The Greatest, Eldest, of All Hydras

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story of the model just in-case you care:

on june 9th of 2013 I exported the blizzard hydra and started to look at it, I wanted to know definitively where the attachment points where, being I wanted spell effects on each of the 3 heads. little did I know the right heads attachment point was non existent (as was the left heads) the center head how ever had 2 attachment points. this annoyed me.

so I decided I needed a better hydra and created some attachment points.

then I noticed the necks of all 3 heads lacked team color unlike the body. so I fixed that too.
then I noticed the fins on the hydras necks and tail had UV Wrap errors causing black spots to appear in thin air. so I fixed that too.
then I noticed its corpse sucked, so I made it better
I began to wonder if I could add a fourth or fifth head some where, so I began mentally exploring that idea inspired by the age of mythology hydras. it never went any where at first. eventually I put the model down around 2014

1 AND A HALF YEARS LATER I had forgotten about it until 2015 when people on the hive started bugging me for it. so I randomly picked it up again and for over a 9 month period I worked on it here and there.

I put it down again for several months, got bugged for it some more, picked it up another solid 5 months and now its done!!!!!!!!!!!

how to use:

this model comes with 44 animations, half of which can be used easily.

Stand Swim
Stand Ready
Walk Swim
Attack Slam
Attack Slam Swim
Attack Swim
Spell Swim
Spell First
Spell First Swim
Spell Slam
Spell Slam Swim
Decay Flesh
Decay Bone
Death Swim
Decay Swim
Portrait Talk

how ever the other half of animations:

Stand Alternate
Stand Swim Alternate
Stand Ready Alternate
Walk Alternate
Walk Swim Alternate
Attack Alternate
Attack Slam Alternate
Attack Slam Swim Alternate
Attack Swim Alternate
Spell Alternate
Spell Swim Alternate
Spell First Alternate
Spell First Swim Alternate
Spell Slam Alternate
Spell Slam Swim Alternate
Death Alternate
Decay Flesh Alternate
Decay Bone Alternate
Death Swim Alternate
Decay Swim Alternate
Sleep Alternate
Portrait Alternate
Portrait Talk Alternate

Require you to use the ''Alternate'' Animation Tags.

The Animations labeled ''Alternate'' have 2 additional heads in between the other 3, these 2 bonus heads are fully animated in comparison to the other 3 heads. and while slightly smaller, match the other 3 heads very well.

if you wish to use the WarCraft3 style of 3 headed hydra, and don't like it with 5 heads, then use the non alternate tags. you can use both. either or. which ever you prefer.

Credits to ME as a MUR'LOC in ur map named ''kellym0, god of the mur'locs''

have fun with this one, I know it could of been more useful sooner, or with less file size (610+kbs holy F**K), but hopefully I'll get this guy on starcraft 2 sooner then later and every body will have lots of fun with it!

give me your comments please I hunger for them!


ok big update, people took note of the lack of a morph, they also took note of a lack of sleep swim or sleep swim alternate.

I kinda went crazy and also added a bunch of animations that go as follows:

Morph Swim
Sleep Swim
Sleep Swim Alternate
Spell Second
Spell Channel
Spell Second Alternate
Spell Channel Alternate
Spell Second Swim
Spell Channel Swim
Spell Second Swim Alternate
Spell Channel Swim Alternate
Spell Third Swim
Spell Third Swim Alternate
Spell Fourth Swim
Spell Fourth Swim Alternate


some of these are confusing and hard to under stand so I shall explain it a bit:

spell seconds (spell second/alternate/swim/swim alternate) are the beginning of casting some kind of channel spell, they close their eyes and rear their heads up before opening their mouths and begin to ''channel''

spell channels (spell channel/alternate/swim/swim alternate) are looping animations you can use to continuously spam some kind of one single spell, whether its fire or lighting what ever it is its continuous. the spell seconds all connect with these perfectly.

Spell Third/alternate is a submerge animation inspired by my sharks.

Spell fourth/alternate is an ''un-submerge'' animation which can act as a kind of impale spell, or can run along side a triggered impale spell, knocking units into the air, and ends with the hydra returning to its normal ''stand swim/stand swim alternate'' animations

I also added another attachment point called ''Sprite Third Ref'' which is located on top of the belly of the tail during ''Spell First Swim'' and ''Spell First Swim Alternate'' which can be used to add some kind of tail slap particle effects.

I also changed the texture used to match my other shark models, you now no longer require the texture called ''AncientHydraTeethV50'' you now only require the texture ''SharkTeethV50''

this update took a long fricken time, sorry its so late, in addition to more animations iv increased this models file size from 641 to 773 kbs. the most current model version is now V.658

also side note: 60 animations........TAKE THAT MISHA!

Update 2:

as requested I have updated the screen shot.

