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The Old Legend (1.0)

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
At this map you will be able to play as legend hero evil or good, you can change the destiny of the old hero.

The human race are figthing the Undead for justice while the Nightelf are defending there forest from the Orc the destroyer of nature.

-1st Captain Swordsman [Mai'lv the 3rd]

^The first captain of swordsman, people says that he is the
best melee fighter in the town. His Cleaving attack makes him powerful and Devotion Aura makes him tank.

-2nd Captain Swordsman [Stainer the Magic Swordsman]

^The first thing you must know about this hero, he is famous with Magic skill sword, the only thing that make him Legend is, the magic sword that he found in a Frozen Cave.

-3rd Captain Swordsman [Aggronor the Blood Seeker]

^Why is the villager call him the Blood Seeker? It is because the smell of Undead blood makes him MORE POWERFUL! The 3rd Captain famous with his strength, courage and brave.

-4th Captain Swordsman [Hick Odin's thunder hand]

^The people call him the Odin's thunder hand because, he has the same power with Troy the Son of Odin.

-Fire Master [Duran Elderpanda]

^Duran and his brother has been trained to be a element master. Duran is the Fire Master training at the Volcana Rush Mountain. While his brother train in deferent place.

-Storm Master [Negal Elderpanda]

^The 2nd son of Elderpanda Knightpanda. Like the story of Duran, Negal has be sent to Mars Gate where he find to be a great Storm Master.

-Earth Master [Marn Elderpanda]

^Duran,Negal and Marn are Twins. Marn the Earth Master who learn the power of Earth are trained in the Core of Earth. Where he find the crystal of Life.

-Orc Sasquatch [Zul'kis Elderpanda]

^Zul'kis Elderpanda is the 4th son of Elderpanda, Zul'kis is deferent with his brother. Zul'kis train him self to be a Sasquatch the power of Strength. He has the most powerful skill.

-Water Lord [Leviathan]

^Levianthan once a good hero, but Neptune has curse him and turn him into a Human body form creature. Levianthan once a Sea Serpant. When he Arrive at the world of human, he began join the Undead force to satisfied this RAGE!

-Master of Hell [Hades]

^Hades has been summon by the Lich King to destroy the human being, and take revenge of the late Zeus people, Hades now are free from the long sleep at hell. But this doesn't mean that Hades is free from Earth.

-Vampire [Dracula]

^Dracula also has been summon by the Lich King, Dracula are now awake from his Long Sunny day, Dracula are famous with his Bite skill that summon a little Vampire!

-Dragon Lord [Bahamut]

^The King of all Dragon. Bahamut has join the force of undead, it is not because of he hate human, but he also has been summon by the Lich King. Bahamut can't refuse his Master order.

-Forest Keeper [Indorant]

^Indorant he is the late Twin brother of Furion, Indorant are the great Forest Keeper while Furion is the Great Prophet. Indorant will do anything to keep the forest life, even if his life are taken away!

-Sharpshooter [Diana Windshooter]

^Diana is the daughter of Indorant, she is the replace for the Queen until when the Orc and Undead attack her Kingdom, she died as a proud queen.

-Hunter [Terroblade]

^Terroblade, he has the power to summon nature animal. Terroblade also the great Hunter at his village. The real name of Terroblade is Syth Wing. But he prefer Terroblade.

-Night Watcher [Alsa Iron-cell]

^The famous and fast Night Watcher in Drila Village, the famous because of her sharp sight, not only that, the villager in Drila are feel save because of her fast killing enemy. Alsa Iron-cell never sleep.

*Changelog 1.0
-Hero model change (All race)
-Some of the hero skills has been change (Human and Orc)

The Old Legend,melee game,melee.

The Old Legend (1.0) (Map)

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