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VideoGame RPG v2.0e

Submitted by Tatsuma.
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
A dark shadow looms over the world of video games. It's up to your favorite game characters to team up and find out what evil plagues their worlds.

Play as various gaming icons such as Mario, Cloud, Link, Samus, Kirby, Master Chief, MegaMan X, and many more...!

Original Map by Elven_Rage (Death-is-near) and LoneSlayer.

Continuation by Tatsuma., HellKnightX (HuntedWumpus), and Ember_Naga.

Special thanks to: Zerox, KirbyDude13, KingUltra, xxGreenxx, Anacreon, Kurne, and Sean_D.

Map Info

-Up to 10 players battle their way through this linear RPG.
-Complete quests given to you by NPCs.
-Find character specific powers or items to help your chances in completing the map.
-Find all of the Gold Skulltula's hidden all over the map for different rewards.
-Custom resources ranging from sounds to models.
-Hidden Boss fights to prove you are the best!

Playable Map Size: 246x249
Trees/Destructible: 6144
Doodads (Other): 8192
Players: 1 - 10, recommended amount 5.

Modes and Commands:

Four difficulties chosen at the start of the game.

Normal: Standard Mode, strongly recommended for those who are new to the map.
Hard: Twice as difficult then Normal, recommended for those with some knowledge of the map.
Extreme: Three times harder then Normal, recommended for those who like a challenge.
Impossible: Four times as difficult, recommended for those who wish to seek death.



Resource List

Dan Van Ohllus: Goomba, Koopa Troopa, Kirby, and Kamek
Zerox: Knuckles, Zero, Fox McCloud, & Samus
TheGreatCovenet: MegaMan X
Modler2: Sonic
mrtnsndvl: Magus
dm251 / AaronVFT: Cloud & Terra
Robot-dude: Son Goku
Shinigami12: Mario & Luigi
MK-Diablo: Sub-Zero
Tatsuma.: Esper Terra
Jun / Werewulf: Master Chief
Pyramidhe@d: Gears
ikillforeyou: Futuristic Sliding Doors
Kitabatake: Walls


Judash137: Blade Beam Spell
RingKazuki: Omnislash Version 5
Dark's Workx: Blade Beam Spell Version 2 and Finishing Touch


Chrono Trigger - Shot of Crisis, Lavos Theme, and Gato's Theme
Megami Ibunroku Persona - Be Your True Mind - Deadline
Shin Megami Tensei If...- Old Enemy
Kirby Superstar - The Arena
Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door - Petal Meadows
Final Fantasy 7 - Chosen by the Planet
MegaMan X2 - Counter Hunter Stage 1
MegaMan Zero - Neo Arcadia
Castlevania Symphony of the Night - Dracula's Castle
Metroid - Metroid OC Remix
Sonic the Headehog - Angel Island Zone Act 2
Halo - Covenant Dance
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Medal Get Fanfare and Inside Ganon's Tower
Legend of Zelda - Hyrule Field

Please notify me if I didn't credit anyone for resources used in this map so I can fix the problem.
All music and sound effects belong to their rightful owners and we don't claim ownership on any music and sound effects found in VideoGame RPG.

