Transformer Swordsman

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My 10th upload but this time, it's a hero. A swordsman that transform into a vehicle that moves on high speed. It can also attack and has an additional attachment for it if you want to make it look like attacking while moving.

Model Reference=Footman
Geoset Added Reference=Steam Tank
Model Idea Based=Mobile Legemds Hero (Johnson)

Update v1.1:

Changed some things including:
-Resized to 1.6x including the gunfire effects(making it more on heroic size rather than troop sized one)
-Added attachments to alternate form
-Fixed viewer issue
-Reanimated and adjusted time sequencs for morphing
-Optimized walk animation

Thanks for looking forward to my uploads!!

Update v1.2:
-Removed unused textures and stuff :3

Gunfire Effect (Model)

Gunfire Effect Alternate (Model)

Portrait (Model)

Tranformer Swordsman (Model)

General Frank
Model works in-game and performs adequate. Good job. Very creative.
well hive viewer is borked..

i like this fellow, but perhaps he's a bit of a particle spam, especially when he's driving, aka alternate walk. perhaps you should have a driving anim that doesn't have the boost effects, as default alternate walk

also, have a look and see if you can slow down the morph anims for a second or so.. matrix eater can help ya there


Arena Moderator
Level 35
Jul 29, 2008
(finally working in viewer)

Now this is kickin'! You didn't just do the bare minimum with this guy; you took that extra step. Love it! The Alternate Walk Fast (RAMMMING SPEEEEED) is sick with sick SFX; the Morph & Morph Alternate (especially Morph Alternate) are very cool; the Defend form is a welcome addition.

I have no use for it but it's great. : )