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The New Kingdom (if you have a name for it post)

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Level 13
Feb 8, 2009
New Kingdom

here my RP is and I like to use names of mythology people =] and I have horrid grammar and also this lore and history isn’t vary long since I god lazy after awhile AND a lot of these names mean something so go google them =] id recommend googling 2000 names and in tat site is were I got most of these names =]

PS if I can later ill add a map maybe detailed idk

As the old kingdom is dug up and artifacts of great power people are at war with them the other races are fighting and not knowing what is happening around them the thing that destroy the old kingdom is coming out of the slumber is awakening it is up to you young adventure to find out what and stop it or join it which side are you on?

More gods to come btw

In total there are 12 gods starting from the top Anundr the King of Gods being alone he had cried 18 tears in total 1 making the World 2nd making the water 3rd making the trees 4th making the mountains 5th making plains 6th making weather and then the other 12 he made the other gods 1st came Hroaldr God of Fire and Earth and in doing made the 1st race of the world the Dragons who for making the Dragons without Anundr saying to Hroaldr is made to be the Blacksmith of the god and as a anther punishment for letting his Dragons live Hroaldr must bound them to the caves and fire places of the world the 2nd god is Hakon the high son this god made the animals of the world but could only make the bones and not life the 3rd god was Lifa meaning “life” had seen Hakon sad for his creation was a fail she had said “ill give them life do not treat brother” and she had given the animals life for her kindess Anundr gave her the power over plants and trees and for Hakon Anundr saw his son fail and Lifa act of kindness so giving Hakon the power of beast and the power to collect the souls of the dead because he couldn’t bring life so he got death the 4th god the mighty god Bergljot as this god saw how empty the world without mortal sentinels he had made Humans with the dirt of this world then the Aldrick out of his thoughts and the final race he made was the Alejandra out of his love for his creations the defenders of life and after Anundr saw such great things he made he appointed Bergljot the god of the Sun and Moon for there beauty as a reward the 5th god Ewald God of Justice and law Anundr appointed him the Justice keeper and keeps the gods in order and not in fights some say if he dies the world would become chaos he is always offered a praise by the judges of the world even if the old ways are forgotten they can always come back the 6th tear made Vigdis The war goddess she is the 1 who can alter and battle and overcome any fight appointed by Anundr as the General of the gods she is responsible for all strategies and wars the 7th tear made the God of Bina Goddess of Wisdom and Intellect for her wisdom she spoke in riddles many times and prophesied many things which all have came true but 1 for this Anundr appointed her the Goddess of Knowledge and Library she knows all secrets and can even anticipate what people will do next the 8th tear brought 1 god but 2 minds the Twins Eira and Fraener Eira being nice and good Fraenaer being evil and greedy they are twins who never like the other and when Anundr saw what happened he was in awe and had appointed them for balance of the world never to give 1 side to much power so if 1 shall fall the other shall win making them the battle between good and evil the 8th tear made Ahriman a God of evil the tear that he was born from was a tear of hate and evil for this Ahriman causes evil and spreads it Anundr thought he would untip the balance by helping Fraener and so he chained him to the light stone which Eira had made for him the stone is made of good which makes Ahriman burn the 9th tear Merikh the god of death unlike Hakon he has only the power to collect dead souls Merikh has the power to call them use them Anundr knew there needed to be a place for evil to rest for all of time and Merikh will be there watcher Anundr made a whole in this realm in the middle of the world closing it off and only evil souls be able to enter Anundr knew he needed help so he had made light guards and even sending Hakon for some extra help the 10th god Lux the God of Good spirits for this God Anundr appointed for the light side afterlife only allowing for good souls to get in he carved a land mass out earth and planted in the sky for the souls to be happy and live in and sometimes even sending Lifa to help out and sing for those souls the 11th god Itzal The god of shadows , assassins , and thief’s Itztal was lonely so he made 2 races Shadow Kin out of his Shadow and Night Brothers out of the night sky but that did not quell his loneliness so Itzal was wanting a lover so to the shock of all the gods he had made a god out of his shadow and making her the God of Night Itla he called her Anundr approved of it and was ok leaving them for there night time and shadowy pleasures the final 12th god Aroha the god of love Anundr was so over whelmed with love he had made Aroha the Keeper of love and if she had ever let love out there would be none she guards it with all her might but she also uses it on mortals

Minor Gods
Yongnian Keeper of time and wife to Jera Father of Koichi a noble and honor bound man a man to look up to
Jera the wife and Yongnian assistant she is clam and always nice thinking ahead before doing something
Koichi a head strong young lad to rule as keeper of time his tactics are run in guns blazing then see if anyone is dead
Skeleton Asar, Fraener son but spotted by Anundr before he could do harm he was locked in the mighty tomb the Underworld now this minor god is praised by Necrolytes and he also chooses what class they will become they say once they have the souls of 100,000 in the great tomb Asar will be free and the Necrolytes will go to war on the wizards


