[Crash] W3: Map size limit for LAN

Level 2
Mar 17, 2020
I am creating map to play it with my friend on LAN but when I wanted to test it on LAN message popuped saying "Map File is too big, please select other map".

I was looking for the solution and found out that there is some map size limit for older versions of W3. Strange thing is that the limit should be 8 MB, but my map have 4.7 MB. It allows me to play it in single player but not in multiplayer on LAN.

I found some solution here https://gaming-tools.com/warcraft-3/game-dll/
I downloaded it and replace old game.dll with new one.

I have open the game, went to LAN and tried to play the map.

However the game crashed showing this Error (on the attached image)

My question is what should I do now? Where is the probelm? How to solve it?
I spent over 3 weeks working on this map, apart from that this map with 4.7 MB shouldn't be exceeding some 8 MB size limit at all. I have imported there just couple of models a icons, no sounds/music.

Old version of W3:THT (with old game.dll) is (reason for this is czech version of this game)
New version with the game.dll I have download from url above is

Can anyone help me, please?


Level 12
Feb 7, 2020
I'm only an amateur at reading these pop-ups but it looks like the .dll is still the root cause because it isn't linked up to the right files. I don't think the 1.26 version will work with your current version of the game without being edited again (and that's above my knowledge).