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Tweaking your computer and the programs you use

Level 9
Oct 15, 2006
This thread is to let everyone know what programs you use to keep your PC in tip-top shape.

I usually go here for my downloads

I use
Registry Mechanic
Tweak Manager
SG TCP Optimizer
Symantec Anti-Virus
HS Cleandisk Pro, also known as WinPerfect. They are on in the same program. It has many great features like recovering lost memory from unused processes, cleaning junk files, which on some older computers ive used it on would take 5 minutes to delete all the crap on it, deleting unused registry files and also a large selection of tweaks from performance to netspeed. I applied this program to my uncle-in-law's OLD OLD POS computer and his 56k dial-up loads pages as fast as DSL.. no exaggeration.

I only use the Reg-programs once in a great while. You only need to use them once for the majority. Not all of the above mentioned programs are freeware. :/ But they do have trials and limitations, and i HIGHLY recommed HS CleanDisk Pro.

AVG is a free anti-virus software.
My brother told me about a free package called Hiren's Boot Cd, which has many free, useful tools. I have yet to check it out though.

I also use small programs like FoxitReader, which is less than 2mb and reads PDF files.

7z is a free and good compressor which incorporates a wide range of compressed extensions, and is simply not a hassle.

You MUST get PeerGuardian! It filters out IP's that connect to your computer and collect your data, like what sites you visit, what things you like, etc.. If you can load a page you want to go to, most likely PeerGuardian is the IP's which allow you to connect. In this case, the PG icon in the task-bar will be blinking. Simply right-click and disable it and you will be able to resume browsing on that page. Enable it after you're done to keep yourself privatized!
It also filters out anti-p2p IPs which will download from you only to steal your bandwidth.

This is the best site for tweaking your computer.

If you want to tweak your net-speed SAFELY, you should do it manually through your registry editor.
The best way to find out what settings work best for your computer, router or modem, and ISP is by downloading a torrent. You can mess with the settings in the registry editor and see their effects in real-time.

Search for these terms along with the word "tweak" or the like in a search-engine


Before you go any further, please do your own research for your own peace of mind. Though there is not much you WOULD mess up, changing one thing in the regeditor can, well, possibly make you have to reformat your computer. Don't worry, though, it's not that scary and you won't use it often, just for something like this - which you can't really mess up.. Just follow directions and don't get carried away!

Here are instructions of how to get where your change your net-speed settings.

(Windows XP)


If you know what you're doing and know about the regeditor and are familiar with it and would like a quick-fix, go to the above key and if you don't have these DWORD values, add them;

MTU decimal 1500
RWIN decimal (anywhere between 25000 and higher)
TcpMaxWindowSize decimal (anywhere between 25000 and higher)
GlobalMaxTcpWindowSize decimal (anywhere between 25000 and higher)

Where i say "(anywhere between 25000 and higher)", go here to check your speed to determine the best number for your PC..
Whatever number it recommends i personally recommend 5000 to 15000 more.
If you research on what they do, or simply do your own test like with a torrent file, you'll notice a great difference and understand why it's good to keep it a little high.

Hope this helps. Feel free to post which programs you recommend.
Level 9
Oct 15, 2006
all tweaking programs are bullshit, they don't give ANY improvement

oh and I use Avast! Antivirus, ZoneAlarm! firewall and that's all, I download torrents and stuff on 100% speed (512kb/s --> 60 kB/s download)

You are wrong. Very wrong.

If you have an NVidia graphics card with directX 9 there is a secret overclocking ability called "coolbits". It overclocks your graphics, but without proper use can destroy your computer.

As far as net-speed-tweaking your computer, there are definitely default limitations implemented on your computer which, when configured correctly, can optimize your download bandwidth.

I can get up to 800kB/s but so far have only gotten around 700 max.

There are hidden features and not-so-hidden features, ready to be adjusted to increase performance and speed.

Overclocking via language, using dry-ice, liquid-cooling, these are all various ways to "tweak" the speed of your computer. And if you say tweaking is impossible than you're saying overclocking doesn't do anything.. Which is an obvious ignorant farse.

I don't know what you've been told but you CAN tweak your dl speed. Had you chosen to take the time to understand how each parameter affects performance, you wouldn't be in denial!

When i first tried Avast! it found a virus in half of all of my files, quarantined them and there is no option to restore quarantined files.. At least not then.. So i lost a massive amount of data to what i think were fake implants. In other words, it blows.
Level 9
Oct 15, 2006
I'm saying that all OSs come with defaults that limit optimum performance. By adding those perameters to your registry you can optimize your broadband ISP speed.

My friend in VA found out, a long time ago, that his ISP was cutting his bandwidth because he was downloading a lot. They figured he'd never find out but he did and complained and got his bandwidth back.
So, not only can your PC be bot up-to-par but your ISP could be stealing your money for the bandwidth you're paying for.

Therefore it's worth the time to familiarize yourself with speed-checks and tweaking, and what the files do.

As for the overclocking, with the coolbits application you could overclock your Vid card to self-destruction! There is a huge difference in it's own recommendation (saftey-tested) and you could choose to overclock it even more.

If you want to think tweaking does nothing, simply because you didn't get the kind of performance you were expecting, than you are considering tweaking crap for no legitamte reason.
"Tweaking" is not limited to performance and speed but also how your OS works.
Level 8
Dec 11, 2006
Yes, it is indeed possible to tweak your PC to much better performance. Both OS speed and surfing/download speed.

Just to clear out all misunderstandings. You can't optimise/increase the speed of your ISP. What you can do, is optimizing the way that your PC take use of your bandwidth. As Cheeder mentioned it could be a great idea to check out if your ISP delivers the bandwidth that you're paying for.

I use Avast! Antivirus, ZoneAlarm, ExtractNow and PowerToys TweakUI for XP.
Level 21
Jan 5, 2005
there is a secret overclocking ability called "coolbits".

i dunno if you are being sarcastic or not, but its not really a secret. infact nvidia at one stage was doing a massive advertising campaign about it. if oyu know anything about overclocking it is the complete opposite of a secret. and also, the best way to speed up you pc is by shutting down all those BS startup programs you dont need. if you want adobehelper.exe to load up and hog your memory everytime ur pc turns on go for it, but then you sir are a noob.