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Lair of Darkness

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Level 4
Oct 24, 2009
As of October 30, Lair of Darkness development is on hold!


In the realm of Aderlon, a lair was discovered long ago. No one has ever dared to enter it until the King ordered a group of 10 guards to go investigate. A week passed and they were not seen yet. Everyone worried about the mysterious disappearance of the men, and the cave was named "Lair of Darkness" by the townsfolk that lived near it. Five months has passed since the disappearance of the guards, and now 10 friends from the town of Odlin have decided to go in and find out what is so mysterious about this lair... Will they return?


Melee Classes

Main Stat - Strength
Role - Tank
Abilities - Taunt, Armor Protection, Shout of Life, Shield Bash

Main Stat - Strength
Role - Melee Damage Dealer
Abilities - Cleave, Attacking Shout, Hero Bash, Rampage

Main Stat - Agility
Role - Melee Damage Dealer
Abilities - Fast Strike, Quickening Blades, Throwing Knives, Multiple Strikes

Main Stat - Strength/Intelligence
Role - Damage Dealer/Healer
Abilities - Strike of the Light, Holy Light, Hands of Might, Shield of the Light


Range Damage Dealing Classes

Main Stat - Agility
Role - Range Damage Dealer
Abilities - Trap of Explosives, Quickening Shots, Multi shot, Explosive Shot

Main Stat - Agility
Role - Range/Pet Damage Dealer
Abilities - Summon Wolf, Quickening Shots, Bullets of Fire, Aimed Shot

Main Stat - Agility
Role - Damage Dealing
Abilities - Poison Spear, Quickening Shots, Spear of Power, Multiple Spears


Caster Classes

Main Stat - Intelligence
Role - Spell Damage Dealer
Abilities - Fireball, Thunderstorm, Lightning Shot, Firing Hand

Main Stat - Intelligence
Role - Spell/Pet Damage Dealer
Abilities - Summon Demon, Chaos Bolt, Curse of Torture, Burning Agony

Ice Mage
Main Stat - Intelligence
Role - Spell Damage Dealer
Abilities - Icebolt, Freezing Nova, Ice Lance, Freezing Nova

Main Stat - Intelligence
Role - Spell Damage Dealer/Healer
Abilities - Nature Shock, Nature Call, Naturebolt, Call of the Moon

Main Stat - Intelligence
Role - Healer
Abilities - Flash of Light, Holy Orb, Brilliance, Great Heal, Healing Power


When the game starts you will be at a Hero Tavern, where you will choose the following:

Melee Classes
Range Classes
Caster Classes

Once you choose your class category, you will be sent to the Hero Tavern with the class category you picked, Melee, Range, Caster. Once everyone has got their hero, you will enter the Lair of Darkness. Your hero will begin at level 3, giving you 3 spells to choose from in the beginning. Your will go through the lair, defeating the evil there. Your hero will gain levels, leveling to the cap at 15. It is not that hard to level, but it won't take as long. :thup:

The Lair of Darkness is seperating into 4 areas:

Earth Area
Fire Area
Ice Area

Water Area

You will start at the Earth Area, defeating the Earth minions that are there. The Earth Area takes you through a maze of monsters until you reach Reknor, the Earth Boss. Once you defeat him, you will go into the back of his room where a door has been opened into the Fire Area.

The Fire Area will be a mystery, fire minions everywhere, popping out of the lava. You will defeat the minions and reach Kolner, the Fire Boss. Once he is defeated, a door will open and take you to the Ice Area.

The Ice Area is a cold, dark place. You will be put into a square of ice where ice minions will pop out of. You must defeat them until the Volnof, the Ice Boss appears. You will fight him and once he is defeated, you will be ported into the Water Area, the final stage.

Naga/Murlocs dwell in the Water Area, as well as Lilnoth, the Naga Queen is. She rules everything in the Lair of Darkness, killing all who enter. You will defeat the attack groups sent to kill your group. Once they stop, you will go through a somewhat tropical area, where you will go upstream in a shallow river. Once you are at the village where Lilnoth is, you will fight her guards. Once they are dead you will fight her. Once she is defeated, you have won the game!

If you die, you will be dead until your party reaches a Circle of Power, where once stepped on, you will all be revived.

Once I finish this project, I will release the beta phase. Once it is done and almost all bugs and leaks are gone, I will release the real map! After a few versions, I will put in a save/load system so you can save and load your characters!

Now, keys drop off the bosses. Only 1 key will drop off the boss and you all must decide who takes it. In the start of the map, there will be a portal, where if you have the key to the Fire Area, which drops off the Earth Boss, lets say, it will port you to the start of the Fire Area. This is a good way for groups of friends who have defeated the Earth Area many times and don't need anything from it can just port to the Fire Area easily and continue from there!

Earth Boss - Fire Key
Fire Boss - Ice Key
Ice Boss - Water Key

Every boss will have their own fight. Now, I only have the fire bosses fight planned out, but will release the others very soon!

Earth Boss Fight

Fire Boss Fight
Once you enter the room, the boss will appear. You have only 10 seconds to get into the room before the door slams shut and you will be locked out until everyone is dead.


Flame Ball - Kolner throws a ball of flame at a random place in the room. It will take x seconds to reach it's target. Once it hits the ground it will explode, dealing x damage in a x yd radius.

Flamestrike - Kolner will go invulnerable and every 2 seconds bring up a circle of fire that players will have to move and dodge them. They each last 6 seconds, and deal x amount of damage each second in them. This goes on for 6 seconds. Kolner will do this x every second.

Rain of Fire - Kolner calls upon a rain of fire that will target a random area in the room and it will fall, dealing x damage. Lasts 10 seconds.

Spawns of Kolner - Kolner disappears into the ground for 20 seconds. Fire spawns spawn around the room and will attack. They are weak and can be killed easily. After 20 seconds, they all die and Kolner reappears.

Ice Boss Fight
You will enter the Ice Area which is a little square of ice. Once you enter and 10 seconds have passed, there is no turning back. You will need to fight minions for about 120 seconds (2 minutes). Once the 120 seconds passed, you need to kill the rest of the minions and Volnof will spawn and you will engage him.


Frost Bolt - Picks a random target and fires a bolt of frost at the target for x amount of damage.

Frost Nova - Freezes everyone in the room for 5 seconds and deals x amount of damage when it breaks.

Blizzard - Creates a blizzard that circles the whole room in 10 seconds, dealing x amount of damage when standing it in.

Enrage - Every 15 seconds, Volnof will enrage for 8 seconds increasing his damage by x amount and armor by x amount.

Summon Minions - Volnof summons 3 ice minions. They will be be there for 10 seconds and can't be killed, meaning you must heal through the damage. They will despawn after 10 seconds and reappear every 80%/60%/40%/20%.

Water Boss Fight

Want to join the team?
I will do all the heroes/bosses/minions/items. I will terrain some of it, but I am looking for the following:

Main Terrainer
Trigger Expert (Must be able to trigger boss fights)

Optional Jobs

Boss Fight Designer
Spell Designer

Contact me
You can email me at:
[email protected]
You can also send me a private message on thehelper.net


Terrain - 5%
Units - 90%
Spells - 1%
Boss Fights - 2%
Items - 0%
Triggers - 19%


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