking about is the old one (before I sent you the model) that was made by AnemicRoyalty(or something like that).
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Aug 8, 2008
I thought it was a good map mainly, the terrain was lacking a bit IMO and it had only three main problems:
1: Walls did not exsist in Warcraft 2.
2: Units did not have variable damage in Warcraft 2.
3: Units had no HP regen in Warcraft 2.
Thats all for now, i'll give it 2/5, if these problems get fixed, 2 more marks, and also one if the terrain get's hit, Good Luck.
Level 15
Mar 8, 2009
ok, i downloaded it, and here's what i've got to say:
1) models are the same, no improvements made, but that not's the point. models can be adjusted when gamelay is fixed.
2) i wish i had such AI in ROC last mission... the only thing the Orcs did was harvesting lumber and gold. (will try out human AI now, maybe it will be better)
3) game crashed after some time, not sure if it was 'cos i tried to get my hero into transport ship or a simple crash
4) you can try importing WC2 unit sounds, it would make it more realistic =)

human AI is just the same
remove immolation anims from whirwind
dragon is a bit skinny, but ok =))
it took my ogre two hits to kill a pig... i mean, c'mon... =))
make armor/weapon upgrade tooltips more WC2-ish

as legorlan said: remove variable damage and hp regen.

but i believe there were walls, in b.net edition or smth
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Oct 2, 2006
I give up working on this map. Cant find way to fix the crashes. (I Dont even know what is causing them). Remember this map is unprotected, and I give authorization to anyone modify/use models on it as wish. But if you do it, plz just dont forget to tell the map was originaly made by me and you modified it.