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[Defense / Survival] The Last Civilizations (working title)

Discussion in 'Map Development' started by Freyky, Jun 19, 2016.

  1. Freyky


    Aug 6, 2014
    Development canceled:
    I've lost my map due to a random error with my computer and had to wipe my disks, ever since i don't think of remaking this map because I hate remaking stuff, so I rather make a new map.

    Hey there,
    Maybe as some people have seen I've been asking for help recently for some stuff in my map. I'd rate the map as 40/100% done. I'm making this thread right now so I can test it with some people and give some pre-information about the map.

    I'll give you some information about what I've made / I'm planning to do.

    Green = Already added.
    Red = In progress.

    Orange = Disabled / might not be added.

    The leading player (red) will be able to pick gamemodes for 2 minutes when the game has begun.

    Unique Modes (Only one pick available, win/defeat conditions):
    • HDW: Hero Death Win, that's the simple gameplay of the map trying to keep your hero alive, on 15 hero deaths you'll be defeat.
    • Survival: Try to setup and defend your base with your hero for 60 minutes, you'll be granted an additonal main worker unit. If this worker dies you'll be defeat.
    • Free For All: No alliances, everyone has to fight eachother. If your picked base gets destroyed you'll be defeat, if no other humans are alive, you'll win.
    • King of the Hill: Control several areas with your hero and armies and gain victory points, 60 per Minute, 5(20) additional for each kill(hero) made in the region, if you've achieved 1500 victory points, the victory is yours.
    Additional Modes (No limited picks):
    • Unique Pick: Every hero is only once pickable.
    • Experience: Choose between 50%/100%/150%/300%/900% increaes experience rate.
    • Gold Rate: Choose between x1, x2, x3 gold rate for the gold income of your goldmines.

    • -hdw
    • -survival
    • -ffa
    • -dominion
    • -unique pick
    • -xp
    • -goldrate
    • -freeze/unfreeze (Freezes the hero picker area, to choose game modes)
    • -respawntime X (Sets the respawntime for hostile creatures)
    Gameplay related commands:
    • -buy X (Buys 1 Soul, a currency, for amount X multiplied with 20 gold cost)
    • -deaths (Shows how often your hero has died)
    • -claim (Claims a base so only you are allowed to build in there)
    • Probably more coming in future, just need some more ideas ^^.

    The gameplay unaffected by mode picks.

    The map starts with red picking a game mode, he has got 2 minutes time, after those 2 minutes everyone will be unfrozen and can pick their own hero. It'll start with your hero summoned in a peaceful area. Once you've left the area you're free to run or attack the others. Your hero is your main unit. Once you've chosen what you'll do first, set up a camp or farm some gold and experience with your creature. You go ahead and choose again what you want to do, get some alliances with players? Be a trader and farm items and sell them for currencies? Want to help out others and / or teambase with them? You can also go ahead and get a strong base already. It's up to you. At the 15th minute mark (except in survival) you'll recognize a game message. "Ghul'Dan's summoning hasn't been stopped, he'll summon creatures now every 30 seconds." Gul'Dan is a divine enemy hero in my map, he's a global event free to be executed by everyone, he's there to give some extra difficulty into the map. He spawns creatures on random points around the map.
    01 - 15 Minutes every 60 sec
    15 - 30 Minutes every 30 sec
    30 - 45 Minutes every 15 sec
    45 Minutes + every 3 sec.

    He's extremly hard to kill with his divine armor, 400 insanity (chaos) damage and 1500 attack range. I've tested it already, probably takes 3-4 players with armies to take him down, since he oneshots almost every simple unit. Since Gul'dan is summoning on random locations relatively strong units, it forces you to pay extra attention within your own base, because there might spawn some of these evil beasts.
    Now depending on the game mode the most people will probably start to focus on the win/defeat conditions, in survival it's several waves of random mobs spawning from the burning legion, lead by Gul'dan. (He won't summon on entire map random locations anymore). Facing your special unit you've received. Free for all, eleminate all other players' bases. Simple but difficult depending on the players experience. Dominion, control several allied cities of a computer controlled slot 11, gain resources and victory points to win. And the awesome but easy hero death win, simple, nothing to explain. I might add that you can choose as player 1 (red) how many deaths til lose.

    I totally forgot about the economy section, so I'll just put it here.

    Your hero will be given a special spell, "summon worker", they're 10 seconds available and can create a town hall which is built in 30 seconds, basicly your first town hall should be done in 45 seconds (3 summons, 15 CD each) if you won't get interrupted. Then you can build urself some peasants which are great in gathering lumber for you, then it's up to you, I'd recommend killing hostile units or enemies for some gold. Enemy player units give 100% bounty of their creation cost, I made it so it's like you literally steal from them. Then later, after a time you've gathered a lot of wood you can build a gold mine, once you got enough gold you can create even better lumber harvesters and so on, stacking up to 4 total levels of lumber harvesters. I consider also creating lumber mills, limited to max. 3, which gather wood automaticly as well, what do you think? Later you've got a lots of wood you can upgrade your goldmines for ~ 6.5x the price of a normal one but gains 7x more gold than a normal goldmine.

    That's it for the economy.

    That's it for now, didn't think I could write "so much" text about the 40/100% map.
    What do you guys think? Suggestions? Ideas?

    Still looking for people to test multiplayer functions of the map with me / beta testers, send me a PM with your skype infos and I'll add you, I also don't mind to add people who also want to work on this map with me together. I'm not very well with terrain and it'd be good if someone else could help me out there :p

    Thanks for taking your time to read this, have a nice day.

    Edit: That's my first map and my focus on the map is to give the players a lot of possibilities to play their favourite game modes within a single map, mixed up together into a great and fun map.

    Code (Text):


    |20.06.2016| Claim system created.
    |21.06.2016| Survival mode system finished.
    |28.12.2016| Due to my disk wipe I've stopped developing this map.
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2016