Trigger Request - Triggerer (Mainly Boss Fights)

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Oct 24, 2009
I need some help with my map, Lair of Darkness (Link to map at bottom of post). Basically, I suck with triggers and would like someone to clean up the simple triggers I made and redo them, while also making the rest of the triggers required for my map!

What I need - Triggerer (Boss Fights Mainly)

Boss Fight Explanation

Earth Boss Fight - You enter the room and wait 10 seconds, then the doors shut until everyone(wipe), or the boss is dead. Reknor(Earth Boss) spawns and you engage him.


Earth Boulder - Every 10 seconds, Reknor throws a boulder at a random target, doing 450 damage to the target and stunning them for 2 seconds.

Cave In - Every 20 seconds, Reknor roars, causing a cave in. Rocks fall from the ceiling causing 150 damage to whoever stands in it. Also, reduces their movement speed by 20%. (250 yard radius) Each cave in lasts 10 seconds.

Ground Slam - Every 17 seconds Reknor slams the ground, causing 250 damage to everyone within 500 yards of Reknor.

Earth Wave - Every 25 seconds Reknor releases a wave full of rocks in front of him, going 700 yards. It causes 300 damage to anyone it hits. (He says "Enough!" before casting this and waits 3 seconds before he casts it).

Boss Difficulty - Easy

Fire Boss Fight - You enter a room of lava where once you step in the room you have 10 seconds to enter the room before it is locked and you won't be able to enter until you wipe or the boss dies.


Flame Ball - Kolner throws a ball of flame at a random place in the room. It will take 5 seconds to reach it's target. Once it hits the ground it will explode, 400 dealing damage in a 300 yd radius.

Flamestrike - Kolner will go invulnerable and every 2 seconds bring up a circle of fire that players will have to move and dodge them. They each last 6 seconds, and deal 250 amount of damage each second in them. This goes on for 6 seconds. Kolner will do this 25 every second.

Rain of Fire - Kolner calls upon a rain of fire that will target a random area in the room and it will fall, dealing 275 damage. Lasts 10 seconds.

Spawns of Kolner - Kolner disappears into the ground for 20 seconds. Fire spawns spawn around the room and will attack. They are weak and can be killed easily. After 20 seconds, they all die and Kolner reappears.

Boss Difficulty - Medium

You will enter the Ice Area which is a little square of ice. Once you enter and 10 seconds have passed, there is no turning back. You will need to fight minions for about 120 seconds (2 minutes). Once the 120 seconds passed, you need to kill the rest of the minions and Volnof will spawn and you will engage him.


Frost Bolt - Picks a random target and fires a bolt of frost at the target for 600 amount of damage.

Frost Nova - Freezes everyone in the room for 5 seconds and deals 450 amount of damage when it breaks.

Blizzard - Creates a blizzard that circles the whole room in 10 seconds, dealing 275 amount of damage when standing it in.

Enrage - Every 15 seconds, Volnof will enrage for 8 seconds increasing his damage by 100 amount and armor by 10 amount.

Summon Minions - Volnof summons 3 ice minions. They will be be there for 10 seconds and can't be killed, meaning you must heal through the damage. They will despawn after 10 seconds and reappear every 80%/60%/40%/20%.

Boss Difficulty - Hard

Water Boss Fight - Once you reach the Water Boss(Final Boss), you will clear the rest of the Naga/Murlocs and engage the Naga Queen, Lilnoth. She creates a shield which you can't go in or out of until she dies or you wipe.


Arrow of Doom - Lilnoth shoots an arrow at a random target, dealing 350 damage every 2 seconds to the target. Lasts 9 seconds. Casts every 18 seconds when appeared.

Tital Wave - Lilnoth summons a wave from the sea behind her. It will hit everyone in the boss area for 800 damage. Though, 2 blocks of sand appear which you can stand behind to not get hit. Casts every 30 seconds when appeared.

Water Arrow - Shoots a water arrow at the target, decreasing their attack speed and movement speed by 80%, also dealing 500 damage on impact. Casts every 10 seconds when appeared.

Call of the Naga - Lilnoth shouts for help and dives into the sea. 2 Naga Summoners and 5 Murloc Warriors appear. You have 15 seconds to defeat them before Lilnoth appears and drains their power, giving 5% of life back to her and increasing her damage by 10 per unit drained. Casts every 45 seconds.

Flash Back - Lilnoth ports away, summoning the Earth, Ice, or Fire boss to the boss area. The boss is weaker, and only uses the Frost Bolt, Fire Ball, and Throw Boulder ability. Once the Flash Back Boss is dead, Lilnoth portals back into battle. Casts every 1 minute.

Boss Difficulty - Very Hard

Triggering Other Stuff

Basically, the other stuff includes:

Item Drops
Gate opening/closing
Area Triggering

If you can do this, please respond or send me a PM. You don't need to be able to do all the spells, but atleast do some. You name will be added to the "Triggerers" tab in my map, as well as +rep!

Link to Lair of Darkness

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