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Vuen's D&D Titanhex Edition

10/20/2013 MOST RECENT UPDATE: Did a lot of bug fixes, added some more heroes and units as well. Added a new class, Gambler.

As well, this is the unprotected version of Vuen's for those who want to modify it freely. To get the version to host on Battlenet I suggest going to MakeMeHost.com.

06/13/2012 RECENT UPDATE: Many bug fixes

A few extra camera movements and better angle added. Darkness commands and other advanced commands for DMs have been added.

The ability to tint, color, and size your character as a player has been added.

The biggest change though is the newly introduced skill system, which allows players to choose their class after choosing the model of their hero. This gives them more freedom to get a class set they like alongside a hero they want, and adds a lot more models to the mix.

The class system works like this:

You pick your class, upgrade your skills, and level and add your skills all with the same prefix, +. You must pick a class before picking skills. F9 has all the classes and their skills. Typing the disp command next to the skills shows you the skills descriptions.

Players have 5 regular skills and 2 ultimates, and can subclass at the default level of 10. Subclasses let a player pick a second class to learn skills from.

Bigger than this though is the ability for DMs to create classes fast and easily! There are 4 commands to know.

cskill# # skillname
cclass # classname
cgear # classtype/gear list
publish #

Now all the numbers between the spaces represent a class number (1-9). Setting all things to 1 makes it so the class in slot 1 recieves those specifications.

cskill(#) the # represents what skill slot. 1-7. 1-5 are your typical skills learned at level 1 and intervals of 2, and 6 and 7 are your ultimate learned in intervals of 5. (Heroes can only learn 1 ultimate unless given by a DM.)

Publish # publishes that class the quest board, letting players see and pick classes you make!

There's also the ^ and * commands, which set skill and stat points for players. Great for rewards!


Vuen's D&D has been a staple in the WC3 Roleplay arena for quiet some time.

Vuen himself has praised this new Grand Project via email. His inspiration and ideas have been continued in this newest version of Grand Project, a resurrection of the old mod from 2008.

"Credits go to:"

Models & Skins
Red Fox
Ket Gosolov


The purpose of this map:

This is a versatile sandbox that allows up to 3 DMs to create their own world, story, adventures, and game play elements in real time. 7 hero slots are also open to allow an immersing roleplay experience where the heroes are challenged by obstacles created by the DMs and encouraged to interact with their fellow players and surroundings.

While primarily for roleplay purposes, this map is limited only by your imagination. Even with just 1-2 DMs the game can be used to create a beautiful world where characters made by the players interact with one another. Use it to plot out your own RPG or WC3 minigames.

With some ingenuity you could create an AoS, Tag, oRPG, Dungeon Crawler, Arena, etc. or switch between any of those, all with roleplay elements involved.

Inside all commands are documented for DMs. Features include: Collision; Fly Height; Modification to MSPD, ASPD, DMG, Armor, Hero Stats, Mana and Life; Bonus Duplication; Modification to Terrain Tilesets and Height; Custom Hero Inventory that can be specified; A ressurection system that can be altered; full JASS and vJASS spells on 95% of the 32 heroes; 4 Spells per hero done in 5/5/5/3 style; 1000 level cap; Spell Add; GUI with many units customized and standard; GUI to click for commands; Doodad and Destructable placement and modification; GUI for doodads and doors; Attachments for units; An RP chat system; Weather Regions set by the DMs; Plus more . . .

Now the semi-boring stuff.

"Thanks to:"
I would like to thank Kricz for helping me fix the bug in the inventory system provided by him. I'd also like to thank Orlandeau for redoing the terrain and providing countless hours and assistance, especially with the items. I'd like to thank Adikutz as well, since he provided a few spells for the map on request.
watermelon1234, Bribe, and Berb all deserve mention for answering my vJASS related questions.

I'd like to thank Clan DnDE, especially Zhou_Yu, Undead_Ravager and The_Master_Lich as well as Marut on USEast for helping me and staying interested in the project. They have been involved since the beginning.

That being said, enjoy the map!

A note: This map has become primarily code either modified or done by me. A lot of the code has been touched up by my hands to make it optimal (Lots of BJs to fix), but by using a base provided by Vuen. Vuen has even allowed me to change it's name if I so wish. An email of his approval can be provided.


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Vuen's D&D Titanhex Edition (Map)

09:43, 17th Jun 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Approved Can be useful.




09:43, 17th Jun 2011
Status: Approved
Can be useful.
Level 5
Jun 13, 2007
I got a large number of xe units while I was DMing with a player who had a Summoner. I'm going to be testing a bunch of other heroes here pretty soon, so I'll update later.

