(((Versus Hero Arena)))9D [Reforged]

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I Present you my map(((Versus Hero Arena))) it was created for a good battle in the arena and create a good game with good heros, more good abilities

i like metal music the heros are a metal band

this is divided in 5 game modes:

the first two based in original game mode, hero arena All vs All

All pick = All pick select us hero

All Random =All Random hero for player. ]

Hero’s in game

you going to kill creeps for gold

too can battle vs arthas

too i added duel system every five minutes all going to battle

after appears to us button is this ¨Zombi Invasión¨

you going to destroy enemy bases for win killing zombies for buildings destroyed to increase difficulty

after appears to us button is this mode Hero Defence

all are aliens going to protect tree of the waves of creeps

Units hostiles they want destroy tree, in level 19 you can battle vs arthas

After that egyptian gods arrive for try your resistance

for last i added mode defence of the ancients [Dota]

the battle is five vs five is based in destroy enemy base


V9- it has been modified custom keys, Most of the powers improved the description in English, it has added more spells and back graphics original of game, if you don't have (reforged) play this version
version 8Ultra with music (((Versus Hero Arena)))8Ultra - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic War.com X3

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Credits Great Models

Ujimasa Hojo, Kuhneghetz, Tarrasque, General Frank, Redsteel1,Stefan.K.
donut3.5, Retera, SuPa-, Afronight_76, HerrDave,icewolf055, FerSZ,Sellenisko
kangyun, Alpain, Sellenisko, Kenntaur,icewolf055, -Grendel, Dionesiist,
ironmaiden, Suselishe,Mc!, RightField, AndrewOverload519, Grey Knight,
Tranquil, Norinrad,WhiteDeath

Credits Icons:
KoTuK,The Panda,PeeKay,67chrome,JollyD.
PeeKay,CRAZYRUSSIAN, Big Dub,Frankster.
bigapple90,viiva,Redeemer59, deathgod.scythe.
blizzard entertainment.

Credits Spells:
RMX,Mage_Goo,Nightmare Moon,Marsal.
kurtgiogi,Jay the Editor, blizzard entertainment.

Credits Efects:Azsure
Stan0033,nGy ,JesusHipster, UgoUgo, Power ,SPy.
Boogles ,Kuhneghetz, WILL THE ALMIGHTY.
Thrikodius, Lord_T,JetFangInferno, Nasrudin.
Callahan,Freezer,ThEkInGoFdEaD, Carrington2k.
DCrimson, 00110000, SuPa- ,epsilon, s4nji,Darky29.
DiegoDelgado, blizzard entertainment.

Greetings to all forum :3..

I'll be waiting for your comments it. n.n
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Warcraft III

(((Versus Hero Arena)))9D (Map)

12:39, 20th May 2014 Orcnet: Map approved, can be acceptable