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User Rank Policy

Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by Archian, Oct 20, 2015.

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  1. Archian


    Site Director

    Jan 1, 2006

    Registered members of our community can unlock rank icons by posting on the forums (Off-Topic and Visitor Messages excluded).
    The ranks listed below are available to all members, provided they have the corresponding post count.

    Rank: Post count:
    [​IMG] 0
    [​IMG] 50
    [​IMG] 100
    [​IMG] 250
    [​IMG] 500
    [​IMG] 750
    [​IMG] 1000
    [​IMG] 1500
    [​IMG] 2500
    [​IMG] 5000
    [​IMG] 7500
    [​IMG] 10.000
    [​IMG] 12.500
    [​IMG] 15.000
    [​IMG] 17.500
    [​IMG] 20.000
    [​IMG] 22.500
    [​IMG] 25.000
    [​IMG] 27.500
    [​IMG] 30.000

    Special Ranks

    Furthermore, members are/will be able to achieve a special rank icon by:
    • Winning Official Contests in the Arena
    • Donating $100 or more (as a sign of our appreciation)
    • Sponsoring a Contest (more info will come later)
    In some extraordinary situations, members can be awarded a unique rank icon e.g. GhostWolf, for making the 3D Viewer.

    Rules / Guidelines

    Please keep in mind, that we award these ranks because we would like to give something in return for all the love and support you guys have given us

    However, we do have some policies regarding the rank icons.

    Article 1
    Members cannot request a special rank icon which another member of our community already has. See the list of unavailable rank icons below. One exception are team contests that reward winners with a special rank icon.
    Article 2
    Members who donate more than $100 can choose to give out special rank icons to other members of his or her choosing per $100 donated, unless that conflicts with Article 1.
    Article 3
    Members can only request rank icons befitting the Blizzard theme of the site.
    Article 4
    The Hive staff will design and make the rank icons. However, we are open to suggestions.​

    Unavailable Rank Icons

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Not open for further replies.