What it is
In the old kingdom magic flourished but it is now a dim light in a dark world there are the 5 basic elements Fire, Wind, Water, And Earth and there are others that only if you are born with are obtained like Dark magic only is for evil Light magic is for the good there are some secret magic’s still hidden in the old kingdom and maybe even gone forever but the world is still beginning there still more magic to be made

Were it comes from/What it comes from
No one really knows were it came from many believe it was here and will always be here but maybe the gods have a hand in magic but we truly do not know all we know is its here but 1 thing we do know is there is a realm built with it and it how you use it to pull it out of the realm of magic the old kingdom is filled with it even making it entwine with are realm now we are also a realm built in magic

How to use it
To use magic you must pull the energy from the world around you to use it you must either know the words for the spell or be able to move it with your hands and what it is called is mana it is the energy for you to use and without it you are not able to use magic the higher mana you have the more likely you can learn more than 1 magic it doesn’t mean your strong with them just means you can learn more

What Types
There are 4 basics, which are the easiest to learn

Basic Types
Fire an element only able to destroy
Water an element, which gives life
Air an element which goes were the wind takes it
Earth a element that dose not budge to any one

Light this is the magic which Light creatures are made from without this they would be dead it is rare because you are either born with it like light creatures or you follow the light path obtaining it out of goodness
Darkness a form of magic which usually only evil creatures may use but there are some races which this magic has bin intertwined into there souls and there for able to use this power yet evil magic
Illusion this is a weak magic but a useful 1 it is mainly used by magic thieves or thief’s with magic items that have bin enchanted with illusion
Summoning the user of this magic are fairly weak but in the past there have bin great people to use this magic Summoning is a magic of Summoning servants from different realms Summoners have bin now feared for most Summoners become corrupted and Summon evil demons but if the Summoner is good it will never summon a demon for the Summon reflects what the soul of the Summoner is
Levitation This magic is the ability to control a item/thing/person in space and lift and throw with your mind it is uncommon for it takes 1 year to be able to even throw a apple with it
Combo’s This isn’t really a magic but a combo of the basic to create different types like fire and water = mist for a quick get away maybe this is uncommon because most magic users think that combining basic is just weak but only the smart use this type

Rare types
Beast this is only 1 race but has bin found in other race but only being able to control it for a few seconds it is the magic of transformation to transform into a Beast hybrid and even talk to animals this magic is only found in the race of Beats called Feral
Holy unlike like magic this magic is for purging evil made by the paladins of the old kingdom when the new paladins had discovered it this magic revolutionized there order and now they can purge and destroy evil
Time this is a old form of magic only used by the highest wizard there has never bin a master of this magic the oldest user of this magic searches the land for a child to continue this magic but time mages are hunted by the wizard order for time magic is banned for it is to strong and dangerous any 1 who follows the path of the time will never die in bed of old age
Fear this magic is only taught by Necrolytes and is a rare magic indeed for it brings fear to any who see the magic wielder and can make a man go insane with a touch of the wielder
This magic isn’t really rare but it is rare among other races that are not undead
Space this is a strong 1 but also rare for it is a magic which you can teleport to different locations and it is said to master it is to be able to travel to different realms
Immortality thought this doesn’t seem like a magic more of a ability it is magic and all learning of it is forbidden by every1 only the gods know of it they say and they also say there is a book to contain it’s magic but long forgotten in the old kingdom
Death/Life magic this is the rarest of the rare magic for speaking 1 word can casue life or death only gods poses it but sometimes they speak to loud and some people can here there has not bin a recording of a person being able to use this type but people say they have seen it
Hybrid Magic this magic can only be obtained with a cross bread of a 2 different races example a Aldrick + Shadow kin = water/darkness ability’s such as high speed in water or transformation into a fish man or get the ability 2 blend in with darkness Hybrid magic hasn’t hit any bounds yet but it is rare to get some types there are 3 types of hybrid magic transformation like transforming into a race mix example a dark fish man, passive ability’s that always remain such like a dragon brother cant be harmed by fire ,ability’s like gaining spells example Alejandra mix would gain wings or powerful light/holy magic


Life Span 1-130 Years
Humans The 2nd largest race in the world they are scattered around the world many military this is one of the 4 races in the council of the new world lead by different rules the strongest of these rulers is King Odin a strong ruler next to King Odin are his 2 advisors the 1st is Bjorg Chief Paladin thought he may not server King Odin he highly honors him and heads many things he says especially if it involves destroying evil and saving the weak and the 2nd advisor of the King is Hildr Odin’s Daughter and leader of the vanguard a special force and royal guard of the King the humans are now searching the old ruins of the old kingdom

People know what humans look like so no need for this 1

King Odin a wise battle ready warrior at his side Bjorg his honor son and Chief Paladin he is head strong but powerful and only wishes for good next in command is King Hildr Odin’s Daughter and leader of the vanguard she is cunning and noble always seeing pass the normal

Located in the Valley of Honor there resides a holy city called Almas know as the Jewel city pride of the human stone work here resides a majority of the population and under this city there is the necropolis tomb to many humans and kings

