Walking Chaos

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"Until the day the sky rained fire... and the new enemy came upon us."

The Walking Chaos is a giant infernal construct, serving the Burning Legion as both a forward outpost and siege engine. Due to its sheer size, the Walking Chaos is summoned in three stages.
  • Stage one: the legs of the construct fall down from the sky, burying themselves, and assembling the first tier. While it can uproot and move around, in this stage the Walking Chaos cannot attack, instead serving purely as a mobile outpost.
  • Stage two: the head and torso of the Walking Chaos crash down onto the base. The construct can now detect and attack nearby enemies, either through the crystal hovering above it in stationary mode or by stomping with its front legs in mobile mode.
  • Stage three: the arms of the Walking Chaos crash down to either side and connect to the main body, assembling the terrifying war machine's final form.
Asset Contents:
The original concept and mesh of the construct, were created by Misha
The special effects, mesh of the crystal, lightning beams, and original animations were created by myself
The team-colored texture was created by Mr.Goblin
Inspiration for the concept came from the work of MasterHaosis
Inspiration for the flying crystal came from the work of Mythic
The unit's initial suite of animations was derived from the Tree of Life model.

In addition to the model and portrait, the Walking Chaos pack includes a set of themed special effects for abilities based on Impale and Lightning Attack.
Also included is an .slk file for customized green lightning effects. To use the green lightning effect, Shift-click the "Lightning Effects" field of the Lightning Attack ability in the Object Editor and type "WALK" like so:

Import paths:

Recommended Object Editor settings:
Art - Scaling Value: 1.30
Art - Projectile Launch -Z: 399
Combat - Armor Type: Stone
Combat - Animation Backswing/Damage Point: 0.660
Stats - Build Time: 110s (Tier 1)
Stats - Build Time: 140s (Tiers 2 and 3)

Like all my other work, I consider this to be open source. Feel free to modify to your liking. Credits to myself, Misha, and Mr.Goblin will do fine.

WalkingChaos (Model)

WalkingChaos (Icon)

WalkingChaos_ImpaleHit (Model)

WalkingChaos_ImpaleMiss (Model)

WalkingChaos_LightningAttack1 (Model)

WalkingChaos_LightningAttack2 (Model)

WalkingChaos_Portrait (Model)

Now that's amazingly massive. The birth animation is also well detailed. Works in-game. Approved!
Level 15
Nov 12, 2016
Give me more of these raw ideas. like, you put aside the quality of the model which is great, you'd get 5/5 for idea alone.
Level 29
Sep 18, 2007
Inspiration for the concept came from the work of MasterHaosis
haha even now I still inspire people :cgrin:
Guys! Awesome work! One of the best models I have ever seen! 5/5 rating plus ,,like"
Good job people! This Walking Chaos thing is a good demonic asset! it will bring nightmares to it's enemies (those who survive) :cgrin:
I also like how it is a multi-purpose unit. Very clever ideas.