Change Log


Fixed a camera error on the Northern Crater
Fixed Nova Strike and Charge Shot having the same spell base
Mario & Luigi both have had major changes done to them.
Pikachu's Agility Bonus is now boosted by the Light Ball.
Nerfed the damage on Samus' Speed Booster
Lowered the damage dealt by the Virus Wave for Sigma
Remade the effects of the Crazy Soul and Angry Sword, fixing a certain exploit with Master Chief
Fixed Vivi's Doomsday not dealing damage
Nerfed Swift Wave for the Honor Guard Elite
Buffed Meltdown for Terra
Readded the song Judgement Day as the area theme song to the Northern Crater
Zero's dash animation is fixed and it now deals a low amount of damage
Fixed Link's a bug in Link's Equipment Switching
Serge's items replace each other after getting the next item, Serge's stronger swallow weapons have been increased in damage to reflect the change
Fixed New Strength for Cloud after Sephiroth is defeated
Alucard's Hellfire has been nerfed significantly
Diddy Kong's Explosive Peanut Barrage and Monkey Charge have been buffed slightly
Fox's abilities have been buffed
Fox now has items
Hanzou Hattori's Bone Crusher has been nerfed slightly
Kirby has been reworked entirely and buffed
Ruby is 3x stronger.
A new area after Sigma's Fortress has been added! Play and find out what the new area is!
Honor Guard Elite nerfed significantly. To accomodate this change, Halo's Timer has been decreased by 3 minutes
Most Hero Items have been buffed in some fashion.
Staff of Teleportation CD reduced.
Item Drop System changed a bit to allow more variation in item drops.
The Crater now has some unique twists and gameplay elements. Be aware of your surroundings!
Terra's Cure doesn't fully heal anymore.
Serge's Dash & Slash has been nerfed.
Sonic's Spin Jump has been fixed and slightly nerfed.
Pipe of the Thinker has been slightly nerfed.
Sub-Zero's Animality - Polar Bear cd has been adjusted.
Pikachu has some new items.
When the Game ends, it will show the Scores now.
Megaman's Capsule no longer bugs if you get a Capsule after one you were supposed to get beforehand. You are now required to get Capsules in an orderly fashion.
Vile's Ride Armor form no longer bugs when he uses Hydraulic Punch.
Bizarro Sephiroth no longer spams an instant-kill move that is the result of a glitch occurring when he's below a certain life percentage.
Ganondorf has been buffed slightly
Some Skulltulas' Locations have changed
Stone of Agony does what it say it does
Skulltula Prize set at 60 changed slightly
Lasers now fire when the Fortress explodes.
Samus's Gravity Suit no longer provides Spell Immunity.
Some areas have new fog changes
Tome effects are now triggered therefore no lag should occur when spamming Tomes or any other powerup-related items
Stats now follow you when Cloud obtains Newfound Strength, Sonic and Knuckles get Hyper form, and Zero gets his new form
Link's Boomerang and Megaton Hammer now deal damage
Vivi's Drain no longer crashes the game.
Serge's Flying Arrow and Luminaire have been buffed.
Sigma's Fortress no longer allows you to escape via. intentionally dying or -unstuck function. You are now forced to escape by running. Or else...
Cloud no longer bugs from using Cross Slash.
Added a new boss theme and mario theme.
Pipe of the Thinker and Vivi's Black Magic can be stacked together.
Megaman X's Nova Strike deals damage now
Cloud's Cherry Blossom and Blade Beam V2 deals damage now
Ninja Master changed to Chef Kawasaki.
Ride Armor now drops items upon Emergency Eject
Magikoopas in the beginning no longer infinitely spawn
Initial Casting range of Bone Crusher and Omnislash increased
UNSC Marines in Halo no longer "heal" a particular boss
Link's Navi and Zero's Bee can now hold auras
Ganon has been buffed significantly and given a triggered fight
Almost all near-end bosses have been buffed in health
Bizarro Sephiroth along with Safer Sephiroth have been buffed and given triggered fights
Cloud has two new items
Sub-Zero's abilities have been buffed
Sub-Zero has a new item
Hattori Hanzou has a new item
Goku's Kamehameha fires faster
Pikachu's Iron Tail has an effect now
More enemies were created in the beginning area
Fixed Terra's Lightbringer and Atma Weapon items not working
Ruby provides gold to all players upon death
Extreme Mode now gives enemies 200% life, while Impossible gives 300% life
Hyrule Creeps/Quest Enemies have been buffed
Remade Luigi's Thunderhand, damage is based off his level and now is an item called Thunderhand Gloves
Sonic no longer has Continue? it has been replaced with two new skills Homing Attack and Sonic Boost
All of Knuckles' skills have been buffed, such as Dig now has a faster cooldown and deals twice the damage
Serge's movement speed has been increased
In the Bowser Castle you'll now face off against Kamek for a second fight
The stronger Koopa Troopa's now deal knock back
The Pantheon Hunters and Warriors also deal knock back
A few of Zero's normal skills have been buffed and his true form has gained a new skill Denjin
Buffed Giga Crush and Z-Saber for X
Added a new skill to Magus' Doom Sickle, Dark Matter
Vivi's Bio has been buffed
Some various exploits have been addressed.
Cloud's Braver has been fixed. Braver Slash also deals damage now
Samus's Ice Beam can attack multiple enemies at once
Zero has been buffed
Zero's Z-Saber/Chips now doubles the damage of Ryuenjin/Denjin
Super Sonic now makes Sonic's abilities stronger
Master Chief's movement speed has been increased
Lowered the amount of Pantheon's in Copy X's boss room
X's Giga Crush deals its intended damage


