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The Prokkakoski Tale

The Porkkakoski Tale tells a story of a hero driven with the lust for power. He seeks out revenge over people close to him that are killed.

In this single-player campaign you get to play with a group of heroes. You get to choose the members of the group.

There are varying types of missions. Soloing with one hero, fighting in with a group of heroes, footmen war, defend your position with an army of normal units, invading mountains, escaping from a city and so on.

The campaign is unprotected.

single player campaign

The Prokkakoski Tale (Campaign)

VGsatomi: Approved. Good campaign with all the essentials.




VGsatomi: Approved. Good campaign with all the essentials.



Level 1
Jan 10, 2008
i want to know how to destroy the bridge in chapter 9..
i have walked over the bridge but the bridge didn't destroy
Level 2
Jun 3, 2008
what sort of things did you change from the first posting in 2007? it looks to the same as before, even the old glitches and problems from then are still there so what did you realy do? just repost the campaign on the sme site it was already on? if you planed to do some editing you should have done so then post edit not post first then edit, that just makes no sense.

sorry if i sonded hostile, and thanks for clearing that up. it is a good campaign, but most errors seem to be in map 9, enough to be worth taking a good look at.
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Level 37
Mar 6, 2006
1. I uploaded the campaign to wc3sear.ch around three years ago.
2. wc3sear.ch went down.
3. Someone else uploaded it to Hiveworkshop about two years ago.
4. I recently asked the mods to give me the editing rights of the campaign.
5. They changed the uploader/owner from whoever uploaded it here to me, and that's why it shows the last updating date to be yesterday.

I may fix some glitches I've found, but if you know any let me know.
Level 9
May 22, 2009
I somewhat liked it, only played chapter 2 tho, I lost my invisable hero

the terrain is kinda nice, nothing special, but not bad

I wish the spells would be somewhat custom, basic warcraft 3 spells bore pretty fast...

I'll probably play this again later, as I haven't played it enough to give any rating
Level 1
Aug 23, 2009
my biggest problem with this campaign is that all of the names are horrible. it takes me too long to figure out who's talking because the names are so long and stupid that i miss half of the text because its gone so fast. take a lesson from blizzard - you shouldn't have a name like Prokkakskoki in a game because no one can figure it out. change it to Prok or something short. also the hero's need more customized abilities, a custom map should have mostly custom abilities.
Level 3
Nov 20, 2008
i want to know how to destroy the bridge in chapter 9..
i have walked over the bridge but the bridge didn't destroy

Same as above. I tried to put six barrels on the same character and it worked. But as soon as I go below six, simply nothing happens when I walk on the bridges
Level 37
Mar 6, 2006
I wish the spells would be somewhat custom, basic warcraft 3 spells bore pretty fast...

In my next campaing I will have only custom spells, 6+ for every hero. I've already done most of the spells.

my biggest problem with this campaign is that all of the names are horrible....

Thanks for pointing that out. I'll create better names in the next campaign.

Same as above. I tried to put six barrels on the same character and it worked. But as soon as I go below six, simply nothing happens when I walk on the bridges

I checked the trigger and the conditions are a bit off. You indeed have to have 6 barrels in your inventory to blow up a bridge. The conditions should be under OR, not AND function.
Level 1
Aug 23, 2009
i'm glad you are receptive to the name suggestions. overall it is a good campaign and i enjoyed it thoroughly. i think with a little more polishing (better abilities and names) that the campaign will be incredible.
Level 3
Nov 20, 2008
Thanks for the reply maker. The problem is there aren't enough barrels to finish the last mission. Is there a code to get extra barrels? thx
Level 22
Jan 10, 2005
It's a fun campaign, and I really like how you can choose between actions at certain moments.
The story, dialogue and grammar are fine as well.

It needs lots of polish though. I found lots of small glitches, and some big ones as well.
In chapter 10, for example, the bridges will only blow up if you have a bomb in every inventory slot. You forgot to put the inventory conditions under ''Or''.
Or the fact that you can walk around the portal in chapter 8 (?), and kill the Dreadlord before the cinematic. Stuff like that.

The terrain is alright, but could use a lot more work as well. It's really empty at times.

Some imported models/skins/music, or custom spells wouldn't hurt either.

Overall it's an alright campaign, but it could be better. A 3/5.
Level 2
Oct 15, 2011

After having played almost the whole campain, these my impressions:
In generall i tend to rate Campaigns always relatively good. But i have to admit, this one is definetely not a nice Campagn. Apparently, the Mapper hasn't invested a lot of time in his Campaign. The Cinematics are lame, the story a catastrophy.

