Tuskarr Pack

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Made for the Race competition entry.

I choosed to make a full custom race with the tuskarrs.

I had no models and no icons for them.. so I had to make all! :3

Enjoy.. and GIVE CREDIT! PLEASE! cause then it won't be fun D:

Tuskarr, Frost, Tuskar, Race, Northrend, winter, ice, armor, leather, wall, building, upgrade, glove, spear, turtle, spell, summon, Mr.Goblin, seal, I
11:48, 15th Apr 2010 DonDustin: great pack
Level 2
Jun 18, 2010
Awesome! Just what i needed for the new map im making!! Hoping you can possibly work on some new models :)
Great job! :D +rep as many times as it lets me :D
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