I also Uploaded a green version, called ''GreatestEldestHydraV659Green'' , this green version uses the Naga Royal Guards orange fins instead of the myrmidon, the mur'loc mutants green eye lids instead of the tide runners, and a custom green hydra skin I made, which you can import into your map.

because the skin is mostly a simple recolor I decided against uploading a second hydra, so Instead I included it here. I did how ever keep the eyes yellow as to match the original models yellow eye-art. these 2 hydras can be used in one map. if you're crazy sparing on space.

A purple version is also planned and in the works.

Update 3:

I have finally gotten around to releasing the purple version of the hydra. why? no particular reason. I couldn't get the fins to look right, but im too dam picky any ways so here you go guys. and gals.

I changed the Mur'loc Mutant eye lids to use the Mur'loc Shadowsnare's purple eye lids, the Naga Royal Gaurd's orange fins for the Mur'loc Shadowsnare's un-used Fin's texture, and the green Hydra skin made by me with a purple Hydra skin made by me.

Update 4:

I found out that at some point between when I last checked this model in-game in 2016 and when the newest 2017 warcraft 3 patch came out, all the teeth except the front few on all versions where glitching out. not sure why. but a small re opening and re-saving of the model seemed to fix it.

I have also included a ''Ghost'' version, inspired by a tutorial I had completely forgotten about:

Creating Ghosts

by Daelin some what? 10 years ago? yeeesh. well any way, credits to him for that one. I figured no body would be up to ''ghosting'' this hydra so I did it for you guys! I changed all the materials to additive, deleted the corpse mesh, and the mesh inside all their mouths, changed the fin texture to use the frost wyrm spine frill texture, changed the teeth mesh a bit, re-colored all the eye beams green to represent ''undead'' and the sleep particle ''zZz''s as well.

Update 5:

found some kind of error with the spectral hydras teeth texture, remedied it by going back to the shark texture til I figure out if I can use a new one.

Creep, Hydra, Naga, All Fear The Biblically Ancient Hydra, the Mur'locs Greatest Foe!, Greatest Beast ever tamed by the mur'loc ''Pale-Fin''

The Greatest, Eldest, of All Hydras 664 Blue (Model)

The Greatest, Eldest, of All Hydras 664 Green (Model)

The Greatest, Eldest, of all Hydras 664 Purple (Model)

The Greatest, Eldest, of all Hydras 664 Spectral (Model)

13:24, 31st Mar 2016 HappyTauren: This might sound really awkward, but change the preview image and it's approved. It's not quite the time to moderate this model, but I had to test this model out of curiosity and it seems to work the best when based...




13:24, 31st Mar 2016
HappyTauren: This might sound really awkward, but change the preview image and it's approved. It's not quite the time to moderate this model, but I had to test this model out of curiosity and it seems to work the best when based on the original hydra unit.

Yes, some of the animations are kinda lineary looking and the filesize is huge, but so is the model, and animations aren't just something you can easily smooth at this point in model production, nor is it necessary, it's a great effort all on its own right now.

Update: Changes made, therefore this lovely resource is approved!

full resolution screen shot:

second full resolution screen shot:

the model its self is NOT 1.5 MB's thats just the 2 models + 2 textures all combined.

I don't advise using both I advise to use just one, pick the blue or the green one. not both. the reason a green one even exists is because when you use the in-game vertex coloring function you loose team color. that is why this green one exists, to have nice team color, yellow eyes, and orange fins, instead of just locking every thing down as blank green
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Nov 17, 2010
This is really well done. I love the additional animations and the extra heads are a great touch. If I had to critique anything I would just say I wish there was a morph animation showing the additional heads growing or something. Not that big of a deal though. All in all a really great hydra. (That death animation is killer)
Level 13
Aug 19, 2014
Is that...... oh no...... four heads? Really why not 5 :vw_wtf:
Just kidding, anyway it looks much more cooler.
Level 8
Sep 10, 2013
This could be great for a boss fight that has different phases with more difficulty. I love the idea.

Deleted member 238226


Deleted member 238226

what's with the crazy screenshot :p

44 animations. wow, impressive! but is the custom texture is really necessary?

i somewhat think that the death animation could be used for somekind of breathing spell ability. quite neat death animation :3


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Jul 29, 2008
Pretty frickin' fantastic, man. Quite the "boss-mode" Hydra, and I for one am really excited for not only a "fixed" classic Hydra, but an elite mob version too.

The blood-spitting is a bit much, and it could stand to have a "head-cut-off-growing-more" animation (morph), but... Nitpicks, I s'pose.

