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High Elven Lumber Mill Reforged

Seeking insight into the mysteries of the great Ironwood trees of Northeron, the Elves of Quel'thalas constructed Lumber Mills where they became exceptional craftsmen. The Elves offered their superior skills in service to the Alliance, providing more efficient means for processing lumber. The production of ships and war machines becomes possible with the addition of these structures.

Lumber mills are also responsible for producing the perfectly crafted arrows that make the Elven Archers feared throughout the Horde. When given the necessary resources, Elven craftsmen will upgrade the quality of these arrows, thus increasing the possible damage that can be inflicted. Elven Rangers, after being trained at the Barracks, have been known to gather at the mills, honing their skills in Longbow, Marksmanship and Scouting.

High Elven Lumber Mill Reforged (Model)

WC2 Elven Lumbermill Icon (Icon)

Mr Ogre man
Great addition, as the rest of buildings
Level 8
Aug 13, 2009
This comment is based purely off the screenshots as I haven't a chance to test in-game, but your Reforged models are immensely useful, the only critique I have for all of your building models would be to add a TCPlane to each of the portraits, other then that, they are awesome. Good work!
Level 17
Feb 15, 2021
Useful, but too simple.
What, pray tell, would you do to make a WC2 Elven Lumber Mill in WC3 Reforged not "too simple"?🤦‍♂️ EDIT: (my original comment, restored by General Frank)

Lol, nice censorship from the mod who gave the "too simple" review :peasant-thumbs-up::peasant-tongue-out:Did I hurt your feelings by asking a question? :peasant-ok-hand:
Removed my comment where I asked what he'd have done to make a WC2 Elven Lumber Mill not "too simple", and the reason the comment was removed was because "Nonsense".
I think the model's amazing.

EDIT: Peace has been restored, see comment #17 below.
Last edited:
Okay, big misunderstanding here, I deleted your post (and mine) because it was not relevant to the model or anything any more.
My review was from April 2020 when the rules were different and the model was in fact categorized as too simple.

Also, please don't try to belittle me with if I would do something or not or speak about censorship. It's a hollow argument.
You did not hurt my feelings, but it seems your reaction now just shows me that you lack respect and that you just lunge onto things to have your opinion be heard... without even considering a thing.
I am sorry, but I cannot really take you seriously when you talk so strongly about something that I feel you really have no real idea about, not see the full picture or know the nitty-gritty of things. Everyone's opinion is valued and what they feel about is valid, but it kinda falls flat if you start to belittle people in general.
Level 2
May 8, 2021
hello can also make an icon for this like the one in hatchery, altar and the town keep castle you made jsut to make it uniformed look <3 thanks and very awesome work
Level 2
Dec 19, 2021
That's great modeling.
Just to add a little, the background of the portrait appears black in the part where the portrait is visible in the game.
It would be better if the team color was shown on the back of the portrait.


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