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The First Age

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Apr 7, 2012
The First Age is a map I started to work on a few months ago, due to personal issues its been on the back burner till a few days ago, but now that I have the time again I thought I would reach out to the community. Now that is all for the boring personal facts, The First Age is a RTS map focusing heavily on units, in fact heroes are nothing more then single enemy stuns and heals with aura's forcing people to use armies as more then expendable shields.

The First age is based shortly after the arrival of the other Noldor factions onto Beleriand, some of the important elements of game play is the fact that noldor start with no spawns and have only the troops they begin with as they build their kingdoms. making Sindar the true early game force to be feared. The only towers in The First Age are those you start with no more can be built, im going to be using a kills for gold system, hopefully the two will help minimize camping at the very least.

Here is a list of the factions and a short overview of what they each do.

Noldor Factions


Heroes: Fingolfin, Fingon

Number of Spawns: 2 (Mithrim,Eithel-Sirion)

Fingolfin's army will represent a more professional aspect then the others with a balanced force of archers heavy infantry and swift cavalry


Heroes: Finrod, Orodreth and Gwindor

Number of Spawns: 2 (Nargothrond and Minas Tirith)

Units: Nargothrond was famous for its guerrilla warfare and the fact that the archers used poisoned arrows it will be the only Noldor faction that is heavily ranged.

-Sons of Feanor
Heroes: Maedhros, Maglor and Caranthir

Number of Spawns: 3 (March of Maedhros,The Hill of Himring,Himlad)

Units: the SoF were war hardened and by far the most warlike faction, they will be Noldors Largest army in the beginning while the other kingdoms are getting established and will become a small elite force in the endgame.

Heroes: Until Gondolin is established Turgon will be your only hero with Ecthelion and Glorfindel as demi's, if they are alive they will become heroes.

Number of Spawns: Vinyamar, Gondolin

Units: Turgons faction will be Light Skirmish units until Gondolin is built at that point they will become a large army with a focus on heavy infantry.

Sindar Factions


Heroes: Thingol, Melian, Beleg

Number of Spawns: Tol Galen, Ossiriand, Menegroth, Doriath

Units: Doriath at first they will be heavily ranged and gain more heavy infantry as time passes becoming a juggernaut if not kept in check.


Heroes: Cirdan and as yet unnamed hero

Spawns: Eglarest, Brithombar

Units: The Falas were notorious for ambush attacks so to reflect this they will have a smaller army with high dmg but low armor and health forcing you to strike and get out before you lose your entire army.


Heroes: Gamil Zirak, Techlar (Nogrods heroes are going to heavily buff their units Armor and Damage to represent the excellent forges of Nogrod)

Number of Spawns: 1 (Nogrod)

Units: Nogrod will have larger weaker spawns then Belegost forcing you to protect your Heroes and invest in aura's to stay competitive.

Heroes: Azaghal, Eol (This is the final hero list for Belegost if they end up being outclassed heavily I'll rethink it, Azaghal will have a aura of some kind and many hero targeting abilities)

Number of Spawns: 1 (Belegost)

Units: Belegost is going to have small powerful spawns complimenting Nogrod while at the same time making the two factions different.

Im open to anymore suggestions you guys might have for the dwarves.

Forces of Evil

Heroes: Gothmog (Morgoth is going to have 3 heroes in total with the other two being created through research, the goal of Morgoths heroes is to inspire "terrify" the orcs into fighting better as well as being powerful beasts specializing in anti-unit abilities)
Glaurung, Carcharoth

Number of Spawns: 3 (Angbad, Thangorodrim and The Breeding Depths)

Units: Morgoth is going to have a unique unit mechanic he is going to be able to research better units as time progresses with Morgoth as the research "Building" allowing the player to tailor his spawns to his playstyle.


Heroes: Sauron, Draugluin and Ungoliant (Sauron starts alone and must capture Ered Gorgoroth and Tol-in-Gaurhoth)

Number of Spawns: 2 (Ered Gorgoroth and Tol-in-Gaurhoth)

Units: Sauron starts with a small army, the rest of his army is dependant on quickly capturing Ered Gorgoroth which will provide him with spiders and Ungoliant, If Sauron doesn't capture Minas Tirith its going to affect his game style heavily denying him access to werewolves and Draugluin.


The Easterlings and Edain will be allied at the start but should they choose each has the chance to ally with a specific faction, in the Easterlings case this is the forces of Morgoth, it will break the alliance with the edain most likely forcing them to ally with either the noldor or sindar, The easterlings are capable of capturing every base the edain make.

Heroes: Ulfang, Lorgar

Bases: Northern Encampment, Southern Encampment

Units: Quick moving raiding forces at first with a variety of other units being gained through the taking of certain settlements

The Edain are allied with the easterlings, but should they choose so they can ally with the sindar or noldor, doing so will provide them with easier access to new bases and better troop tree's but leave them open to attack from nearby grey who will most likely ally with melkor as a result.

Heroes: Malach, Bor and Bëor the Old

Units: The starting units fo the edain are light skirmish units, each base they build offers a whole new troop tree making it important to think about where you expand.

Spawns: Brethil, Dor Lomin, Bors House, Dorthonion, Estolad

Work Progress

Units: The weakest units for most races are done expect more quickly

Triggers: A majority of the trigger work is done for now.

Heroes: At the moment Heroes are largely uncompleted I hope to rectify that shortly

Terrain: At the moment I am using a modified version of the Exile of the Noldor terrain its something I would like to change but my skills at terraining are pitiful.

I would appreciate any help anyone is willing to offer, even if it is just criticism, I will upload screenshots in the next few days, thank you for your time.
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sounds interesting. i'm also doing a lotr project ^^
i will possibly be making custom models for my project, and although my map is in the third age, i think you could still use some models. i'm not sure whether armour and appearance really changed, so maybe the elves look the same, as do the dunedain and easterlings/rhun people.
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Apr 7, 2012
Id love the models for the elves especially as they didnt particularly change much, and the info tags are fixed :p

Update: Sorry between my birthday and the ensuing hangover I've gotten very little done ill post something later today or tomorrow
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