Nerfed Samus' Speedbooster
Replaced the Judgement Day song, causing various problems, replaced it with Chosen by the Planet.
Fixed a few camera problems
Nerfed Sigma's Wave Attack in half and fixed it's dummy effect not appearing
Fixed an animation bug involving Goku's Spirit Bomb
Increased the escape time for Ganon's Tower by 5 seconds
Decreased the escape time for the Sigma Fortress by 20 seconds
Lowered the damage Link's Parry deals by half
Replaced Tanooki Suit with Super Star
Fixed a typo on Magic Cape


Removed invulnerablity Samus had during Zero Laser
Samus' Speed Booster now deals damage per second and the damage it deals has been changed to reflect this
Fixed a bug with the enterance to Ganon's Tower, where no path blockers were at the bridge blocking the player off from entering the castle until Agahnim is killed
Fixed various typos in the map
Fixed a minor bug with Mushrooms changing certain characters sizes
Changed a bit of the Well Monster Quest in how it's completed, very minor
Fixed Goku's movement speed becoming slowed if he auto reverts
Reduced the damage of Fox's Rapid Fire by 100 per level
Fixed Brave Slash not giving the debuff to the target
Plasma Laser for Fox has had it's cooldown reduced to 150 from 300 and it's mana cost has been raised to 250
Changed the damage type of Fire Fox and Fox Illusion from Universal to Normal
Changed the hotkey to Limit Break from F to U
Increased the timer for the Sigma Fortress Explosion by 50 seconds
Increased the time it takes for the Crater portal to open to 320 seconds from 180
Increased the damage of Meltdown by 100 per level as well as increased the level skip requirement by 2
Remade Kriby's Stone Form to allow him to move around and attack while active
Overhauling Link, will include an item system and new abilities
Removed the Power Pole from Goku
Buffed O-Saber by 80 damage
Buffed Vivi's Mace of Zues, by 20 damage and 50 intelligence
Doomsday has been remade to be more useful
Changed the song for Angel Island
Remade Fire for Flea so it no longer shares the same spell base as Sleep Strike
Goku's Spirit Bomb no longer largely affects latency
Honor Guard Elite made slightly easier
Kirby's Inhale no longer lags the game
Drones were buffed
Grunts can suicide with Plasma Grenades
Hunters now use Fuel Rod Cannons
Master Chief's Plasma and Frag Grenades work properly
Serge and Diddy Kong's ability level skip requirements increased
Velguarder no longer overleaps or bugs
Velguarder's fight altered slightly
Moblins use new models
Sonic no longer jumps super far with Spin Jump
Dr. Eggman's item, Egg Blaster was readded due to accidental deletion
Robo Eggman now cannot be defeated before Metal Sonic
Goku no longer receives slower movement speed after energy depletion
Truth made slightly harder with changes
Tartarus made slightly harder
Metal Sonic fight remade
Frieza fight changed
Cell fight changed
Vile no longer perma-stuns
X's Charge Shot has been updated to remove lag
Fixed the Tome effects leaving a permanent effects on the map that cause lag
Fixed a bug involving players being able to stay in the training area
Fixed a few bugs involving the Gold Token quest
Link's Sword Beam has been nerfed in damage and no longer causes lag
Buffed all of Knuckles item and renamed the Iron Claw Gloves to Shovel Claws
Switched around the rewards for the Spider Quest
Buffed Knuckles Earth Shatter and lowered it's cooldown by 50 seconds


