The World of Kelslade RPG

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Jun 14, 2005
The World of Kelslade RPG is an RPG I am making for the Map in a Month Contest. I'll probably not get it done in time, but I have done alot of the terrain, and some of the triggering.
The Map
The World of Kelslade is set in a kingdom named Kelslade, which is being invaded by Orcs. The Map will have several new and old features from RPGs, will be singleplayer and will have a Main Quest and several smaller optional quests.

I was originaly makng the map for the Map in a Month contest, but I am not sure whether not I will be able to get it done in time, and even if I can it will probably be very buggy. I am hoping to have the map done, beta tested and released sometime in janurary.

The RPG will have enterable houses, which will also be furnished. The world will be full of civilians, farmers, hunters, scouts and soldiers. As well as a Main Quest, which is to stop the Orc Invasion there will be a number of smaller, optional side quests, that you can complete to gain rewards. These quests will make you do different sorts of things, such as killing a creep to get an item, finding a lost child or even helping a farmer find a thief who stole some of his gold.

If you have any questions, surgestions or quest ideas for this map then please post them here.
The Story
The story of the RPG is pretty simple. Orcs have invaded the humans kingdom, and now the humans have to try them off. Here is a list of some of the characters that will be in the map

  • Your character, which you will be able to create youself
  • Captain Eryric, who is in charge of the defense against the invasion.
  • Adilikin, the King of Kelslade
  • Thiredric, Captain of the guard at Cendalin, the capatil of Kelslade

There will be several locations in the map. Some of them will be cities or military locations, landmarks or stategic points. Here is a list of some of the places in the map.

  • Cendalin, the Capatil City of Kelslade
  • Fort Kaelatram, the main military base and an outpost to watch the Orcs movements.
  • The Old Bridge, a Bridge which is the only way to cross a river in the map, and a highly strategic point in the map.
  • Golden Tavern, a Tavern to the north of the river where travelers meet and boast about their adventures.
  • The Orc Camp, where the Orcs are stationed to the south east of the map
The RPG will hopfuly include many systems that other RPG's have never had before. Although it will still have the normel systems, such as a weapon system it will have other systems. Here is some decriptions of a few of the systems that will be in the map.

  • You are able to basicly create your own hero, such as choosing a model, your class and soon I will add starting weapon, abilities and skill points.
  • The Quests system in this RPG is inspired alot by Oblivion's. Basicly I have renamed Main Quests Active Quests and Optional Quests Completed Quests. When you recieve a quest it will be under Active Quests. Once you have completed a quest it will be moved to completed quests, which should help you orginize your quests alot easier.
  • The dialouge System, like the Quest System is inspired by Oblivion. You walk up to a person, any person. You can use an ability called Talk on them, it will go into cinematic mode and they will say hello. A dialog will then appear with a list of topics you can ask the person about. Some people will have different Topics to eachother, or give different responses. For example a Guard at Fort Kaelatram will have a Topic, where you can ask about Fort Kaelatram, and a guard from the Cendalin will have a Topic, which you can use to ask about the Cendalin. Then there are some units that will have some special Topics, which lead to quests.

Here is another list of some more of the systems I will be using in the map. I may add or take away some of these systems before the end of the map.

  • Dialouge (Done)
  • Quest (Done)
  • Camera (Done)
  • Keyboard Movement System (Done)
  • Random Weather System
  • Day/Month/Year Time System
  • Weapons System (Started)
Character Creation
The World of Kelslade has a very simple way to create your character. You start of by choosing your model, then you choose your class, and then your skill points. Then you will enter the world, with a starting weapon. You will then have to complete the first quest before you can get a new weapon, which you will get for free.

You will start off with some simple items, and will be able to find or buy items through out the game. This goes for weapons as well, and at the end of some quests you will be given the opotuntity to get a new weapon for free.
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Level 24
Jun 14, 2005
Great setup bob, I love it when people take this much time to make the thread look nice and structured!

Good luck with the project, it looks promising, you better finnish this!

Thx, yea it took me a while to get it all working. Took me a while to write it, and that was mostly just figuring out what to put in it :p

And hopfuly I will finish this project, and if I get bored of it i'll jus think that if I don't work on it we'll have to work on our campaign :)

And I might add some new screenshots or make a fraps movie soon.
Level 24
Jun 14, 2005
LoL, was just kidding...

I like enterable houses. It's first person, isntit?

Maybe, but sometimes first person can really make moving around a huge pain, but the houes havn't got roofs anyway so even if its in 3rd person you will be ale to enter the houses :)

But I will most likely let you choose what view you want.

he, you should be banned for spam :grin:

"more screens" hm. operator, it seems that everyone is stealing our ideas now... there are 2 projects that are 90% identical to what ours should have been

Well I havn't even heard anything of any RPG your making, so it would be a bit hard for me to steal your ideas :p