(One step closer to a 'head-growing-over-time" Hydra/Scylla dealie... :p)
wow so many comments! too many! (no such thing haha jk [blarg here I go!])

thank you PROXY glad you liked it.

thank you stefan.k glad you love its heads, and its dam large number of animations, its file size is huge tho. the custom texture is for his teeth. they look super evil up close in the portrait

thank you FireTiger glad you think its awesome

thank you Veritas 117. glad you like it. An additional morph animation you say, hey.... we will come back to that one later. more animations may make its size crazy. (also glad you like the deaths)

aeman, lol oh you. glad you like it. but no I will not stop the spitting blood fountain of death.

thank you The_Silent for your idea. problem is more animations is more space and blah dunno. ill think about it.

thank you jonbon29, yes it did have only 4 heads at one time, but I decided 5 was cooler, more even looking, and easier on the eye

thank you BiroN, yes it was indeed built specifically for that kind of purpose, a kind of RPG character on its own, but instead of a human/oid running around finding items and gear, its instead just a really cool monster with lots of maneuverability and spells.

thank you apcrabnightlive, that was pretty funny, one hydra to rule them all, or eat them all for that matter...who will win in my screen shot? who knows. the file size means this beast is a big decision for your map.

thank you Wisdom, yes my screen shot was crazy, ill admit it. im glad 44 animations impresses some one. yes the custom texture is necessary, the original hydras ''Gumming'' every thing to death with its toothless gums was just too much. as for the breathing spell, I decided against making a spell channel because I was lazy. if people don't like that then speak up about it, who knows? I may add more?

well then misha, challenge ACCEPTED!

thank you Raider Neoh glad you still like it even if its creepy

thank you Kyrbi0, you like 5 heads as well as 3 hey, im glad the versatility is appreciated. you think the blood travels too far? and AGAIN YOU want a morph too aw man guys you guys killin me here.

thank you Sellenisko glad you think its cool

thank you Hayate glad you like it, the attack slam you say? hmmmmmmmm

I noticed it lacks sleep swim/sleep swim alternate. will add that tonight/tomorrow.

will also look into a simple morph, though not likely involving 3 heads being removed for 5 to appear, more likely 2 heads will just sprout upwards quickly with some greenish goop or blood.




DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE I love this! Hey, I poked you to finish that :p Gimme credits maaan! Jk... Anyway, AWESOME JOB BUDDY!
''I actually really like the green version, like a lot. Maybe dark Hydra next? :p''

me too, orange fins were irresistible. Im thinking the last versions going to be purple, Im not up to an undead hydra, that's too much, except perhaps a ''spectral'' hydra, like ghostly? but not likely, not unless some one makes an undead hydra skin or 2. like my zombie shark challenge?

''This is pretty cool, but its quality isn't good enough to warrant such an obscene file size, which makes it very much less useful than it could have been.''

well, most of the animation frames where based off blizzard ones, especially walk. I was sorta trapped in some ways to animate certain things. dam man 3/5 that one hurts, not....even.....a 4. also it looks very different in game vrs in the viewer. (animations are smoother)

the file size is really alot less if you only want the blue hydra. (774 + 10 kbs) it was originally 230 kbs when it didn't have any more then 13 animations. (I Prefer 60)

hopefully that patch gives us 150 mb maps and we wont worrie any more !!! (most of the reason im even uploading any thing now)

but I am encouraged by the positiveness iv seen from this so thanks a lot TLI-Inferno.
Well, to be honest, I dislike large filesize as far as model go, but when it comes with a lot of data, I can't bitch about it. I hate it when models have a few animations but come with an obscenely huge polycount or textures that don't add anything to the model. This model is ridiculously large but at least it has something going for it, so I approved it :)
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Jan 6, 2017
nice model but... I think that sfx on eyes looks a bit strange, unlogical... I have parallel with cars... and Scooby Doo (you know, there are always some1 in costume of monster) :pshock:
thank you happy tauren -- long awaited for that one I suppose yeesh -- my bad

''nice model but... I think that sfx on eyes looks a bit strange, unlogical... I have parallel with cars... and Scooby Doo (you know, there are always some1 in costume of monster) :pshock:''

im glad you like it -- in game the eyes are a spiral, like the stunned/dazed buff effects, only they don't fade in and out but instead spin and glow. in the viewer, they look....weird. the light house beams are inspired by a model I cant currently find for some reason some where called the clockwork goblin miner (with a glowing hat light on his hard hat head) I cant re-call who made it. I just added geoset animations and animated textures to spin and revolve the lights.

they are magic eyes, their not supposed to be logical lol. I don't remember why I wanted the eyes to glow so much, I just know I really did, I guess I wanted to project magic power, but to also make the sleep animations more obvious.

I/you could always just delete the lights spirals and lights beams and just keep the glowing yellow oval eye shape. would you like to see that kind of an update? ''ReducedEyeEffects''?

hey misha, my goodness what a ways this one has come hey. maybe not. maybe not too late to update.

trebla ratilla glad you like it, 5 stars wow such love I feel thanks. yea the hydra in wc3 is pretty awful hey? the one in sc2 is even worse!

I guess if some one can't come up with an idea for an undead hydra, then I guess this projects done?

Edit: some one had the idea of making this hydra more undead by making it transparent and ghostly, while stuffing some big fat ribs and other bones inside some where to just float around. I may experiment with this. no promises.