Fixed the command displaying for the secret character
Removed the Hylian Gauntlets from game
Buffed Kirby's Warp Star by 50 damage per level
Fox Illusion and Fire Fox's damage have been cut in half
Hotkey changes to some of the skills
Fixed tooltips to various skills including Mako Infused
Fixing various problems within the map
Increased the damage of Giga Crash
Increased the damage radious to both Fox's Plasma Laser and Diddy Kong's Popgun's Laser
Fixed the fatal error problems with all lightning effects
Increased the damage of Ice Ball by 100 each level also increased the mana cost by 25
Removed the terrain deformation on Vile's second form laser attack
Increased the hitpoints of Brute Honor Guard, Honor Guard Elite, and Tartarus
Honor Guard Elite made significantly harder and newer
Link's abilities are buffed slightly
Blade Beam v2 fixed
Changed the minimap picture
Fixed a problem with the terrain near the old location of the Deku Tree having no boundry/path blockers

Fixed few minor bugs
Buffed Mario and Luigi's base damage and health
Text displays the attack name for most skills
Modified Blade Beam for Cloud and Ryuenjin for Zero
Added a new beam to Samus
Fixed a small problem with the Fusion/Omega Suit's effect
Added a new effect to Cloud Ultimate Item, also fixed the name of the item
Completely removed the Deku Tree, all character specific items have been moved from it
Removed the model used by Eggman to conserve space
Buffed all of Kirby's spells excuding Stone Form and Inhale
Doubled the damage of Hadouken for X
Increased the speed of X's Charged Buster
Nerfed both Zero Nightmare and Phase 2 Vile
Buffed both Bone Crusher and Bone Break for Hanzo
Increased the difficulty on the late game bosses
Removed Fight Gato! for now
Made a Gato boss fight in town
New Secret Character
Gato appears in town after defeat
Changed the ending text
Fixed a bug with Truth
Change various text in the map
Buffed the difficulty on Ganondorf
Terrain changes over the course of the map
New command, -unstuck if your hero becomes stuck or unable to move
New character models
New music
New addon to the MegaMan Zero Stage
Mavericks deal 20 more damage.
Few more Moblins in the Starting Forest
Moved the first Mushroom Forest Shop down
Increased Kamek's stats
Lowered Sonic's base Hit Points by 150
Increased Magus' base hit points by 100
Lowered Alucard's base Hit Points by 200
Buffed Doomsday by 450 damage per strike
Readded Wizard Staff for Vivi and buffed it as well
Fix the player name not changing when choosing Cloud
Check Points added to both the Sigma Fortess and Northern Crater
350 seconds have been taken off the Crater Timer
Two new items for Sub-Zero and changes to his current item
Renamed Perfect Super Saiyan to Full Power Super Saiyan (the Canon name)
Pipe of the Thinker was nerfed in the amount of mana regeneration it gives
Buffed Black Magic for Vivi
Buffed Dark Artisty for Magus
Made Nightmare into Z-Saber (Which can change to Thunder, Ice, and Fire chips if used)
Weapon and Armor shops will be upgraded two times in the game with better items
X and Zero's Sub Tank now require another upgrade called a Energy Tank to allow them to refill mana
Complete overhual of the map terrain, special thanks to EmberNaga
New Hero, Diddy Kong
New Hero, Terra Branford
Nerfed all of the buyable weapons and armor
Goomba Trees renamed into MagiKoopa
Koopa Troopa's spawn from MagiKoopa's.
Kamek now Spawns Goomba and Koopas in battle
Wind Buster buffed, deals 10 extra damage and deals 50 damage over time to target
Incease range of purchase for all shops by 200
New addons to Hyrule
Nerfed Zero Nightmare's Buster attack by 150 damage
New Blade Beam created by Judash137, all credit goes to her
New Omnislash Version 5 created by RingKazuki, all credit goes to him
Some tooltips have been updated
Lowered cooldown on Bone Break by 15 seconds
Hadouken changed and buffed
Changed the animation to Charge Strike a bit
Various minor tweaks
New -Unstuck command, instantly kills player character to help prevent problems
Super/Hyper Sonic/Knuckles no longer have divine armor
Failing certain quests have drawbacks
Many item name changes and tooltip update, special thanks to Sinder583 for his help.
New icons and other minor additions
Fixed some leaking triggers
Alucard and Hanzo now have 1800 vision at night, instead of the usual 800
Master Chief's gun attachments will no longer disappear on death
Master Chief's health will begin to regenerate after his shields finish recharging
Alucard's aura will no longer lag the game the first time it is used
Alucard's Seeping Wound was accidentally disabled for some reason. It should now be working again
Alucard's Seeping Wound ability will now display exactly how much life is leached above the head of each unit healed by it
