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Maximum map size on LAN

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Level 10
Apr 3, 2006
I know the max map size on Bnet is 4mb, but does this apply to LAN maps aswell, or is the size of a LAN game unlimited similar to Single player?
Level 11
Aug 25, 2006
Sorry. I was correct. The same maximum applys.
(Screenshot as attachment) The map I tested it with was 7.2 mb.


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Level 36
Mar 15, 2006
No, there's not. It has to be 4 megabytes or lower in file size, and the only way you can fit more is by using a compression technique like Vexorian's Map Optimizer. This significantly reduces the size of the map while also simultaneously protecting it. Just make sure you have an unprotected backup of the map otherwise you wont be able to open the map file again without deprotecting it through various means.

But being able to host larger maps makes little sense. Enough people already lag as it is on battle.net with map sizes as low as they are, so apparently internet connections are not ready to handle larger maps for the vast majority of Battle.Net players.

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 63
Jan 18, 2005
Not true, as once the data has been sent (map has downloaded), the overall background internet load ingame remains the same weather you have 100MB of imports or just 1 MB (this does not count the increased demand on CPU ect only internet connection).

The main trouble is that it will be impossiable to download a 100 MB map any time soon and also would enable people to use maps to transfer illegal game/music/software (as a map is an mpq file).

They should enable for SC2 maps bigger than 8 MB(as 4MB is far too small for a next generation of maps) to be played online but not downloaded ingame (have to download them from sites like THW). I am sure everyone would prefer this to what WC3 uses (4MB max).
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