The Tomb

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The circle of Trees
Created by Twilight

Map Info

A lost tomb in the center of the jungle. Whats in it?
A single melee map with 2 players

Map has:

-8 gold mines
-2 goblin laboratory
-2 fountain of health
-2 mercenary camp





Special Thanks to :
-You for downloading, hope you like it.

Melee, Twilight

The Tomb (Map)

22:23, 18th Nov 2014 StoPCampinGn00b: Reviewer voted for await update, therefor it's set to await update / needs fix. The map has been updated but not with a changelog ready. This will be put back into the pending section once that's done!




22:23, 18th Nov 2014
StoPCampinGn00b: Reviewer voted for await update, therefor it's set to await update / needs fix. The map has been updated but not with a changelog ready. This will be put back into the pending section once that's done!
Level 21
Nov 4, 2013
A good melee map but with some defects:

- The trees are too close to each other, making it hard for a big army to pass. The central part is also pretty restricted if you noticed well
- The items drops are really underpowered. For example, I see level 8 creeps dropping level 2 items. They are not worth the creep I kill to be honest
- Well, I feel that 8 gold mines for only 2 players is excessive. Normally, each player should have a starting gold mine and one expansion available but here there are 3 expansions for every player!!! Better to remove them and if you want replace them with other neutral buildings (Mercenary Camps, Goblin Merchants etc...)
- The terrain outside the tomb could be improved. I suggest adding environmental doodads to the trees like shurbs, mushrooms and flowers plus some shells all around the map

The terrain itself isn't bad and I feel this melee map has some potential. However, as long as some important issues are present, I'll give the map 2/5 and AWAIT UPDATE!
Level 16
Feb 20, 2013
The map suffers from some major balance concerns. First of which is a lack of a Tavern and Goblin Merchant. These structures offer some important choices for players, like the usage of tavern heroes and items like boots and scrolls of healing, that are essential in certain match-ups. Furthermore the pathing and layout of the map, while allowing for multiple ways to the enemy base, is too narrow. There is hardly any open spaces, that would allow for big fights, and reduces manuverbility and improves blocking alot, favouring ranged units. Furthermore creep locations are misplaced, allowing no straight right click and forget path to the enemy. Scouts and rallying units will aggro creeps when trying to reinforce your army or scout the map. Additonally an inbase extra goldmine, guarded by very weak units is under no cirumstance a good idea, as this would be heavily exploitable. The base also only have 1 entrance that would easily be blocked off, allowing even more easy defense and exploitage of this goldmine. There also seems to be an excessive amounts of gold mines in general on the map. There is a lacking amount of trees compared to the many gold mines on the map, and you will quickly run out of wood. The items drops is semi decent, and in the correct level range, in most locations. There are some though, that could use an ilvl increase of 1. Additionally the terrain leaves something to be desired. While there is a fair amount of tile variation, there is a major lackage of doodads in the jungle areas, and certain creeps like the reef elementals in the middle of the jungle makes little sense. Also the creeps overall are too powerful for a 1v1 map, as there are too many red camps, and a lacking amount of orange camps. Overall this map is of poor quality and would need some major changes to be considered approvable. I'd suggest you add a tavern, some goblin merchants, rework to base to have 2 entrances, make sure you won't aggro creep camps by trying to get to maunver around the map, replace many of the red camps with orange camps instead, remove the inbase goldmine, add some more trees, and make some more jungle detail, like shrubbery, plants, rocks, and things of the sort. Also i'd suggest you add some critters, as these allow for easy corpses for undeads to use their rods of necromancy on.

I'd suggest you read my guide on how to make a competetive melee map, for some guidelines on what you can do to make your map more balanced:
Level 13
Sep 14, 2012
Shadow Fury - OK, i can remove some trees and make some new stuff, maybe rework the terrain a bit, and y You are right, i will use some environmental doodads, i see that i lack that stuff (I am a bit lazy :p) any ty. +rep

Filmting - Ty for suggestions, i will rework, and improve, I just hope i have enough time.

Hainvers - Well i did said, screenshot are coming soon in the first reply, did you see it?

+rep for all ;)
Level 13
Sep 14, 2012
Updated. OK so i see that i overpowerd the creeps, but now there fixed, also i added taverns and added shops, also there is more room in the jungle areas. Hope you like it.

BTW i forgot about the Screenshots, I will add some in the next update.