Goku's Solar Flare has been replaced by Saiyan Willpower. He regenerates passively based on how much life he's missing. When he's near death, he regenerates the fastest
Goku's abilities now scale with Saiyan Willpower. The less life he has, the more damage he deals. His abilitiess have been nerfed severely to compensate
Goku's Super Saiyan form is now triggered and no longer wastes an item slot. In addition, his Saiyan Forms increase his stats by a percentage, rather than a static value
Goku's Transformation spell can now be used multiple times to shift forms instead of always jumping to his highest form. His forms will have energy usage based on the ability level, with some forms having no energy usage by max level. In addition, he can use Revert to downshift through forms
Goku's hotkeys have been changed to their former values
Velguarder cannot glitch out anymore
Nerfed Vile's laser attack and slightly reduced duration of his fire trail. In his 3rd phase, he will dash less frequently
Zero Nightmare's laser is a lot trickier to dodge now
Sigma now has several new abilities
Kamehameha now has new sounds, and a shorter duration
The patrons of Tifa's Bar are now neutral units
Fixed a bug with X's unlimited potential staying on permanently
Replaced Cloud's omnislash with a rebalanced version of its older version so it's not based off of Mana Burn
Removed unused variables
The Exit to Ganondorf's room is now complete, as well as all heroes within the Tower die if it explodes while they are within it
Updated the FAQs
Updated Map name
Major Bosses have Boss: -insert name-
Most bosses have a subtitle, excluding Ganon
Transform on Goku only goes up to 9 Levels
New Goomba Model
Remade Sword Mastery into Jenova's Gift (Sephiroth)
Created a new spell for Cloud, Mako Infused
New spell Jenova's Influence
Remade Cloud
Master Chief has a 25 base hp increase
New Hero Serge
Increased damage to Hyper Punch and Hyper Explosion
New Blade Beam Version 2 and Finishing Touch by Dark's Workx
Added a 75% spell reduction to Kirby's Stone Form
Added a aura to Goku's transformation ability
Added Dark Metamorphosis to Alucard which will replace Tetra Spirit
Changed the song for the Sigma Fortress as well as a few other asthetic changes to some of the models
Halo terrain and area revamped
Sigma's Fortress terrain remade
Truth boss fight remade
Buffs to all Covenant/Flood enemies
Small buffs and large nerfs to Diddy Kong
New enemies added to the Halo area
Tartarus fight changed
Slight changes to inside Bowser's Castle
Crater Top terrain changed
Diddy Kong item; Nintendo Cap added
Freeza's health has been increased by 50000
Increased Master Chief's starting health by 100, increased his base strength by 5 and increased his strength growth by 1
Only X can now use the Prototype Buster gained from Copy X
New item to Master Chief
Fixed the Grenades of Master Chief as well as decreased the cost of the grenades while increasing the damage dealt
Increased the mana cost of Dragon Fist for Goku
Goku's attack names have been changed to their original names, to be more faithful to the source material
Lowered the health of all transformed units
Reworked X's Ultimate Amor, reducing the amount of starting HP it has by 2000 and decreasing the bonus HP by 90%, increased the armor by 15, and made the normal attack ranged while also decreasing it by 30 damage
Removed the immolation effect on the Ultimate Armor and created a new spell called Nova Strike to replace it
Reworked how X's Charge Shot works, increased the damage after he gains the Buster Upgrade, and while in the Ultimate Armor X's Charge Shot is stronger
Increased and decreased some of Cloud's Limit Breaks damage depending on the skill
Changed spell bases of certain spells for Cloud to fix problems with skills overlapping
Removed the Hadouken from X's fully upgraded armor set, replaced it with the Icarus Chip allows X to perform the Giga Crash
X gains a weaker Nova Strike upon gaining all the armor parts, the Ultimate Armor's Nova Strike is twice as strong as the one X gains
All of Alucard's auras are twice as strong while in Dark Metamorphosis
Nerfed Shroud of Fog for Alucard by half
Added a Dash to both X and Zero, Zero starts with his Dash and X gains his from an capsule upgrade
Fixed a bug with Vile's Door keeping him from going through to the third phase of the battle
Gold Token Quest added into the game, killing all 60 of the Gold Skulltula's all over the map will fetch you four prizes
Most special items are no longer sellable to the shop
Buffed Mario and Luigi's Jump Attacks by 100 per level
Buffed Goombario's Headtonk by 50 damage per level
Wario's Boss fight changed
Ganon's Castle Terrain changed
Various fixes and debugging
Changed the name of Masamune Copy to Apocalypse
Fixed the lag with Alucard's Vampiric Presence Auras
Updated all of the Hero Infomation
Renamed Charged Buster to Charge Shot

