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  • Erm, Alagremm cancelled FoD because it had no future at current situation alread and required more well-cordinated team, but Alagremm had nobody to give the project to.

    And just a notice, but you should really read the rules of THW. It clearly states no Return/Reputation count/Leaving/Postcount threads are allowed.
    Do you take requests? cant go into detail about secret project stuff here....
    no. im not.
    I cant, I dont have that UI. The texture was made by P!nS. The only thing I did was some minor alteration of the texture.
    I wanted to leave behind that Jigrael persona, thats why I scrambled the account password. I didnt want the account back.
    If so was, take it up with General Frank. Either way, you did respond to a complaint about my moderation, in a comment section for an icon made for the resource I had moderated. I just wanted to tell you that you should contact us and not whine somewhere we won't always look.
    i dont get it. what are you trying to say?
    how does your ability to "model, moderate and act rationally" correlate to the capabilities of the mods on this website?
    people generally have nothing to get mad at people who cant give out a decent critique
    the reason why the decision to approve/reject is not "up to the hundreds of users" is because those hundreds of users are normally rash and, to be quite honest, dont know what they are talking about. IF it was up to the users as you say it should be, the resource section would be flooded with metaphorical crap.
    our job as moderators is to, as the name suggest, moderate. not approve. our job INCLUDES approving AND rejecting resources. our job is to make sure this flood of crap does not happen by letting people know that crap isnt welcome in the resource section

    and if you have any OTHER complaints to make, feel free to pm me
    If you want to complain about my decisions, come to me or take it up in Admin Contact. You should not be complaining about a moderator's decision in public.
    You posted all those within moments of each other. I hadn't even seen they were there. It's not like visitor messages are msn and show up instantly. Anyway I've thought of making Orc units in the past and I submitted the one I did make in the past.
    Sorry to post here, but can you show me any of your skins, to see if you are skilled enough to join us.
    Answer in my profile.
    I would kindly ask you to never put anything as a smilie spam in the signature or saying "see my smilies" or however you typed..
    Consider it as a friendly warning :)
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