Uruk-Hai Pack (War of the Ring)

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"I don't take orders from Orc maggots... Saruman will have his prize! We slew the great warrior. We took the prisoners. We came out of Isengard and led you here, and we shall lead you back by the way we choose. I am Uglúk, I have spoken!"
- Uglúk, Captain of the White Hand

- Uruk Warrior
- Uruk Bowman
- Uruk Warleader
- Uruk Commander
- Uruk War-tyrant (Hero)

Uruk, Hai, Uruk-hai, Bowman, Bow, Archer, Hunter, Arrow, Orc, Lord, Of, The, Rings, War, Ring, Evil, Lotr, Isengard, Warleader, Warrior, Soldier, Marauder, White, Hand

- Added Commander
- Added War-tyrant
- Updated existing pack
- Updated texture
- Fixed Uruk Bowman's 2nd run animation
- Fixed Uruk Bowman's decay skeleton

Uruk-Hai Bowman (Model)

Uruk-hai Commander (Model)

Uruk-hai War-tyrant (Model)

Uruk-Hai Warleader (Model)

Uruk-Hai Warrior (Model)

General Frank
Works in-game, performs appropriately and is a good addition to the model section.
Level 2
Jul 30, 2017
A great addition to your Uruk-Hai models good sir. I don't know if the portrait is meant to be on the side but anyways awesome model!
Level 22
Oct 26, 2014
Lol that string

Good job with adding some inertia there, however it looks a little bit like rubber if overdone

Also theres an easy way to make the bow look better, simply attach the bow limbs' vertexes to both the bowstring bone and the hand bone, itl make the bow bend when the guy pulls the string. May look really cool with all that inertia, even if a little bit comical
Level 5
Jul 13, 2016
Great that you decided to add melee animation
It was one of those features that I liked in WOTR.

I'm afraid to make a mistake, because I have not watched this model for a long time, but you did add a bowstring and an arrow, right?
Very skillful work.
Level 17
May 6, 2007
The crossbowman might be a good idea tho, even if I think it detracts a bit from the technology style you going for your units and is a bit redundant with the archer.

And will the berzerker use a sword and shield or go for the big longblade? I'd go for the longblade just so it looked more distinct than the other two uruks, but its just my own personal suggestions.
Level 10
Oct 28, 2012
Warleader is more than a fine edition to the pack. I really dig the armor, especially the helmet and the weapon. The animations are neat as well! =)

As for the shield, I would like to see another version as Sami suggested. I would especially enjoy it if that version got more armor, maybe the helmet as well as the warlord.
Level 5
Jul 13, 2016
About shield.

Well, if you give him a simple rough shield, like the one that was in the films - then I think it would be great.

In fact, I have a lot more complaints not to the lack of a shield, but to the flamberge-like sword.
He would have been great for the old warleader model (i hope, you bring it back), but this sword seems very strange with a regular Uruk who even has no armor at all.
Actually I think that old scimitar\falchion\dusack model fits more.

BTW, Will you make the BFME version?
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Level 46
Dec 23, 2013
I might not be making BfME versions of the Uruk-Hai, since Fingolfin's already got them covered

The sword could probably do with a rework around the teeth, but here's what it was based off of
Chose it since it's the only non-numenorean looking sword that orc-folk use in LotrO, all the other orc weapons are cleavers, axes, clubs, or maces

Level 17
May 6, 2007
Im with the post up abot the sword, the new one seems cruel, but looks really weird with the model. Ots vey detailed for a uruk foot soldier that goes bare chested into battle. The old scimitar thing or even the very old warleader uruk straigt slab of metal fit better with the looks. I still like the models tho.