This map is protected to lower the file size.

Screen Shots





If you find any bugs or just want to make a helpful suggestion send them to the forum or email.

Forum: http://s3.invisionfree.com/video_game_rpg
Email: vrpgemail@yahoo.com

All characters, models, icons, and music belong to their respected owners.

Video Game RPG VideoGame VRPG VGRPG VGame

VideoGame RPG v2.0e (Map)

11:12, 29th Dec 2008 Rui: I have played it, and I guess the game is a kind of Warchasers, except it has this anime theme. Very good idea. I'd consider rebalancing a few heroes and especially the items. Knuckles gets Divine armor with the Super...
  1. ZSaber


    Oct 26, 2012
    What the music that plays during LoneSlayer's area?

    I tried to find and listen to every song you credited, but I didn't manage to.
  2. Tatsuma.


    Aug 7, 2007
    It's the Metroid song Kraid's Lair to be specific the OC Remix, it's mostly there because like with Dracula's Castle (the song that plays when you fight Death.Is.Near/Elven_rage) are going to be areas in the future, we just haven't gotten around to making either yet. We've been focusing on redoing older areas first.

    Near Hyrule Castle there is a cave that is unable to be accessed until Copy X is killed, you'll notice the bridge to the castle is destroyed as well as kinda a visual clue. Once you enter the cave you'll have to fight three bosses then enter Ganon's Tower. The whole area is more or less a boss rush.
  3. Cylian


    Apr 30, 2013
    Ah, yes ... the last boss took too long for Goku. I do have a method (basically keep timing the Spirit Bomb), but I ran out of patience ...

    This game is really well-designed. Thumbs up again~! ~_~
  4. EmBeR_NaGa


    Jul 5, 2007
    Dunno about well-designed 'cause there's A LOT of stuff that can be argued about in this map: Hero balance, bosses, lack of side-quests, tool-tips, difficulty, bugs, errors, ability failures, unintentional game-breaking exploits, etc.

    Although, for what it is, it surely is a fun map to keep playing over and over. Unless you're like us who have played this version over 500 times (not including past versions so lol), it starts dull a bit ha, ha.

    Hopefully, we'll fix 90% of the issues in v2.1. And also add more new, extremely awesome features. :D
  5. Cylian


    Apr 30, 2013
    haha ... sure. I am looking forward to it~! ~_~
  6. keijimaeda


    Sep 7, 2012
    is there an item to reduce skill cooldown?
  7. EmBeR_NaGa


    Jul 5, 2007
  8. Tatsuma.