Humans only have 1 and only for there race which is the ability adept to any were only If it has water and air to breathe and they can survive with that it is the reason why there spread all around there world

Dragon Brothers

Life Span 1-? Years
This race is a combo between sentinel mortals and Dragons as a old race when they started in the New kingdom they were in awe and sadness were there brothers had gone for the Dragon Brothers are race of cross Dragons from all other races to obtain Dragon Brother blood a true Dragon must bless you and give you a cup of his blood mixed with Dragon power the other way is to be blessed by the God Hroaldr the God of Dragons many races fear the Dragon Brothers for there power and so have bin hunted by not only Dragon Slayers but by Paladins

When a Dragon Brother has reached a certain age 25 there body stops aging unless they let it many Dragon Brothers have a aura around them of courage fear and pride a mix that causes you to be unable to move and talk if you are weak its why many avoid crowds so they don’t get suspicious if a strong Dragon Brother can turn this aura off they are taller than most humans and have great speed and physic Dragon Brother have a special armor that is not a choice for it is there Dragon skin it is a light Steel chest plate steel gauntlets steel boots and horrific steel helmet thought the helmet and boots can be removed leaving the area open but can never be lost always returning when called the Dragon Brother don’t even notice the armor really many Dragon Brother have a forked tongue golden eyes which they hide those with magic and claws which can be hidden to under the gauntlets and boots

Xiuhcotal said to be Hroaldr in mortal form some think he is over 3000 years old he is as strong as a dragon and even questioned if he is a Dragon Brother or a Dragon himself Xiuhcotal is embodied as heroic, calm, powerful, And never boastful master of all the 5 breathe weapons fastest flyer toughest scales thought he has no mate he has fathered 1 child a newborn and soon to be blessed by a dragon and become the heir of the Dragon Brothers throne

In the Great Drakon Desert there capital resides it is in a large cave system underground in heart of the Desert some dragons reside there as mentors to the Dragon Brothers but its mostly consist of just Dragon Brothers

Fear aura to who ever look in there eyes without a great concentration cannot speak and sometimes not move
Fire resistance
Breathe Weapons Fire, Lighting, Earth, Water, and Wind
Flight gaining dragon wings at a certain power or age


Life Span 1-60 years
At the Start of the new kingdom they were starting to rebuild in the Magical Lakes around the world for this race is a race of learning and magic many of there inventions require the use of magic this race is a race isolated from the world believing they will only survive if they remain pure and stay away from the outside world they have long forgotten the old ways of the gods and the gods frown on them with the curse of a weak physic and short life span for this race not going outside its home and cities they have had peace for 10 years and are planning on more but recently they have bin emerging from the lakes and are now coming to the surface they are expanding being seen in different places of the world now

Aldrick are fish like beings with gills and fins they are not strong and are vary brittle they wear magic armor that keeps there body’s from braking without the armor a punch could kill them there armor has some gadgets as for a magic light bomb blinding any 1 to gaze at it a magic shield made from some of the earths finest ore and a magic sword with some of the waters finest crystals they are a force not 2 be underestimated and many have tampered with there armors to hold a few secrets

Lord Atl as the King of there race he is vary shy and reluctant he has even forbid his people to become un pure and touch the earth he says “you will burn from the sun we must remain pure” for his shy ness he holds many secrets being the 12 of his family to rule he learned all their secrets and is probably the wisest/smartest person in the world
Lady Lana she is vary calm and as the Queen she retains order while her husband is learning more secrets at her birth Lana had bin gifted with the power over if the water is calm or if its bad for this she is at her best when in water and if fought in water the enemy would surly lose she is one reason why this race has had peace for 10 years

A under water City stabilized by magic they are defend by the great pressure of the water killing mostly everything before it even reach’s anything close to the City the City is surrounded by a Giant dome the buildings of the Aldrick are tall skyscrapers and even many of them going into the earth the Royal palace of the Aldrick is a large pyramid looking building deeper into the earth surrounded by mechanical beast and magic sentries it is a powerful defense

Can Survive under water and withstand the strongest pressure
Skilled in water magic to a point of mastering
Can build magic machinery for many different things

Alejandra “Angel’s”

Life Span 1-500
A race of Angel like spirits after the old kingdom the gods had brought the Alejandra to watch over and guide the races of the world being born from the light of the world and the soul of the purist sentinel they live on tall mountains as high as the clouds they reside above the mountains they are thought to be angels for there wings on there backs praised by the paladins of this world and thought to be descendents Lifa

Alejandra are light beings and have shining armor they were this armor with white ribbons attached and which a white cape there are 3 different types of armor for them the warrior armor which has normal armor but with gauntlets that have swords attached and a few hidden weapons like 1 in the shoe anther be hide the neck guard the 2nd the crusader has a long claymore made for destroying only evil and which that they also have heavy armor and shoulder pads built with magic resistance
The last 1 is a archer of light which a bow but not just a bow to mini light magic launching weapons (guns) and a quiver that never runs out most Alejandra have white tattoos on there body and a holy mark on there back

