Untitled Wzztkii story

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Jul 23, 2005
Alright, this is somthing I madea few months back when my power went out during a lighting storm. I was bored and began writing. It's not the best, and a little flat.

Some back ground info first,
-It takes place in the same Universe as my UTN and Kale'Vork races, that will be refered to the "Star Front" universe from now on.
-The Wzztkii anre a bipedial semi insectoid race that tends to form monarchies. Physicaly, they look some what like the Insectiod Xindi fro Star Trek: Enterprise. Their "language" is a mix of clicks, chirps, whistles, and some guttral sounds. It's not easy to reproduce by human vocals, so all the dialog has been "Translated".
-Wzztkii come in to subspecies, Royal and Peasant. The Royals then to besmaller and more lithe, rihtly colored, and marginly more intelegent. Peasents are bigger, thicker, dully colored, and a it less intelegent. The royals makeup most of the ruling bodies, and most of the commanders in the military, while the Peasants fill up the ranks.

When I write, I put a "//" befre and behind text to signify staticy dialog, like that over a cheap radio. I also put a "::" before and after italasized text to signify iner thoughts.

Ok, story time:
Untitled Wzztkii Story

A rake pulled through a spot in the mud, collecting the loose straw and other assorted objects hiding beneath the surface. The rake drew its last load into a pile of the same stuff, then it was propped up against a near by fence. Barely a foot away, two hands rested themselves on the same fence. Two mottled green insectiod hands.

Wiitk looked out across the field at his animals. He sighed and looked again, counting his herd. The edges of his vision seemed to be a bit fuzzy, but it was most probably from the monotony. But that’s the life of a peasant in one of the many Wzztkii nations: Quiet, safe, peaceful, the same.

As he stared out, Wiitk began to hear a faint whistling, but slowly it grew. He turned his head, searching for the source of the sounds. He still had yet to find it by the time it had grown to a frequency that hurt. It was so loud that it made his antennae vibrate so much that they felt as if they were striking something hard.

He closed his eyes and began to raise his hands to his ear holes, when heard a distant a muffled voice. At first he couldn’t make it out, but then it to, like the whistle, became understandable. “Get down! Take cover!” He felt himself get thrown to the side then…


Wiitk opened his eyes to the site of a large hole in the side of a mud wall, strewn with twisted metal shrapnel and gory bits of two other Wzztkii. He reached p his one hand and shakily slipped it under his helmet to stop his shaking antennae. He felt a hand on his shoulder and whipped his head around to see who it was.

It was corporal Kzzrk. “Good to see you made it kid.” Kzzrk looked to the blast hole, “Can’t say the same for the Sergeant though.” He turned around and peeked his head over the trench. He scanned up the field, the no mans land, and saw the bunker. “I think that was their last mortar. We won’t have to worry about that anym…” The Wzztkii in the bunker pulled some tarps away and revealed two Halberd Heavy Machineguns. “… Shit. They got new Halberds.” He ducked down below the rim again to avoid the Gunners’ line of sight. “This is not going to be easy.”

The corporal looked down the trench, first one way, and then the other. “I think we’re the only ones left. Shit.” He rested his back along the wall and slid down. “This entire operation has gone to the Kzz hogs. What in the damned realm were the nobles even thinking of when they decided to do this?! Population control?! By Zzrzz, we could be sitting at home, eating a nice hot super if the King would just up and take the fact that he lost one.”

Kzzrk sighed and looked at his rifle. “It’s times like this, you know, that I think of using this on me instead of them.” He shifted the rifle, pointing it tip towards his head for a second, indicating what he meant. Wiitk opened his mouth to respond, but suddenly heard footsteps pounding towards their position. “Shit! Hold that thought Kid.” Kzzrk aimed his rifle at the wall, near where he judged the person would be coming from.

The figure appeared on the top and jumped. Time slowed down for Wiitk as he saw the heavily armored figure drop down. It was covered from head to toe in dark blue armor, a reflective silver visor covering It’s face, but what stuck out most to Wiitk was the mark on his upper arms. They were red and white checkered kite shields with a Zzk mount head on it. It was one of their knights.

