Tides of Darkness Alpha UND

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Here is another map I was working on but never finished. I have uploaded the unprotected one. If you want to finish it please contact me first.
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This is a recreation of The Tides of Darkness. The first battle as the orcs landed and met the human beach defenders.

Players choose whether they want to play as the horde or the alliance. Computer units are massed from spawn points. Players' goals are simple. Help their side win.
The horde wins by pushing all the way inland to the human city and taking it. The alliance wins by fending the horde off for 1.5 hours.
The beginnings of a shop system are in place and the heroes are the default heroes with different models.
Players can upgrade their own attack/defense or their computer allie's attack/defense
Beware however, if you die your hero is gone. You will repick a hero who is level 1 with none of your items.

tides, of, darkness, wc2, story, normandy

Tides of Darkness Alpha UND (Map)

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Description, please. Tell us how to play. Tell us what to achieve.

Now, add some screenshots. Honestly, that is still lacking. Tell if this is Protected. Make your words more attractive.
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