The Lords of Flahrnir

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The Journey

A Final Fantasy-like RPG by Vestras.

Maps: About 5 per act.

Players: 1.

Style: The Journey is a RPG based on Final Fantasy. It's style is much like FF's. The attack system and movement system is nearly the same as FF's, and you switch between levels, making unlimited space for terrain. It is made of more maps, and there will be different acts.

So far, a release of Act I, "The Lords of Flahrnir", is very soon, but it might take about 2 weeks.

The Story;

"Once upon a time, there were a kingdom called Flahrnir. The kings name was Narsh, and he had a son named Calvacis. Calvacis was a hardly trained Lightbringer, and trained in the Flahrnir woods every single morning of his entire life. One morning though, he walked too long out through the forest, and got long from his home. So long, that he was trapped in the woods, and couldn't find back. He walked and walked, but came to the dreadfull part of Flahrnir forest, "Duyir", which holds many secrets. From there, the story is unknown..."

The feautres;

Exciting gameplay (yeah, many says that, but this actually is!)
Advanced movement and attack systems.
3 whole acts.
A complete story

Filefront download:;11211167;/fileinfo.html (~22 MB.)

Warcraft, iron, story, campaign.

The Lords of Flahrnir (Campaign)

20:17, 5th Aug 2008 Septimus: Map quality and condition still very poor, but I would give him the opportunity to improve his map. 9:23, 13th December, 2008 Rui: No improvements --...




20:17, 5th Aug 2008

Map quality and condition still very poor, but I would give him the opportunity to improve his map.

9:23, 13th December, 2008
No improvements -- [highlight]Rejected[/code].
Level 31
May 3, 2008
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This map had been examined by Alexis Septimus.
If you think this map review is not accurate or require another review, feel free to contact Alexis Septimus. But, map would only be review again for second time and also for the last time unless under certain circumstances. It would be selfish to request constantly a mod/admin to keep review your map as there is many other maps waiting for approval as well.

However, if you still insist of another review after it had been review for second time. Feel free to contact other admin.

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Map Review
1) Terrain - Horrible (1)
2) Ingenuity - Not Available
3) Minor Error - Horrible (1)
4) Replay Value - Horrible (1)
5) Fun factor/gameplay - Horrible (1)
6) Use of imported material - Good (4)
7) Single player - Poor (2)
8) AI support - Not Available
9) Camera - Poor (2)
10) Originality - Average (3)
11) File Size - Horrible (1)
12) Balancing - Poor (2)
13) Packaging - Horrible (1)
14) Credits - Horrible (1)
15) Storyline - Average (3)
16) Theme - Average (3)
17) Protection - Excellent (5)
18) Quality - Poor (2)
19) Description/Information - Poor (2)
20) Hiveworkshop rules & regulation - Horrible (1)

Total Accumulation Point : 36/90 * 100 = 40

[+] -
[!] -
[-] - No loading screen at all
[-] - The major bug at chapter 1 still occur. If I go to the left side of the map, it would bring me to chapter 2 map. However, it get disconnect the moment chapter 2 begin.
[-] - At chapter 1 cinematic, the camera movement is too fast.
[-] - At chapter 3 cinematic, the camera just stay lock at the same position all the time.

Review : This is a very poor quality campaign.

First of all, the terrain doesn't give me a good impression at all. Just look at the first chapter terrain, the whole terrain completely blank with just 1-2 destructible/doodad on it.

Second, you fix the major bug at chapter 1. Yeah right, by switching the bug from right side exit to left side exit. :hohum:

Third, this map does not have any loading screen at all. Go and view every campaign, who ever seen a campaign where every chapter doesn't have any loading screen ?

Fourth, the file size is totally ridiculous considering the amount of chapter currently available. 3 chapter and yet it consume up to 22mb ?

Fifth, the balancing is very poor especially at chapter 3. There is no way you could had possibly defeat the overlord with just a normal attack and there is only 1 spell currently available.

Sixth, you did not give any credit to the original author at all although you use import model. I did not see any detail/description/information at your map quest log or neither at hiveworkshop map description that indicate you give credit to the author.

Seventh, there is no quest log indicate what is the mission objective. Go and play all warcraft 3 campaign, see how they develop those map.

Eighth, your map violate the rules of hiveworkshop. Why ? Because you upload alpha stage campaign. Where is chapter 4 and the rest of the chapter? Upload incomplete/alpha stage map/campaign is totally unprofessional.

Ninth, your campaign does not have difficulty setting. See most of the campaign, they do have difficulty setting available.

However, although this map is between the edge of rejection and approval. I would just be generous to you this time by given you approval. And you better improve your map drastically if you want it to remain approve.
Rating & Miscellaneous information
Score - 40/100
Rating - 2/5
Condition - Average
Status - Approve
Review - 2
The map might not be fully tested, if any user of the map found bug/error or anything else.
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Dec 26, 2007
[√] - Major bug found at chapter 1. If I go to the right side of the map, it would bring me to chapter 2 map. However, it get disconnect the moment chapter 2 begin.
[√] - No quest/information/description telling you what to do.
[√] - No loading screen at all.
[√] - Camera stay at 1 position for too long (Refer to chapter 3).
[√] - Camera movement at chapter 1 is too fast.
[√] - No information/detail/description telling us how to use those attack system. We know it is based on Final Fantasy, but you must tell us how to use it as well. For example, give a information like press up arrow and bottom arrow to select the option to attack the enemy by melee attack or spell.

1 - Of course, that's the exit. The second one is a little bug, fixed in the new version.
2 - I'll add it.
3 - There's no need for it.
4 - What are you talking about?
5 - Same as #4.
6 - I'll add that.

When I've updated it, I would be glad if you could review it again.
Level 3
Jan 19, 2008
This looks like a bad clone of HeroRpg.... (I see almost the same stuff)
You have to work (and a lot) to improve it and make it similar to the original....