The knight landed with a thud on the ground opposite of them. “Lower your weapons, peasants. Can’t you see I’m, on your side?!” The none to friendly knight barked at the two soldiers already occupying the trench.

“Woo, a knight! Now we actually have a chance to win this one Kid.” Kzzrk let his gun rest off to the side of him and elbowed Wiitk in the side. Wiitk gave a half grin and a weak chuckle.

“Foolish peasants, I’m no knight! I’m Prince Zzkzzii, and I’ve come to see why we haven’t won yet!” His head bobbed a bit when he talked.

“Well, that’s simple. It’s because everyone is dead.” Kzzrk stated very flatly. “But now that you’re here, we have another chance.”

“What do you mean everyone is dead?! You two cannot seriously be the last ones here?!” The prince looked up and down the trench.

“As far as we know, yep. But there’s good news to. Those are the last of them up there to.” Kzzrk jabbed a thumb in the direction of the bunker.

“Then why have you not taken it?!” the prince asked as if it were obvious.

“Are you crazy?! They just got done mortaring us, and now they got two Halberds up and ready. That’d be suicide.”

“Well, if you two are the last, then why haven’t you tried surrendering?”

“We tried that already, but they don’t want one. They just gun us down.”

“Well then, we just need to get a good plan.”

There was a sudden burst of static from an abandoned radio a few feet away from Kzzrk. It blasted in Zzkzzii’s helmet as well. //Hello, anyone still out there?//

Before Kzzrk could respond, the prince jumped in. “This is Prince Zzkzzii. Identify yourself and give me your location!”

//Well, would hear that. I’m talking to royalty. I’m sorry princy boy, but I’m going to need proper authorization codes before a tell you any of that.//

The prince sat absolutely still, stunned by such impudence. Wiitk thought the voice sounded familiar, but couldn’t figure it out due to the scratchiness of the radio. Then just before the prince could respond, he put it. He grabbed up the radio from Kzzrk and spoke into it.

“Iika, is that you?! Were the hell have you been?!”

//Wiitk?! God, it’s good to hear your voice! I didn’t recognize you from this far away. No more need for those codes anymore Prince, Wiitk just saved you some major discomfort.//

“Now then, give me your identification and location.” The prince stated.

//Private First Class Iika, and watch the Halberds, I’m going to wave at you.//

Wiitk and Kzzrk turned around and looked over the edge of the mud. The prince came up to look with them, beginning to complain. “Oh great, you friend is on their-” He was cut short as blood spurted out of the back of the halberd operator’s head on the right, followed shortly after by a loud Krack.

The operator fell to the ground and the radio cackled again. //I believe that was a good hello.//

Zzkzzii and the other three stared at the spot where the operator had been until the other operator began to pepper the wall of the trench. The all ducked down and the prince opened a comlink with Iika. “You’re an Archer! Good. I’m going to need you.” He closed the link looked to the other two. “I have a plan.” He opened the link back up. “Archer, I’m going to need you to take out the Halberd operators when I give you the signal, I’m going to have these two here give me covering fire so I can go challenge any knight that may be in there.”

//Got it princy boy.//

“Good.” Zzkzzii closed the link and looked to the other soldier. “You heard me. When I get up and over, you give me covering fire.”

“Right sir.” Kzzrk saluted the Prince and turned around grabbing his gun, ready to pop up when the prince charged. Wiitk took his position as well.

Zzkzzii raised his hand above his head and opened the link. “NOW!” The remaining operator fell, then the replacement one in quick succession, followed by more Kracks. The prince jumped and charged the bunker, while the two soldiers fired upon the emplacement, keeping at least one new operator down. And other Krack came reverberating across the wall, but they saw was a small fountain of blood appearing over the side of the bunker.

The prince finally made it into the bunker, sliding in through the small gap. There was a small pause then a loud Boom emanated from the concrete structure, then more silence.

A second that seamed like hours later the radio broke in. //This is your prince, and it’s safe to come out, soldiers.//


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