The Enemy: Creeps or Undead Units standing mostly on a single spot. It is hard to loose in this Campaign in the first two maps, because it is damn easy. You simply get always 2 Heros over lvl 6 with healing abilities and you fight agains creeps. Not such a Challange, hm? It gets harder in the later maps though. This is definitely a beginners Campaign, altough a few maps tend to be pretty difficult. Please note that the whole campain is an hero-run-through. You will only play heros and never establish a base.
What i also dont like: No drop system im the Map. I have killed all creeps in the sideroads, but you won't get any nice Item as a reward for your extra work. Its simply a waste of time exploring a map!
Im very sorry for such a critique of this campaign, i used to do mapping when i was young as well, and my maps weren't that good as well. But compared to other campaigns, this one ... lets keep it modest... is damn boring. Unfortunately, one of the worst campains i have ever played, sorry man.

Ok, enough complaining, here are some positive aspects: ;)
Well, the landescape and the terrain are good, at least sometimes. What i also like is that you play different heros in every Map. So, if you were a warcraft newbie, you would get to know interesting abilites. Your main hero remains in the whole Campain, but you get (and loose) heros in every new map. In Map 2 for example, you will play 4 different heros, and they are not the basic warcraft III heros we know with the standart abilities.

Although the story is boring, and the cinematics have no effects, the dialogues are quite amusing!:thumbs_up: I had to laugh a couple of times, pretty funny. You main hero is... insane, well, its kinda funny to listen to his madness.:xxd: I also like the involement of the neutral heros in this campain who join your path. A very decent idea is: You can (!) choose which heros you want to continue playing with. What an excellent idea. And the story behind choosing them is always quite funny!

All in all i can not recommend this campain, because there are enough amazing campains here in hive. You can play it if: you have too much time to kill, you like hero-run-through. I suggest to skip the first 2 maps and cheat trough them, it get more interesting and more difficult from map 3.

So, this time, only 2/5



Map Reviewer
Level 71
Jun 4, 2009
The plot twists and choices made it interesting for me. However the evil side of Eino was forced and suddenly bashed in with less to no explanation for his sudden changes of personality.
But the worst part are the bugs, damn many and newbie in nature.

intro cinematic scene:
-he received a mortal wound but started running to his father and then towards every cave he could find...

-Markku doesn't look like a troll...

-now all heroes are red
-creatures sleep at night, even those on the roads
-.... the Beastmasters killed my heroes during the cinematic scene.... They don't follow if the heroes run from that area... All of them have the same name...
-after defeating them the last of them is invulnerable and owned by the player... The next cinematic scene makes him vulnerable again
-Fan of Knives switches places with Forked Lightning on load...
-Markku can get through fire (east entrance) to the Infernal and [the quest says Firelod must survive and signals the mini-map on the east; well pressing the ESC key updated the main quest telling to get there on his island...]... and then to the last part of the level where the Dreadlord is...
-attacking barrels near the blue humans will make them attack the player
-after saying: "Ah, how relaxing" nothing happened. I pressed ESC to skip the cinmatic mode
-Firelord must survive... but he just disappeared
-I chose the Beastmaster but the Paladin healed the Firelord...
-the Dreadlord did not summon his Infernals anymore like last time I went with only Markku. Good thing he didn't cause that would've made it impossible
-the Paladin got to the rocks to liberate the way but the others were trapped by the remaining Abominations
-why would the troll want to follow the arrogant human and be humiliated by him?

-wait, wasn't the armour on his father? How did the pieces get in different places? Or are we talking about some other armour?
-how did Eino know the Mountain King was a hero?
-after this scene, the ALT health bars, item and spell descriptions do not show anymore unless the game is saved and loaded
-the ritual people do not follow the heroes all the way if they run
-the tauren are not attacking the undead if they come close by them
-the pink undead base was not destroyed all yet and the town cinematic scene triggered when going there
-what's Garithos doing in Kalimdor?
-this level is insane. The AIs protect one another while they rebuild...

-where did the humans get Demolishers from?
-why/how did the Dreadlords have Eino's heirloom artifacts?
-only one column was destroyed (north) and the cinematic with the cave being sealed started...

-Garithos' title in the transmissions is Markku
-why were they talking about west when they were going east?
-why were his companions taken if he was the one at fault. Why would he want to save them? He said he would cut their heads off
-Rage has no level up description (tooltip missing!) and no hotkey written
-should not name the orc factions with numerals; might become some sort of spoiler
-if Eino goes alone to the Dreadlord... well he fights alone...
-Garithos does not keep his items from the previous level

-Revenant while sleeping: "turn back...."
-max hero level 10 for the other heroes and not for Eino but enemy heroes have level 15... Then they train level 1 Dreadlords..
-the boss Revenant sleeps...
-Markku and the Beastmaster do not want to level up to 10. They are almost at it though...
-kind of unreal nobody noticing that the Demon Gate is attacked from behind so many times in a row...
-went pass the gate and to the Dreadlord, watched the scene and GG, victory...