Right now the Alejandra do not have a leader but 3 Generals which all have 3 different city’s the guard each on a different area of the world the east west and north the south is run by Paladins for a offering of peace to the Paladins and Alejandra the 3 Generals are Yongnian a minor god the minor god of time he controls the north city and has had peace for 3 years now he is noble and waits for a opening and is patience the 2nd General Koichi the 1st child of Yongnian and his wife Jera Koichi governs the west city and is having trouble keeping peace and evil out he’s head strong and doesn’t head the words from his father the 3rd General of the east city Jera she is a bubbly girl who likes to live in the moment her city is doing ok a balance of evil and good

The Alejandra does not have a Capital but a council of 3 cities

Strong Light magic
An aura of peace and honor
High resistance to evil magic


Life Span 1-400
This race is the race of the Giant they live on the mountains they are the evolved from of the troll they have the brain of a semi intellect person they can understand but they are slow at processing but for there small brains they have large strength to fight a Hunfrith 1 on 1 is like try to cut a bolder with a small dinner table knife Hunfrith determine beauty in strength the Huntfrith when awaking on top the mountains at the start of the new kingdom they were in love with there home from the bottom of there hearts even not leaving the high mountains were they live to see a giant on the ground is quite rare sight for the only time they leave is on war duties there name Hunfrith is of peace but in time of war it changes to Bodil a battle name of revenge Hunfrith are like the feral clans they have different groups there are around 9 in all for some reason some of the groups are disappearing and some fear for this because the last time giants had a war they destroy half of the western plains so many hope this will not cause a war but for now it is peace and it is remaining for now but it may change with a war because Hunfrith sometimes are brutal killers

These are large brutes with ripped muscles they measure beauty in strength and war scars but most Hunfrith women are not ripped but are vary swift and agile if there trained they can kill you with a thumb

The Hunfrith live in the mountains and there are more than 1 mountains they are like Ferals with clans but they don’t have one they only have a leader in a time of war

They only have villages no capital yet and if they do it will probably be in ruins for they only use it during times of war

Night Brothers

Life Span 1-170
This is the opposite of the Shadow kin for Itzal wife Itla made this race this race unlike Shadow kins is accepted by the other races and hated by the evil creatures such as demons and dark creatures when they woke in the new kingdom they woke in the darkness gaining the ability of night vision when this happens there eyes turn red or green they are great thief’s and are also respected members of guilds

They are black skinned creatures when the night comes they blend in with the dark and they start to crouch more they have all the same physical appearance of the Shadow kin except for the hunch back Night brothers are thought more skinner like they haven’t eaten in weeks

Night brothers do not have a leader at the throne right now but almost having a civil war about this

They live in the old hollow volcanic lost city of Moon were during the night the city glows like the moon it is only accessible by a dark tunnel without any light

Shadow Kin

Life Span 1-300
Made by Itzal when he was lonely after the old kingdom the Shadow Kin woke up out of the shadows and started a new when meeting other races they were frowned upon and chased away later to be know as the evil of the world for siding with evil creatures not many Shadow Kin are evil they are just sad and lonely Shadow Kin work as assassins they are the cause of many deaths and many important figures death anther reason why they are hated once they saw other races were they thought of trying to become more accepted and made The Dead Family Guild after the Dead family was created they thought that they would be reject and feared a uprising of other races in the guild so to improve there chance they summoned Itzal and he had said “why my children fear you are a powerful race I shall give you the 5 sine’s of the end of time Fiery, Strife, Pestilence, War , And Death and so at the start of every childbirth they get a sine for their new power during this point the Elfgar had heard of these Shadow kin and heard that there guild killed there prince and sought out for revenge so at this point the Shadow kin and Elfgar are waging a war

Tall Shadowy figures drenched in black coats and cloaks they are assassins hiding there weapons in there clothes with black eye and golden pupil’s they have each Shadow kin has a sine on their body some were

Lord Apocalypse is the leader rights now he is also the master of War and he lives in the tower in the capital city were he resides for most of his day

The capital is a large underground chasm were a large ancient tower resides and in that tower there are all the great shadow kin who spirits defend the capital

Born with dark magic
Allies of evil creatures
Able to blend into the dark

The Corrupted

Life span 1-30
This is a race of undead but not normal they evolve to different race and well are kinds of races made by a mysterious god no 1 knows about how they were made but many believe Itzal made them this is a race of undead that with the more souls they devour the more power they gain and so on evolve there have bin only 5 evolutions when waking up in the new kingdom they Devourer everything when to find the nearest food and stumbled upon a human encampment soon to be a village but would never be for the Devours ate everything even the bones and that’s when the strongest found out she could evolve and they became a evolving race a original new race to be feared by all others for this race is at war with every one even the ones who reside in there homes and do not fight each time they evolve there life span grows by 50 years every time

