Want to see something real scary?

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Level 8
Aug 16, 2009
Just putting these out there. Theyre probably easy, but I like them :p. I don't know if they've been done already in the previous 104 pages, though.

1. Bah weep chrah na weep mini bon, it's a universal greeting

2. Fakuie san? Yes go ahead. What the iron troll is doing now is putting heads in a pot, they have to boil for 20 minutes so their eyes can be used in a second dish and raspberry sorbet. Mmm sounds good.

3. I'll attract the enemy with my human call.... I'M SO WASTED, I'M SO WASTED!

4. *Music* Welcome back to Jaina in the Morning. *applaud*
We're here with Malvinderoth, hunter of night and his girlfriend Kim.
Now Kim, you think you're here for a make over, right?
Umm Yea?
Mal... why don't you us why you're really here.
Well Kim-cake I love you. But I have something to tell you. Uhh im a -----
(Ohh boy he pulled the wool over your eyes)
Well, actually more of a ------.
What? I don't understand.
(He's a bum, throw him out!)
I thought you worked for the post office.
Well, I -something- moonlight.
Level 4
Feb 16, 2010
1.Demon Hunter
2.Thall ( I have a feeling that it's an orc ) wait a second wasn't that the Beast Master too :razz: ok...no idea xD
3.Either Grom or .... no idea :D
Level 10
Aug 15, 2008
1. and 4. were answered and 2. was obvious when you said about "always open mouth" and 3. was guess ( I was thinking either Nazgrael, Orc shaman or Farseer ). Anyway someone take my turn - I got quite much schoolwork tomorrow ^^

I also heard these Life for Life, Blood for Blood thingies on nice map called "Spartan Tale" and those were orc voices. It's quite epic map.
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