-entering the citadel will bring up Kartta8 (map 8) but the loading screen is like that of a normal melee map

-now Eino seems a changed person like a new one or at least as he, probably, was before meeting the troll and starting his journey
-Augustus will give him a few men? What, is he stupid? How would a few men stop a vast force of undead?

-what the heck are Mountain Giants doing in the undead ranks?

-I still had four heroes in the previous level....
-what bridges? Do you have any idea how many there are?
-strange as how the undead did not find the barrel keeping Villager as he looks to be unprotected
-a hero needs to have 6 barrels at a time to trigger a bridge's destruction... The level cannot be completed. At least I haven't found a way and ceased to further try to...
-whaaat the hecko' is a HUGE bear doing in a village standing like "haters gonna' hate"

finale & following levels:
-edited in the campaign editor so this would show up in the campaign menu from the start

-if the Dreadlord was that powerful, why didn't he just kill everybody....? Wait why are the undead still enemy if Eino sided with the Dreadlord?
-the quest just doubled and there was another Belt on the floor...
-dude, the undead killed the Paladin. Eino had no time to reach him circumventing their bases but still won...

-Zifallon the Galdir? Shouldn't it be Galdir the Dreadlord...?
-Eino still kept his Paladin rank though...
-on loading a game Evasion switches places with St|rike of the Heavens (that's how it's written and it's yellow too; only the S is white). This spell does nothing but stun. At least in Augustus' chamber it didn't

-the blue heroes are going somewhere instead of coming to attack Eino after he gets out of the citadel
-going near on castle walls won't show what's beyond them
-because there are so many troops, they can hardly follow the traitor and the heroes don't cast any spells

-that Death Coil is pretty much useless. Heroes can't be healed by it
-.... blue units start spawning at a different point further on the road later on depending on the "move to the next ambush point"... There is no need to do so as the waves are easily beatable save for the last one
-items looking alike: Boots of Quel'Thalas with those in Eino's inventory
-heroes don't use abilities. They just attack-move like any unit... Not even the Sorceresses cast Slow
-quests also need a proper editing
-did not get the message for the second ambush region. No worries the blues don't attack unless a player's unit is sent to the next ambush point to confirm it...
-new units received: Knights???
-a lot of blue units get stuck from where the first wave came... Some Knights were blocked between some trees
-whosyourdaddy does not work in this level

-well there were no more humans left in the previous level, so where did they all come from now for the last level?
-Death Coil has the same hotkey as Carrion Swarm
-Infernal is considered undead...
-suddenly the Ghouls that turned neutral/allied to dig may attack the enemy that come near the cavern...
-1:25 minutes left and the undead base is almost inexistent. All buildlings razed, no defeat message for the player. The timer finished and Enio got in. The blues aren't sending new nor the current troops to search for the heroes at the cavern anymore
-the enemy has no defense in their base near the Altars

There was potential for this campaign to be quite good. As it's now, well, it's bad.
Level 6
May 3, 2014
There will be bugs one way or another with these noobies campaign but for your hardwork i say it's more than enough personally i love this campaign and loved how much of an asshole the main character really is the name sounds norwegian i have some tongue twister while reading them it's a good campaign with some what of a good plot
Level 3
Jun 28, 2017
So far I rate this 5/10. It could have been executed better, but I can see some effort into it. Take note that I haven't finished the Campaign nor I intend to. ( not trying to be negative but both the story and gameplay failed to get my attention. )

- Custom Heroes or Abilities could have been a nice and simple addition to make the gameplay less repetitive and more fun.
- The Cinematics, in general, they are acceptable but can be improved by simply adding more cameras, effects and well-written dialogue. ( regarding the dialogue, there are plenty videos on youtube that can help you make a better story and dialogue. )
- I haven't finished the Chapter Two due to a bug with the "Killing Humans" quest. ( I killed the units before the quest was given and thought they had no relevance to the story... Turns out that I was wrong. )
- The terrain is fine all things considered.
Level 5
Nov 29, 2017
Not much to say here, most of the campaign is bugged, the mision of the bridges, where the bridges don't explode after walking over them for hours, repetitive gameplay, although the choices the main player can make, actually affect the gameplay at longterm, that was kinda cool