Version 2.67: New Elite Item, System, and Balancing!

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Nov 1, 2006
April 22, 2008


First, please forgive me for my long absence of activity here on The Hive Workshop and with Against the Darkness as well. However, after nearly 3 weeks work I'm happy to announce that I have released Against the Darkness 2.67 which will most likely be one of the final releases that I will take part in developing.

Against the Darkness 2.67 contains a new Elite item, dedicated to one of my main testers Viper599.

Viper599's Shirt of Mastery

Elite | Available to All Heroes
This is the pristine shirt of the supreme mage Viper599. Reduces the damage of negative spells
cast against the wearer by 70%, increases armor by 5, Intelligence by 18, Agility by 12, and gives
the Hero the ability to transfer control of a targeted non-Hero unit (level 10 and under) to the
Player. The control is permanent.

120 second cooldown.

The release also contains some slight balancing for the Hunter and Architect, making the Hunter initially attack a bit slower in all game modes and for less damage in Death Match mode and the Architect attacking for a bit more damage in all game modes.

Most importantly the release introduces a first that I know of in Warcraft III modding, a Spectator Mode for players that have been defeated in Death Match mode but that wish to continue watching their buddies play. The mode allows for the defeated player to spectate any living Hero, moving through them in order by pressing the Right Arrow Key. It does not allow the player to type or whisper in order to avoid cheating but at the same time does allow the player to view the Information Menu(F9) or Leave the Game(F10) by pressing their respective keys. I am very proud of this system and I hope that you will appreciate it!

2.67 Update List
  • A new Elite item has been added that can be purchased from the Merchant Ship of Treasures
    by the Death Hunters and Death Knight; Viper599's Shirt of Mastery.
  • Defeated players in DM mode can now spectate and move through remaining living Heroes.
  • Empty slots in DM mode are no longer updated to say "Disconnected".
  • Halt Time buff name has been corrected.
  • Icon positioning fixed for Defense Systems.
  • Slight Hero balancing.
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Level 18
Nov 1, 2006
I play!But spell immunity is much.

You are right, many people thought the same exact thing. I went ahead and changed it to 70% spell damage reduction--which sounds like a lot BUT Enchanted armor gave 50% (not-stackable, will now give 20%). I'm releasing a quick update version before too many people download the original. Spell Immunity was VERY unpopular! Cheers!