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Upgrade/Replace unit Process

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I wanted to make the WC2 Paladin and Magi upgrades, so I used the Troll Headhunters upgrade process as a template. Everything works fine, except that the barracks display the Paladins and Magis icon in the disabled form before I have researched their upgrade. As soon as I do the Knight and Ogre icons are removed and the Paladin and Magi take their place, as they should. I can't figure out what I did wrong, I coped the headhunter to berserker process line for line. (Obviously I changed the unit types.) I am left to assume that for some reason the Magi and Paladin arent disabled at first as they should be, but I can't find anywhere to change that. Help.
Level 6
Aug 29, 2004
I think what your saying is that the upgrade isnt available... (thing about knight nd ogres confused me, never played WC2). Check to see if there are requirements for the headhunter upgrade: If you need a Stronghold you obviously won't be able to get this with humans!
Ok, I'll explain a little more clearly.

Barracks- In the editor under units trained, it displays this. Grunt, Troll Headhunter, Troll Berserker, Catapult, Ogre, Ogre Magi

What shows in game- Grunt, Troll Headhunter, Catapult, Ogre, Ogre Magi

You can see from this that the Ogre Magi is not suppose to show until the upgrade is researched, like how the headhunter works.
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