1 Devouring souls are lost souls not able to find there way and in this form they are just like little black fairies but with sharp teeth and claws if you smell death run because there is possibly a Devouring soul near you
2 Glutton’s Child this evolution makes them grow bigger and to human form they are much like zombies but are different in the way they can talk but have cave man brains
3 Glutton this is like the Child evolution but you become more hungry and you start to gain become a sentinel being but the weak thing about being a Glutton is there is no end to the hunger when becoming this form you must eat every hour or die
4 Soul collectors this form is of a human-like now but what you lose in size you gain in power when the night comes you gain the speed of wind and the speed you gain is tremendous but to keep this up it costs much of your strength and requires you to feed a full day without sleep if you use that great speed
5 Reaper this evolve you shrink down to a normal human but unlike the others you gain a weapon when evolving to this a weapon is placed in front of you resembling the souls you have eaten this evolution are the Royal guard of the King Soul
6 King/Queen Soul this is the hardest evolution to get but once you get here your power is that of a minor god there has bin only ever 3 recorded in history to ever achieve this evolution and there has never bin more than 2 at a time

The Corrupted are like undead and zombies they all look ugly and horrible when they become a higher form and gain sentinel intellect they then decide there own appearance instead of being zombies and just eating they most wear the armor of dead warriors but on the rarest occasion if it a strong Corrupt they summon armor that glues to them and cannot be removed until there next new form and they get new armor and so on the new armor also becomes stronger and gives benefits of what the Corrupt desires

They are lead by the leader know as the Queen of Death some think achieving the rank of King/Queen Soul = minor god power she locks her self away in a different realm know one knows how to get to

The Corrupted have a different realm for there Capital no one knows what it looks like but people think it is a realm full of death and skeletons and horror so horrific you go blind by what you see


Life span 1-300
The Elfgar are a proud race and think there above everything and every1 even the gods sometimes but thought they have much vanity they have vary powerful forest magic when waking up in the new kingdom the Elfgar had bin awaken in the great forest connecting heaven and earth a forest full of light creatures they called it home and have built there capital there but to later realize that this forest was tainted by the death of there young prince and who’s dagger had cut his throat it be a Shadow kin from that day on the Elfgar have cursed them and hunted them down even making a guild called the Princes Blood once that is done they will return to the forest of with they have purged of the prince death and cleansed the forest

Elfgar are always young looking at the age of 20-30 they stop ageing they are a boastful race and take pride in there beauty they silk armor but not any silk in there homeland of the forest they found pockets of a rare ore called Adamantine and this is what most of there armor is made out of not many elf’s use it now most use steel but those who have it say its worth 3 caverns of gold and easily empty out any lords treasury for this but those who do not have it wear steel and were quivers and bows for Elfgar are master archer’s

The Elfgar are ruled by a noble family know as the Tree and each city is ruled by a branch of the family the roots are the high noble family for long ago they were created from lifa image they were the 1st Elfgar to awaken and now rule them all the oldest child rules the Elfgar and lower there is the lower the rank the highest child now is King Elfric his name means “elf ruler”

The Elfgar rule the great forest and inside that forest there is a part know as the lake of life and on it is a island and here the capital is surrounded in the lake are mighty guardians defending it from harm and corruption

Feral Clan’s

Life span 1-150
History this race is like nomads when waking In the new kingdom they had discovered they could transforms into there beast form what ever there soul represents its what there beast form becomes no 1 knows how much clans there are but the scholars of the world estimate around 17 and if they all joined they would rival the power they would rival some of the world’s strongest armies when the new kingdom started the Ferals were waking in the forest but they did not see there bodies but they saw paws claws teeth they became beast and from so on they stayed beast till 1 awoke and became his original form again and he could go back and forth and that is when Beast magic was born the person to finally awake no 1 knows the name of her but what they do know is she has bin alive for almost 3000 years now she is called the Spirit Mother

The Feral men range from different clothing and armor in different clans but most of them wear the same cloths the basics are leather and fur armor they have a old saying about weapons “if it doesn’t have multiple uses it’s a broken weapon” and from that saying they have made weapons with around 5 different uses there main favorites weapon is the axe for it can be used as many different things to show the sine of there clan they were a special mark on there face weather it be on the forehead of cheek if a clan is at war and sees this they will attack it is 1 reason why it is hard for a Feral to travel the body of a Feral are like that of a human but if the human was much more beast like

The Feral clansmen leaders are there clan’s leader since there is only 11 know feral clans there have only bin 11 leaders each representing a different clan

Clan’s info
Thought they are different clans with different transformation each Clan gains something with their transformation usually a passive ability like Wolf Clansmen are fast runners/hunters but being in a Clan like Wolf has different weakness like being in packs they are bad solo fighters so choose wisely on which clan you are and last thing you can pick what you want your transformation to look like but it has to resemble your clans animal

