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Tunnel System (Nydus Canal)

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
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  • Units teleport from Entrance to Exit
  • Entrance building can build Exit building
  • Should work on any patch
Configuration Variables:
TunnelAbilAbility CodeMust be a Build Tiny X ability.
Set Unit Created to the exit building, and Cast Range to whatever you want.
TunnelAllowFlyingBooleanWhether to allow flying units to teleport.
TunnelDelayRealDelay between unit disappearing at entrance and reappearing at exit.
TunnelRangeRealDistance from Entrance location at which units can be teleported.
TunnelSfxStringSpecial effect displayed on units at entrance and at exit. Leave empty if you don't want an effect.

- Added missing Filter() function so the script works without vJASS

- Changed main event from SPELL_CAST to SPELL_EFFECT to fix script failing when there is a delay in starting exit construction

- Tiny update

Tunnel System (Map)