Troll Lumber Mill Reforged

Carved from the husk of an ancient Ironwood tree, the Troll Lumber Mill is a vital part of the Horde's lumber processing operation. The Trolls, having lived in the forests of the far north for centuries, have devised a unique method of harvesting. By treating a group of trees with a volatile alchemical solvent, the Trolls can deaden and weaken large sections of wood. Though it is extremely hazardous to Peon and earth alike, this site makes the process of cutting lumber more efficient. Trolls have become quite adept at fashioning a special sort of throwing axe. The crafting and use of this weapon is always being honed to perfection. Troll Berserkers frequent the Ironwood trees to digest potions given to them by the Goblin Alchemists stationed there. These potions enable them to throw their axes greater distances or sharpen their sight. It is also said that the speed at which healing occurs is increased if the correct potion is ingested. This process of regeneration is one of the most distinct and unbelievable powers of the Troll Berserkers

Troll Lumber Mill Reforged (Model)

Troll Lumber Mill Reforged Icon (Icon)

Mr Ogre man
Works ingame flawlessly and is useful.
Level 16
Oct 25, 2006
Insta-use! Thank you once more dear sir. I shall be showing you what I'm working on soon :)
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Feb 1, 2020
Great model, but did the forest trolls who allied themselves with the Horde during the Second War use voodoo masks and similar imagery?