[Spell] Vampiric Aura for ranged units?

Level 2
Apr 14, 2017
Has anyone after 15 years found an easy way to make Vampiric Aura work on ranged units in World Editor?

I've been digging around hiveworkshop and I've seen some ideas which suggest things like making a new ability that uses the Item Lifesteal as a base, and then putting it on each unit separately, but I would like to make it a Hero Aura, not a Unit ability.

Vampiric aura doesn't have a Boolean like the Trueshot Aura has that allows for simple switching of ranged and melee units on/off. Maybe there is a way to use that as a basis for creating the new aura?

I'm am not familiar with Triggers so I do not know how to make them or use them. Can anyone help?

Thanks ahead.