Uther Party Ultima-Q

Changes since Ultima-N:
- New Games: Winter's Equinox, The Assassin's Cove, Electrical Blitz, One Bomb Too Many.
- Two new Secret games + a very secret game.
- Arthas now moves and actually faces the second place player.
- Ghostly Gambit possession is now triggered. No more double scores, and no more ghost consuming.
- For New Player's sake, Ghostly Gambit starts draining HP a bit after.
- Fixed Revenant's Timer.
- Revenant has an added visual effect.
- Mule Race key has been re-mapped to Down Arrow for exploit issues.
- Doom Guards range has been decreased to avoid them killing through trees.
- Tweaked Abominations, so it speeds up in the end game.
- Leaving Wraith's no longer get revived.
- Ghoul's Necro shouldn't cast outside the arena.
- Uther Staff no longer gets picked if Winner leaves.
- Removed Wall Tower from Tower Attack.

- Computer players won't work on several new games since 0.50.

Modded by : Ancanus

Uther Party Ultima-Q (Map)