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  • the creating of a whole new system, making sure its in the most efficient manner to be presented in public, bla bla :p but i gotta agree with you mate, i want to learn C++ and i find vJASS much fun cus its easy, so do you think i should learn C++? cus it seems pretty neat, from the FPS games made by it that i saw on youtube, so any guides u suggest for me, maybe softwares?
    xP; well im pretty sure if u made a system that is same as mine ud make ti ebtter tho :xxd: pshht, but u gonna really do all that work? :xxd:
    I had that only once, hence I got no experience with it. Try using a different program to save it.

    (Like.... Paint?)
    hehe, i used to like to create my own stuff always, until i realized there is no need to receive all the credit alone, like im creating an FPS, im doing the triggering and some other guy the terraining and another creating a model, so its not really a big want once u let go of it, but then again thats my opinion :p and im loving basing stuff off of others work, maybe using nazguls GetCamOffset system ^^ feelz easy lul
    yo man while i was recreating the knockback, i was facing a problem with function precedence, but that was because i was using ForGroup xP; too much time to do FirstOfGroup loop luul :p; ofc i'll be a honored a good coder like u would want to add to the system, idc if anyone edits as long as they give me credits as the original creator. >_> and il ask if i face any trouble in vJass, thanks :)
    thanks man ^^; btw im not planning to add the knockback, since i didnt see any knockbacks that do domino effect knockbacks, and its really not worth my time to create one, adding filter for buildings blah blah :p tho others would be able to edit the system anyways >> thanks for support
    lol thanks man, just saw ur +rep; yea man the problem was with using GetHandleId, thanks alot for comment ^^ hey man can i use ur knockback system so dragged units can knockback others? btw does your knockback system support what i call "monopoly" knocking back, like the domino effect?
    Yeah, but it brought the issue to my attention, which is what matters. I've had a vJass knockback system for over 100 versions of my map, and I've been wondering why it lagged for most of them. Well, I guess creating 200+ items per second was the answer!
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    (Post) I can't believe I didn't think to give the pathability check a global item! Glad I read this!
    Wow, you didn't know yet? :eek:
    Thanks though ^^

    Ohh, by the way: the SC2/warcraft mod seems awesome :eek: (though I think SC2 doesn't need better graphics xD), good luck with that :D
    Not only you :p.
    I said it because I want feedback and would like to know if you would use it?

    Btw, I also made the spawn system:

    private function init takes nothing returns nothing
    local Wave w = 0
    local GroupSpawn gs = 0

    //: Instanciate a new wave
    //: spawn every 30 seconds
    //: spawn delay time: 2.75 seconds.
    set w = Wave.create(30, 2.75)
    //: Instanciate a new GroupSpawn
    //: based on Point(0., 0.)
    set gs = GroupSpawn.create(0., 0.)
    //: Add a new unitspawn to the current spawngroup.
    //: type: 'hpea'
    //: amount: 4
    call gs.addUnitSpawn(UnitSpawn.create('hpea', 4))
    //: Add the groupspawn to the wave
    call w.addGroupSpawn(gs)
    Made a new AoS Move System. Here is the example code for creating one route, with one waypoint and one unit going to the target.
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    (Post) Thanks for the rep :) btw this is the check pathability function i used in that charge spell where i used your knockback function :)
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    (Post) hey thanks for replying to my thread asking about my spell, gave a lot of stuff for me to think about, i've advanced alot over these last few months.
    Sounds really cool. Meh, I think I can do some terrain. I am a bit stuck with my map anyway, so a little change will be good. :p
    huh? you mean what project? well, in our project the terrain plays the most important role, it actually changes every now and then and it's triggered, it's more realistic, for example, wind can slow you down, sand can reduce your line of sight for a short period, swamp water can slow you down... well it's sorta complicated, anyways i was planning on triggering the terrain, with terrain deformations (i know that will be hard, but i can at least try)....and i really liked your terrains, that's why i asked you, gl with your project then :p
    I don't have much time at the moment, 'cause I'm working on one myself. :p Anyway, what did you think of?
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