1 Wolf these clansmen have a fast passive ability and are great fighters in packs
2 Bear these are strong fighters and have strong passive strength but they are also slow
3 Hawk they have vary high jumping passive ability and great eye sight but don’t do vary much damage
4 Alligator has the ability to swim and vary strong attack but isn’t fast on land
5 Buffalo they like to be in groups and charge its strong but cannot be stopped
6 Lion is swift and agile but aren’t great solo fighters
7 Snake they can attack fast and deadly but are not vary fast and it’s hard to climb and sometimes can’t climb
8 Frog they can jump high and attacks are poison but they are weak fighters
9 Centipede these buggers can attack more than once at a time but for being long its hard for them to hit defended from the back
10 Monkey this is a fast attacker but aren’t vary strong
11 Lizards not vary swift but have deadly poison and can climb vary fast


Life Span 1-200
This is the only race no one knows anything about for long ago when the old kingdom was alive dwarfs had friends and loved 1s atop on the surface of the world but when the new kingdom awoke the dwarfs on surface were gone sadden and raged by what happened the dwarfs had locked away everything no connection to the surface there are some dwarfs who stayed but vary few and are sometimes hunted for their great forged weapons

If you choose to be this race you are restricted of many things because not knowing about them like a bio who there family is what there weapons what can they do so I recommend not playing this race till later unless you’re a good Rper and can pretty much RP out of nothing

Aeron “Demons”

Life Span 1-?
Demons are a old race of the kingdom they are made out of evil and corrupted souls they are the offspring of hate and evil when a Demon is born it means that a 100 souls have bin corrupted and have bin summoned by a evil being Demons are only born when summoned by some one they are like slaves but if there master dose not take them they are free or if there master dies if there strong they stay in the realm of the living but if not they go back to were they came from the 1st Demon ever made was a great 1 that name has bin forgotten long ago he is know as the Creator now

Demons can be anything that hides in your night mare usually there human looking beings but that is only a illusion there true forms are those of night mares but 1 thing all demons have are horns on there heads and dark/blood red markings on there body and there are different Appearances of demons but 1 thing the old 1’s have are bat wings which they can hide with magic

There is no leader of demons there never has bin there has only bin the summoner and the demon

The demon capital resides in volcano it is held up by 4 giant chains and a mighty statue holding it up the demons think that statue was the 1st being to summon a demon and so the creator they worship him located in the middle of the city is a large black spear it said to be the grave of the Creator

Paladin Order

How Old 1278 years
To destroy all evil and purge all the wicked and save the weak

1 do not harm any member punishable by banishment or death
2 never disrespect your high ups punishable by flogging
3 never look into the Holy Father/Mother eyes punishable by flogging
4 never harm the weak only help punishable by banishment
5 never listen to evil punishable by Exorcism (can kill you it’s a strong magic ritual)

Holy King/Queen this is the leader of paladins said to be the savior of the world he/she leads the paladins
Holy Father/Mother there can be 2 in this guild but each are the royal guards/generals of the pope
Holy Cardinal this is the council rank there are only 20 cardinals but are the council
Holy Exorcist this is the rank of the royal guard to the Cardinal’s
Holy Archbishop this is elite force you go on elite missions in this rank
Holy Bishop this rank hands out the missions and undertakes some hard ones
Holy Priest this is the ranks were you take on easy missions and helps the weak
Holy Son/Daughter this rank you start to fight but only rare
Holy Child this is the apprentice rank were you just learn and watch

To obtain a class in the Paladin Order you must venture to Gods Mountain the world’s largest mountain connecting the heavens and earth and there a Alejandra general will deicide what god will do with you

Holy Defender this class is of a warrior like but you defended the weak and kill the evil it is the most common class and the hardest to learn for you train but destroying evil
Holy Crusader this class is more rare because Crusaders like to stick together and travel the land purging evil and rarely come back home and die in bed
Holy Archer this class is the ranged class they study in the art of the bow to shoot a hear through evils ice cold heart
Holy Exorcist this is a vary rare class for this is the class that only comes once in 10 years they usually undertake special training and after they finish they skip ranks and become Holy Exorcists and then after that become Holy King/Queen
Holy One this class is all about defending the weak they are pure hearted and have a aura of happiness and peace around them these are the souls that usually become Alejandra but for that most evil hunt them with a passion

1 of the 1st guilds in the world it was made by a poor mans sadness for raiders had just killed his family while Eira watching this poor man she comes downs and blesses him in holy magic a rare king of magic only Paladins and Pursers may wield the man she blessed was Noor the 1st paladin once he had the gift of magic he had set out for the raiders eventually cleansing them of evil but not killing them for Noor had huge compassion and pity once he had done this Eira sent some of Lifa’s Alejandra to help guide him he thought they were the descendents of the gods and there the honor of those 2 races was born after that the Paladin had constructed the Holy Paladins guild in Alma
There they reside helping the weak and purging the evil

The Dead Family

How Old 534 years
A assassin guild for the unwanted and hated they are band of killers some do it for money others do it for a family there main goal is to fill the contract and get paid and even deeper goal only know by high officers in this guild

