Voice Actors!

Level 11
Oct 11, 2013
So, I guess this is the right forum...

So people, the title explain it pretty much, I need of "some" voice actors for my campaign, "Glory to the Scourge". Nyone who wants to help will need to PM me for details, since I won't be revealing everything in here, but I can advance some things:

Major characters (will be present during the entire campaign): Kel'thuzad; Araj, the Summoner; Baron Rivendare.
Medium characters (will be present in good part of the campaign): Saidan and Balnazzar; Sylvanas; Varimathras.
Minor characters (will appear sometimes, but are still important): Putress; Lor'themar Teron; Herod; Scarlet Archmage (a custom hero, I forgot her name); Scarlet Paladins (4 different characters).
"Useless" characters: Just the simple units, like Necromancers, Frost Ladies (a custom unit), Banshees...
And also 3 extra characters that I'll only say in PM (2 'boys' and 1 'girl')

I'll be very greatfull if someone help me. Thanks for reading this far! :p