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Victims of The Doom VOTD

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Level 3
May 19, 2009
Its about capture cities for income and xp, the cities are placed on alot of islands, where 2 teams are fighting 6v6, in a team you need heroes and builders

Heroes: Just a normal hero in DotA, Wow Arena, Angel Arena anyway

Builder: He can Summon Barraks and Towers for Capture and Defend the Cities

I done alot of it alone now i just need help for

Trigger Abilities/Spells

Ps. If you make a personly model for me i give Credits like give a hero in my map your name or an item

Terrain: 99%
Items: 20%
Heroes: 30%
Triggers: 20% but they don't all work so i will ask my mate for help :)
Trigger Abilities: 0-10%

Just write here for comment and say if you wannabe beta tester
This is not a beta, because of i need alot of trigger just so your can look on the map :)


  • VOTD = Victims of the doom Test.w3x
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