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  • Happy Birthday!

    <span style="font-size: 12px">Here is a cake.</span>

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    I played your MH map maybe 1 year ago and i was wondering how did you make the mutiboard bars
    just mercenaries is active, and the systems are basically complete, come visit the project page if youl like ;D

    im finishing the terraining now.

    i got a lot more project, but its mostly inactive.

    i need beta testers, join our garena group if you would like to help.
    Reputation (+1):
    (Post) I like the way you made that multi-colored fog, anyways, are you Indonesian too? or soo i heard xD, i am Indonesian too~!
    Or map size can be 128x128 too.
    Depends on how many bases you are doing for me.
    Kindest regards. :)
    Thanks,once its done pm me with the map.
    Would it be done latest before next thursday?
    Map size can prob be around 96x96
    You can use imports :)
    Oh yes,you can use either the normal cliffs or the raised cliffs.
    Depending on your liking,and by seeing which is nicer.
    As long as it is suitable for a tag,it would be great.
    The middle should have a spot for the runners who've died to be waiting to be rescued.
    When do you think you can complete it?

    Kindest regards.
    Thank you very much +rep when you complete it.
    Maybe you can start a new map,so after you terrain it for me,i will just copy my triggers and my units to the map you've terrained.
    It should be something jungle-like not too messy,but a good tag feeling,just like tree tag.
    There should be bases,and a little secluded bases.

    Once you're done,pm me with the map.
    Thanks alot for joining this project. :)
    Have you played before tree tag?
    I need it to be something like tree tag,probably a jungle-tag typed terrain,where there should be many different bases.
    If it is ok,i will send you the map through a pm.
    Yeah, nad all terrains take plac in same world, and you kinda like have a story to tell... and you put a description with story to a terrain... well, you can ask Alagremm, he's the one who knows how to explain stuff well...
    I see you're quite a nice terrainer... evr tough about joining a terraining based RP?
    I'm talking about Daily Peon.
    The request was dropped, but don't worry. I tell him to make Rathalos, he said he can. But it uses dragonspawn skin, i can reskin that though.
    I could reskin that WoW-rip dragon to Lunastra, Teostra and Kushala daora. But it's bit difficult. Even i request Rathalos to supertoinkz, great modeller.
    Waringin Middle School, and you?
    I lived beside (Well, not exactly) the new Festival City Link.
    Ooh... So erm, how did it accumulate? Do you have a full video or screenshot of a tour around?
    Now i am HR3 Solo and beated Akantor 8 times. Over 105+ playtime and i haven't got bored yet.
    Erm, I think i'd prefer either, as long as it's a map that has good quality, I'd love to see it:)
    Your Monster Hunter map looks interesting, and, being a fan of that game too, I'd love to encourage you to continue working on it:)
    I'll try to help too, thanks!
    Can you tell me where you get the Rathalos model and all MH model you use for your map?
    Give link if you can, thanks! I Really addicted with MH.
    Want to help me with my map : Goblin Village defence? It's in map development thread.
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