1 No killing anther member of the family and is punishable by death
2 To run away from a contract is to leave the family and is punishable by death
3 To kill a non-contracted person is punishable by not receiving award and by how many you kill different punishments
4 To steal from anther member of the family is punishable by Flogging 50 times or death
5 To tell the location to any non-member is punishable by death
6 To go rogue marks you a traitor and is punishable by the worst pain ever the destroying of 1’s soul (either by going insane or having a Dread father/mother to use dark spellz to destroy your mind)
7 no leaving the guild without a mission if your lower than a Dread Killer punishable by death

Dread King/Queen this rank may only have 1 since it is the ruling member of this guild
Dread Father/Mother this rank can have only 2 people a mother and a father and are the head of the council
Dread Bringer this rank is promotes you to be in the council of 5
Dread Collector this rank is the Death Bringer assistant/ bodyguard
Dread Contractor this rank gives missions and sometimes takes the harder 1s
Dread Killer the highest low rank once you get here you can freely leave the guild
Dread Son/Daughter a middle rank tanking on a little harder missions
Dread Child a rank for small missions of murder and death
Dread Newborn the rank you get when entering this guild

You take a test with a magic orb located in the guild to deiced which class you become this orb even tells you what you will give to the Dread family and for each class you must take 3 tests to become a true member

Dread Bringer
This class refines the art of assassination and is a rare class for it is the hardest to train if because the final test to become a true Dread Bringer is to kill your family
Dread King
This class is the most common but is also the easiest to be killed for to become a Dread king you must fight anther Dread king but to the Death
Dread Shooter
This class is a ranged base and use bows and magic to kill their targets and are the rarest for there final test into the family is to kill 3 infant’s
Dread Messenger like a thief they hide in the shadows they are the stealthiest class but give messages to the Dread Contractor for the missions to the lower ranks this class works on stealth and shadow magic to not be seen

Starting as Just Shadow Kin lead by their Leader at the time Lord Doom a Shadow Kin Lord Doom had sent his people to search for a place called home but never found 1 so he had searched himself and while in the great deserts a earthquake happened and sucked him in to find that he was still alive was a shock and he gazed up to see the ruins of the old kingdom but were was he well he was in a building cleaning off the window he gazed into a giant underground cave with a tower in the middle and he new this was home and it is were the Dead Family resides now


How Old 666
Goal to destroy the Wizards guild for banishment and to fully bring a person back from the grave not just a skeleton

1 never hate evil punishable by death
2 destroy any wizard you see no matter the cost if you fail punishable by torture
3 gain power at the cost of love if you love you are a traitor punishable by death
4 only kill anther member if they are weak and cannot continue down the path of the Necro punishable by death
5 never help any 1 unless they’re something in for you punishable by torture

The Evil Master the leader of a fraction there are 3 fractions so there are 3 Evil Masters
Death Reaper the royal guard of the Evil Master and the elite group who take on hardest missions
Death Summoner these are the teachers of the lower ranks and mission givers
Death Eater this rank is the 1 who get mostly shipped out for fights and missions
Death Bringer they get field work but vary little
Death Child lowest rank only training no field work

To obtain a class for the Necrolytes you will go to the halls of the there guild capital the Home of the Dead the Underworld and there you go to the great skeleton the offspring of Fraenaer when his evil made this Skeleton he planned it to destroy the world but Anundr saw this and locked it away in a great tomb know as the Underworld

Reviver this class is a class of summoning they practice mainly in the art of mass summons some master are so strong they can summon army’s of the dead
Reaper this class is a great magic wielder and when chosen for this class they get a scythe which they are asked to cut and put some blood of there’s on and by doing binding it to them never able to lose and can store great magic in these scythes
Terror this class studies in rare fear magic which n make some one go so insane they kill themselves they can make people do things they don’t want to by bending them with there fears the only true way to stop a terror is by having courage so strong is a aura terror is a rare class for it is 1 of the most powerful magic’s in the world
Murderer this class is a common 1 but a strong 1 they feed of the evil of the people they kill making them stronger they do not summon many but they summon a stronger servant they prefer quality over quantity

This guild was 1st made by Morderd a old wizard who was banished for killing his father and leader of the diamond table of wizard’s Morderd was furious and he said “I will have my revenge on this guild even if it means killing this world I will have it” he went in search for power but found a old tomb from the old kingdom know as the underworld there he researched the bodies of different races and 1 day he revived 1 with magic and there Necromancy was born he then enlisted people taught them and even fought a war with the Wizards but he lost and this type they killed him but before this he had 3 children they grew strong and even were almost as equal to the Master Wizards they were know as the 3 children of Death the 1st was Samael the Great Necro Of terror he almost killed the Archmage but was stopped by Paladins and had to flee the 2nd is Kore lady of the Underworld she is a master of Murderer her great summon is the Demon Dog Cerberus the 3rd and final is the youngest son also the Reaper Child as he is know by his name is Merikh he is the master of Reaper he has a legendary scythe not a normal 1 for it has killed 100 souls with a 1 sweep now that these children are of age they have started a war with the Wizard’s but 1 the wizard searching for these 3 children is there race for they have lived for 300 years now

