[JASS] Trackable acting weird or maybe destructable? + Multiboard.

Level 21
Nov 14, 2008
Hey, first see this image.


Right these are my problems:

First of all, the multiboard. WHY IS IT NOT SHOWING ANYTHING? The size is not even correct and I set it to 25% of the "map screen", used the BJ here but I can change that too lol. Does not matter how many columns I set nor rows, still it bugs. Even title ...

Second, the trackables. Look at the shadows. The icons are alright, proper in place but the shadow is what? A bit turned. I'm using Azlier's Trackable2 for managing the trackables (great system btw).

So this is how the trackable works (to give you some more info).

First I create a trackable at each spawn. Trackable2 creates a destructable there with height 128. I now create another destructable to get the "icon" to show there. This I've put at 130 but I changed it to 128 too. Maybe this is my problem that the two destructable are stacking into each other. But would the trackable work if I remove that line in Trackable2 that creates the "platform"?

Link to Trackable2 by Azlier

By the way,
Clicked is the message when you click a trackable.
It works is showing when hovering over the trackable.
It works too, same as above but another trackable.

The point with this is that the hover is not correct at the moment. Also when hovering the information should switch in the multiboard to the new hero information.