(Versus Hero Arena) 1.5 AI(Englis)

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
This map is very good is that is played with 10 players ....
It has 4 modes of play ... very good ...
The idea is based I think on a different map and original Rock Band every hero has the name of a rock band from different countries

First Gameplay ((Normal Mode)) in this mode you can choose the monkey you want on it haci taverns in this mode all you have to do is kill heros to win you can choose to win the 30 50 or 70#

Second Gameplay ((mode Ar)) in this mode only if it is for all players will also play a monkey either with the same function that is to defeat enemies and win the 30 50 or 70 kills

Third Gameplay ((Kaels War))
in this mode of play each player will be awarded 1 kael hero type that has several abilities that will also be given a conbate in a special mind map for that mode .. with the difference that they are given a bonus of experience to make the map more fun

Fourth Game Mode ((Dota 10 players vs Neutral))
This game mode was made for those who like the hero Defence itself is destroying enemy buildings to win, but every time you destroy a building ahumenta difficulty


The map is fully AI so they can experiment with computers

In this map map vercion all powers were improved and some modifications in the balance of the heroes
Already by the same supplement with more things like the buttons to make it a little more understanding fasil


Warcraft, Dethklok,Behemoth,Carnarium,
Gamma Ray,Cradle of filth, IronMaiden,Rhapsody,ArchEnemy,Lamb of God,
All that Remains,PostNecrum,Ramstein

(Versus Hero Arena) 1.5 AI(Englis) (Map)

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