    Aug 7, 2007
  9. Horselord12


    Nov 4, 2011
    I like very much the map. In my opinion there could be more puzzle, or arcade/collecting optional quest( and outside Hyrule city 1-2 ranch, lumbermill maybe). From my experince, I think a low numbered group (2-4 players), more effective on normal and hard difficulties then full house or 5-10 players, in big number often the players separating for groups.
    And I still cannot find the tunnel which leads to the tornberry king in ff part.
    The other thing, what is the weakpoint of the Honor Guard in Halo Part (when Guilty Spark opening the door). As I saw, it consumed the attack for a period then quited for a little time, then again consming. Well, little irritating that 2nd time I lost becuase Honor Guard took to much time. The question, when it consuming the attack and when not, so vulnerable(something aura or sign would be nice to see). Link has a bug, sometimes, because parry ability, not necessery to active the Defend ability, without it also there is the armor bonus. And sometimes when I changed sub weapon to Megaton Hammer, somehow the Defend ability again became active. If it possible would nice if some model(Goku,X,Hattori) get potrait(but I know its problem because file size). Ninja part for Hattori(or Sub-Zero) would be nice also or optional. What is the function of Guild Master? I only figured out, players can sell item to him but no anything else. And it was shock to see, Alucard can duel alone many bosses, thanks to his vampiric aura(example Marx couldn't kill him).
    And when a warcraft 3 ability or item renamed make buff for it, more authentic instead of using default buff(exp. Bunny Hood item).
    Thank you for making that map! Looking forward the new versions.
  10. EmBeR_NaGa


    Jul 5, 2007
    Oh yeah for sure. The next version has a lot of new optional quests to do. And I mean A LOT. I think the optimal amount of people would be 6 in my opinion.

    Tonberry King's cave is the cave before Diamond Weapon and the area with lots of Tonberries, and after Emerald Weapon (The Naga/Serpent-like boss). You need to buy the Tonberry Key from the Chemist shop in the upper-left cave in Emerald's room.

    Again, we'll mention that Honor Guard Elite shares the same system as Hunters. If you were paying attention to what the Sarge said about Hunters, you need to attack them from behind.

    The same applies to Honor Guard Elite. When you attack anywhere other than behind them, they will heal the damage they took and gain spell immunity. Alternatively, attacking behind them removes spell immunity and they lose more damage than usual. If you take longer than 10 minutes to kill Honor Guard Elite, you're doing something wrong.

    Link's Defend has a fundamental bug that occurs whenever you get paused, cast an ability, or pretty much do anything really. It turns on and off randomly. I have already somewhat addressed it now.

    It's actually not difficult or size-consuming to make a portrait. It's simple enough. It's just we never did it.

    Guild Master is something for the next version: v2.1. Essentially, it will be one of many places where you can take on optional quests. Right now, it's just a teaser.

    Actually, it's pretty well-known that Alucard is pretty much invincible to dying by physical attacks and doesn't die unless instant-killed/one-shotted by some bosses. The only drawback for Alucard at the moment is that he sucks a lot during the late-game stages.

    I have changed and made aura-based items have their own type of aura buffs since it was causing some bugs.

    Of course, we appreciate your feedback. If you have any more questions or comments, feel free to state them. :)
  11. Horselord12


    Nov 4, 2011
    Thanks the informations. :D
    Yes, back attack system I used it when hunters attacked. But it was not clear totally when honor guard attacked, beside that map only in one other I saw that system (Spartan Tale).
    I guess, because the Secret Level item is not avaiable, just visible, that means the secret level doesn't work in 2.0(correct me if I mistake.)
    Plus, is it possible to make little bigger the item model size of Zero's bee? The bee is barely noticeable, mainly for a new player(But if its part of the basic concept nevermind). And, when using wc3 models for units , try to fix shadow(without shadow looking like, they are floating), and animations (some units have weird death animation like knights in Halberd or covenant units or Makos), just need to copy the default values from original units.

    I like it with new versions that map shows, its more original with every update, and non-stereotyped roleplay map unlike most part of the genre.
  12. EmBeR_NaGa


    Jul 5, 2007
    Trying to think of ways to make it a little bit more obvious that you're hitting a Hunter's or HGE's weakpoint. Right now, it shows you're hitting their weakpoint when a blue burst effect shows up similar to like a Frost Wyrm's frostball effect.