Wizards Of the Old Kingdom

How old 923
To destroy the Necrolytes and uncover the mysteries of the old kingdom and protect magic from the people who do not deserve it

1 always be willing to learn and gain knowledge to help your other wizard’s
2 never harm anther wizard punishable by death or by being put to trial
3 always listen to elders/higher ups and always show honor towards them punishable by flogging
4 some times of magic are forbidden Darkness, Necromancy, Time, And Life punishable by death
5 never harm a scholar for they are allies of knowledge punishable by trial or death or flogging
6 always show finding of the old kingdom to not is punishable by trial or banishment

Wizard Ranks
Unlike most guild’s wizard consist of different classes and have different ranks to each 1 and at the top there are masters of each and they are the Diamond Table of Wizards a strong group of powerful wizards

I only write the 1st part of the rank the 2nd part is the class that goes there
Arch this ranks is the rank of the leaders of the wizards
Master this rank is that of which take on deadly missions for the wizard guild and travel the world
Mage Knight this is the class of a fighter they do not take on missions but they are assigned mainly to fight Necrolytes
Journeyman this rank you take on missions middle class missions
Elders this rank teaches the lower ranks you usually become when retiring from master rank because of age
Guild this is the highest rank of a student in magic once after this you become a true wizard
Adepts this is the middle rank of a student in magic
Apprentice this is the lowest rank of a student of magic

Unlike other guilds Wizards guild has not classes but types and there are ranks to each 1 and the Diamond table of Wizard’s decide which a magic spell they cast upon each new arrival during a banquet of happiness

Mage this is the most common 1 they have usually have the ability 2 use all basic magic types and are well rounded people when a Mage gets high in the Guilds rank it is a rare thing for there magic level’s are fairly weak
Summoner this is a fairly rare 1 for it is hard to summon something but most Summoners turn to the dark arts and become Necrolytes its why the wizards fear when they see 1
Wizard this is a strong 1 the 1s that become leaders for if you’re a wizard you are able to learn most magic thought it may be hard Wizards are able to learn most magic is because they have the some of the highest mana ability’s in the world
Warlock/Witch this is the rarest of the class for it is the strongest because the strong thing is that this class doesn’t need to use incantations or words to use there spellz it takes the other classes many years to be able to do this but Warlock/Witch gain it on birth and are usually destined to become great Wizards or Evil Wizards
Alchemist this is a fairly strong class for it has 1 law to gain something anther thing must be given of equal value for this they have quite a large ray of ability’s but the flaw to this is the Alchemist has bin only know to do the weakest basic spellz

This is probably the only guild that knows anything about the old kingdom for this guild has allied themselves with the Scholars and are in search of what happened while they wage war with the Necrolytes the wizards 1st started when magic was brought into the world they are from all different races some are hated but still are allowed to be a Wizard when the Wizards began they were called upon by the races of the world a meeting which surprised even some races for they thought they were hated but all race but a few went and they agreed that if the wizard guild is to be made they shall not fight in any wars unless it is against wizard vs. wizard and so the wizards do not help any 1 but there own kin till a young wizard who’s name has now bin banned from the words of mortals caused a great conflict it was recorded in history till a great purge was made and burnt all records about it 1 record remains and this is the 1 of main reason scholars have allied with wizards to find It now the wizards/scholars are close to finally finding it and getting closer to have the library of the world finally done


How old 1923
Goal to find out all about the history and recorded it for the generations to come for past present and future should never be lost

1 do not harm any knowledge even if it is banned punishable by banishment
2 do not harm any members punishable by death/banishment
3 do not harm any wizard member punishable by torture by a wizard
4 finding any knowledge report it to a higher member punishable by banishment
5 stop any one from harming knowledge punishable by banishment

Knowledge keeper to be this rank you must have read every book in every library
Grand Librarian
Father/Mother Teacher
Brother/Sister Librarian
Father/Mother Teacher
Brother Sister Teacher
Student level 1
Student level 2
Student level 3

For the Scholars classes are different for the more knowledge you have or you have helped get = the higher rank you get

Keeper this class holds the secrets of the knowledge they are wise and usually old there are also usually wizards that have switched guilds
Finder this class finds the knowledge they are good finders of different things but are vary swift and sometimes ex thieves
Bringer this class brings the knowledge back usually in groups for stronger in numbers Is there code they are big brute fighters but act like monks and will not fight unless needed
Holder this class is like keeper they hold the knowledge but they are a safety net if the knowledge is destroyed
Speaker this is the main class and always a leader has risen out of it

Created by a old wandering man when he had unraveled many mysteries of the world the Scholars are not a fairly strong guild but they get by on selling knowledge and have gotten protection from wizards for there alliance the wizards get knowledge of magic and the scholars get means of protection and people to go adventure for knowledge with them

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