Edit: Ok, so, I didn't test with too many heroes. The spawning doesn't seem to be affected by player slots, selected heroes, or spawned units. I see no pattern at all with the xe units' spawning.
Last edited:
Level 14
Jul 26, 2008
You're right, Guillotine Fist isn't doing the damage, it's only doing the kill. I'll get it fixed. Otherwise all his other skills seem to be working fine.

As for the XE bug that's still a mystery. One that defies explanation. If I knew how to generate it I could definitely pinpoint it. Unfortunately it won't generate in a single player game. :\
Level 1
Nov 28, 2006
this game rocks it has no reson to even have to explain why this gets 5/5 11/10 this game is unforseable the futer is never clear espasaly when your playing in some one elses dungeon inside ther mind brot before you to lute pillage and get into the true fell of fanticy role playing RPG "best of the best it beets all other game becouse its never the same map"
Level 1
Jun 20, 2011
Has anyone found a workaround or something to the XE unit bug?! I really want to use this version when I host DnD but that bug just makes it unplayable for me.
Level 14
Jul 26, 2008
Every now and then I do. I hang out on USEast and sometimes exchange ideas and feedback with people who play the map.

Right now I'm transitioning our beloved Vuen's to be mac compatible and handle custom heroes and selectable hero classes. You'll be able to set what skills you want despite your hero.

If you catch me on USEast soon (Next couple of days) I am working on setting up pickable classes and will need spell ideas to fill the gaps.
Last edited:
Level 14
Jul 26, 2008
Big change in the current version.

I have a question for people who play:

Would you like to see Steel's style heroes? Basically semi-generic ones with similar movements but that can have attachments thrown on easily and weapon range changes. (This will obviously put a limit and cut on models for heroes) Or would do you prefer the current set-up which has a large number of heroes to choose from?

I'm deciding between going to the Steel's set-up or keeping the simple Vuen setup. I may add more models to the line-up with the current set-up, too. We'll see.

Right now I'm working on a stable release and taking my time waiting for feedback. Currently I have no particular direction for Vuen at the moment.
Level 14
Jul 26, 2008
Indeed they do. Honestly Vuen's has tools geared for a make-your-own RPG, though it's highly adapted to RP. Steel's focuses more on the Roleplay aspect.

This comes from Steels having much more lifelike and realistic scenery devices. I don't feel like overhauling that on Vuens, unfortunately. It'd take a lot of thinking.

Don't worry, I'll never go with the Spawner system. It's inefficient and one step backwards from a pointer system. What I'm talking about is just the heroes being a little more generic but also customizable.
Level 6
Mar 31, 2012
What I'm talking about is just the heroes being a little more generic but also customizable.

I think I would prefer Steel's system for role-playing aspects, but Vuen's just feels better with the current build. I don't know if I'd be too happy with the change is all, so I personally will stand by my previous statement.

I'd be more than happy to try out an alternate version with Steel-style changes, though.
Level 5
Oct 8, 2010
*Reads through all the comments*
It sounds good, and I am a guy who likes a good round
of rp-ing.
*scrolls to download button*
*downloads the map*
I wish there was more rp-ing on b-net

oh and titanhex please post some pictures or screen-shots
They always make maps more attractive.

*presses the submit button*
Level 14
Jul 26, 2008
Good to know some thoughts on Steel style changes. I'll be sure to keep a seperate version on hand without the model changes.

Also, for some reason when I resubmitted the map for an update Hive decided to eat my images and the whole map description. I'll try to resubmit the images soon. I think it'd be good to have a screenshot of actual roleplay in this time.

In the mean time, enjoy the map! A current build (Vuen D&D 5 20 12) is on MakeMeHost for those who can't host.
Level 1
Sep 11, 2011
I would perfer Steel's System of heroes, but thats meaby because I have played it more.
You could just make 2 versions that one uses Steel's and one Vuen's
But yeh. Downloading, meaby hosting.
Level 1
Jul 27, 2013
Shop bug!??!?!

There is a "nearby patron bug" where whenever a hero goes by the shop it can never access it, basically we cant get items :p:ogre_rage:
Level 14
Jul 26, 2008
Yeah this problem is more WC3 related than anything. It happens because non-player heroes (Nuetral Heroes) are the ones people usually place down for a campaign. Nuetral Heroes cannt buy items from shops (WC3 Bug, cant be fixed). In order to purchase from a shop, you'll need to place down your own color of hero. Just type self or your color and you should be able to do this.

The game was revamped so that the DMs can now place down their own units and have a 5-faction game if they want.