    Yeah, Secret Level is something for the next version.

    Lol yeah, I noticed some newbies didn't notice the Bee item unless told about it. I mean there's no way other way to make it more noticeable other than to use the default treasure chest model, but then it loses its visual effect. :(

    I didn't really think about shadows or death animations before. Most enemy units just die in crazy effects so I didn't think much about it. I guess I'll check it out later or something.

    Hey, yeah. Thanks a lot. I didn't think we were that original, but as long as it's fun that's all that matters. The only thing that separates us from those "stereotyped roleplay maps" is just that we feature video game characters is all. If it were just regular medieval-like characters, it would probably be just as interesting but for a different crowd.
  13. Cylian


    Apr 30, 2013
  14. keijimaeda


    Sep 7, 2012
    ember , how the project on Videogame Brawl Adventure? is it already closed?

    About Goku skill Kamekamehaa, can u add some voice... and other heroes skill that heroes scream/speech when cast a skill...that would awesome...

    other thing, egg man suppose to be villain but he a hero in this game...
    more arkward when fighting himself in sonic world...

    one last thing, i would like to suggest add Garnet FFIX as a heroin in this game..

    Garnet Til Alexandros
    Main Stat Int
    Cure -> Cura -> Curaga -> Curaja
    Magic - Fire -> Fira -> Firaga -> Firaja
    - Blizzard -> Blizzara --> Blizzaga --> Blizzaja
    - Thunder -> Thundara --> Thundaga ->Thundaja

    Ultimate Skill Idea

    Summons (Whether Bahamut OR Alexander)
    - Summon Bahamut = Create 1 Bahamut behind Garnet then create Giant Beam like Samus Ultimate Beam for AOE Damage.
    - Summon Alexander = Sprout a castle then create 3 beam target in front of her for AOE Damage
    -Summon Ark = idk how to explain... Summon an aircraft/airship then fire on enemy...

    ahh can wait to play Vg 2.1..
  15. EmBeR_NaGa


    Jul 5, 2007
    VGBA is currently on hiatus. I will work on it if I see a new influx of attention to VGRPG in v2.1 and more fans who want to see me make the map.

    The calling out and skill sfx cannot be done because of the limited map space in wc3. We are barely under 100 kbs of the 8 mb limit. I would definitely love to, if I could.

    Also, here's some old news; Goku and Eggman is removed.

    Garnet is similar to Vivi based on your suggestion. And is also more similar to the new moveset I have created for him in 2.1. Only thing different is Summoning and the White Magic which is also exclusive to Terra now too.

    Read it up on the Suggestions forum on the VGRPG forums. Also post your suggestions there, not here please. We want people to post on our forums more. xD
  16. EmBeR_NaGa


    Jul 5, 2007
    Ryu gameplay footage. Enjoy!

  17. Gaboo


    Feb 8, 2013
    para cuado tendrian la vercion terminada :D tengo ganas de jugarlo ya :)??
  18. EmBeR_NaGa


    Jul 5, 2007
    For people still following the map here's an update video for you:

  19. Gaboo


    Feb 8, 2013
    yo quiero ya jugar esta vercio :D ademas encontrar las 60 araƱas de oro jojo
    usar a serge o samus :)
  20. lokharke


    Feb 16, 2014
    Query from a new video game rpg player

    Hi everyone.
    I just played videogame rpg 2.0e map made lots of money using Alucard.
    Just use his aura of transmutation and give command hold inside the goblin factory. This is most effective place is the one where there is about 5 workshops and the robots just keep on spawning giving you 10 kill gold and 20 bonus gold. The hellfire blasts accidentally destroyed the factories one to two at a time so I sadly moved on.
    I remember that once I made a trip with about 23k gold. Bought lots of stats.

    I was just playing single player if you were wondering why I was wasting my time. But I want to ask if anyone know about the HIDDEN FORGE or a way to reach tatsuma. Not the real person of course, the one in the map.

    The game crashed when I tried to use din's fire item which I got when playing Link. Can someone explain to me why it happened?