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The Demi-God Project

Discussion in 'Map Development' started by N1ghthawk, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. N1ghthawk


    Oct 31, 2009
    An AoS-style map in which you choose from one of 13 unique characters to battle through an intense environment in a quest to slay your opponent's Demi-God.



    Author's Note
    My current AoS project. Some of you may recognize it as being similar to "The Kingdom of Dreams" map I uploaded some time ago. After a few weeks of being in BETA I realized that the map needed some work, so I took it down to provide some of the more major revamps that needed to be done. My goal with this map is to break the norm for the AoS genre. In order to do that, I need feedback from people who have played the map.


    1. What don't you see in everyday AoS's that you would like to see implemented?
    2. What are some things you don't like about other AoS-style maps, and how would you reccomend changing or modifying them?
    3. What did you like or not like about the Demi-God Project?
    4. Do you have any ideas for heroes or items?

    Map Download:
    View attachment Demigod Project.w3x


    Kola - Bulwark of Titans, Blade of Elune, Sub Rosa
    Boris_Spider - Heart of the Phoenix
    Mc! - Raja's Blazing Longsword, Silent Treads
    Anachron - Staff of Forgotten Souls, Righteous Fury, Strength/Agility/Intelligence
    bigapple90 - Bonecrusher, Axe of the Damned, Divine Intervention, Hero Attack
    Kyrsis - Weightless Boots
    Gwen_Stefani - Moonglow Lantern, Druidic Staff
    KelThuzad - Rogues Blade
    CRAZYRUSSIAN - Fel Power, Drow Blade, Elven Fervor, Goblin Gumbo
    X.e.r.e.X - Fleshgrinder, Zin'kalon
    FrIkY - Warglaive
    Technomancer - Legion Cleaver
    Link_Iceblader - Holy Nova
    Aki15 - Pyroblast
    Palaslayer - Lightning Tap
    Kimberly - Unbridled Wrath
    Elenai - Moonfury Training
    Paladon - Hero Armor
    BananaHUNT - Attack, Move, Patrol, Hold, Stop
    Blizzard Entertainment - Way of the Rogue, Kidney Shot, Spirit of Redemption, Subtlety, Elunes Grace

    Minoh Kim - Loading Screen
    Demigod Producers - Map Preview

    Unreal Tournament - Countdown, Killing Spree-related Sounds
    General Frank: Orb of Light, Orb of Mana
    Dicxunder: Guardian
    donut3.5: Spirit of Redemption
    WILL THE ALMIGHTY: Ancient Turtle
    Suselishe: Guardian/Insignia Vendor
    Wingednosering: Elven Ranger
    GreyArchon - Warden Statue
    Inico - Sacrificial Altar
    Nasrudin - Tree
    Happytauren - Thick-leaf Plant

    Cloudwolf - Dark Ranger
    Shockwave - Battle Priest

    JetFangInferno - Retribution effect, Dark Cloud
    WILL THE ALMIGHTY - Ancient (death animation)
    Shamanyouranus - Bloodlust effect, Water Totem Effect
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2010