The Alter of the Sunder v1.05

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
The World is changed!And this wasn't the first time!It was the nearly the 2nd and last one
but which led to a great change in history!It was the second time the 2 ancient worshipped_YoggSaron and C'thun_try to change time for helping the dark titan Sargares in
passing the portal...thus they could be freed from their cells and begin their last move for restoring their world!And that I cannot allow!I am Nozdormu...the dragon of time!And I
shall not make the Ancient worshipped to sucessed in their plans even if I had to make another alter to save the time!
Nozdormu the Aspect of time
The Alter of the Sunder
The Old Gods have returned again!Once in the past they had entered the time and tried to change it for their goal!Now they conquered the time again but releasing their agents and spreading their corruption everywhere to guarentte their victory this time!But for every action there is a reaction same in magnitude and opposite in direction and so Nozdormu the Aspect of time decided to do the greatest alter in time by sending HUMANS back in time but will he succeed in his plan?Or will the world meets its end in it's very beginning!Now the alter of the sunder is upon the world and no one can stop it!

The sky is rainning chaos!Demons spread everywhere slaying everyone
who stands in their way!Their numbers are too great!But still they have to face a dangerous threat of the mightyResistanceunder the leadership of
The Forest Lord Cenariusalong with the master ofThe Silver Hand Uther the Light Bringerand the humble but toughCaptain Shadowsong!Can the powerful resistance of knights,archers,huntresses,furbogs, footmen and the taurens stand the might of the burning legion?Or will the host fall and fails
to protect its world!

Queen Azhara is decorating herself waiting for the arrival ofThe dark lord of the burning legion,the fallen titan,the destroyer of lives Sargerasto
offer herself to him as his consort...but she dreams alot for she still have to study the new
threat of the desperate attackers who attempt to close the the portal and defeat the burning legion but why would she care?Not even the power ofThe druid Furion Stormragewith the ancient wisdom ofThe Dragon mage Krasusand the powerful arm ofBroxaiger the red axalongThe Great Demigod Agamagonnwill be able to DENY her or stop her future mate from passing the world and reshapping it!She is Azhara and she has nothing to worry about!

Always the today's friends are enemies of tommorrow but how can enemies of tommorrow become the friends of their future in the past?!!Wasn't those standing against each other at Ice Crown Glacier each for the sake of himself?What made them now fight together against the demons to save their
world?How they chose their path?And what force could makeThe young corrupted Prince of Lordaeron Arthas Menethilfight together with a presumed former foe?And why doesThe demon hunter Illidan Stormragereturned back again to fight with the resistance and one who he hasn't seen before!Does he fight for the
resistance?Or does he want the power of the well of eternity!And can he and Arthas secure a path to their friends and beat the demons and deny the well of Azhara?Or will they fall victim to the burning legion and the charmness of the Queen?!

The moment is upon all!The heros now gather themselves to fight the final war and claim the demon soul but the powerful shield of Sargeras keep them at bay!Not evenAlexstraza the lifebinderorYsera mistress of Emerald dreamcan break the demonsoul shield!But may be he can!Yes,may be its creatorNaltherion the earth warderknown now asDeathwing the Destroyerin his madness can break the shield...then the heros can steal it from him!
If he can just CLAIM the Demonsoul!If they can just STEAL it from him!But only time will tell!

The Sunder is upon all!The only way to escape is to mount Hyjal!But does the escape changes the human's fate!Can Nozdormu stil turn them back to their time or will they stay in the past....forever!Soon time will come where brotherhood and true love will fall under great test!

Special Thanks to:Just_Spectating for Sagares model
Ket for Night elf blade master model (Jarod)
Jatter2 for Paladin hammer model
General Frank for FireDragon Fireblade model(Krasus)
Thrikodius for Blade of ShadePyre model
Olofmoleman for trebuchet model
GreyArchon for demoness model(Azhara)

The cinematic is made by me(The_Octopus)It nearly took me 1.5-2 years to finsih it!Thanks to all the great cinematics made on Hive that made me more enthsiastic to make this cinematic!This cinematic is about 3-5hours so it's really hard to watch it completely...either you don't have enough time or will get when you want to stop at one point in the cinematic just press ESC button then when you want to continue go to SAVE folder,then to your PROFILE folder,you should then find another folder named CUSTOM SAVES!Then you should find your save file under name(The alter of the sunder1/2.w3z).Just CUT it(don't copy it)out the custom saves folder to your profile...then normally open you wc3 and load it!
The Cinematic is inspired by Richard A.Knak War of the Ancients The Sundering but I altered
many events to suit my alternative story!
This Cinematic isPROTECTED but if you needed to know anything about it just contact me on Hive!

Unfortunatly because I used to completely work alone on this cinematic I had no one to help me to test it!So some minor bugs may appear in the cinematics so if you
please discover it just tell me to try to adjust it for next update!
Another minor problem can be in the music!I didn't import custom music...I just used wc3 music and may be I didn't chose the right musics for each part!

When I made finished the cinematic I was really too happy and I began preparing to upload it to then discover-during testing -it greatly LAGGED!I repeated
it nearly times and always at the same points!So I delayed uploading it and then-reluctantly had to DIVIDE it into 2 cinematics to reduce the lag greatly!The first part is about 2 and half
hours and the second is about 2 hours!However I am not completely sure if this would stop
the lag completely or not!So,please report any lag happens and tells me when exactly did it
lag and I will test it again and try in next updates to eliminate it!Also you could try to reduce the quality of models,textures,particles...etc in your wc3 vedio options!This might help as well but I am not sure!

Uther:Strange!A blood thurst demonic scum like you must have killed them ....not just knocking them down!
Archimonde:They have at least a broken rib!And when Sargeras comes they will face what's worse than death!
Uther:You will pay for all the lives...all the worlds you destroyed..Archimonde!
Archimonde:I must admit....the pathetic shield you use is stronger than I thought....might be even stronger than the shields my warlocks make!
Archimonde:That's what you are skillfull at!SHOUTING for the sake of protecting the land!And sending as much rienforcements as you
can.....but you only send them to thier death!
Archimonde:Look around you!What you gained after all what you did for the sake of your host!NOTHING!
Jarod:NO.......We have won something very important!We have won our freedom....War Lock!
Archimonde:No....not even your freedom will you gain...I am not waiting for Sargares.....I am going to DESTROY you....and from your ashes
the nathrezim will raise your dead body...and in the end All will serve the LEGION!
Illidan Stormrage:Arthas...what happened to you?
Arthas:Well suddenly the sun light entered this dark place!(referring to the beauty and charmness of Azhara)
Illidan Stormrage:This wasn't the sunlight...Arthas!
Arthas:Then this is the moon light!
Illidan Stormrage:YES...this is the moonlight..or actually the moon itself.......We Arthas...only see the light side of the moon and admire it very
much without knowing that there is other dark side of the moon which is actually its core...Arthas!
Mal'Ganis:That's strange!It seems that I 've made a terrible loss to you in my future!Your anger is great!
Arthas:You made me slay my people and my homeland!What could make to man much anger than that!
They were thinking that I came to save them but then dead by my hands!The least thing I can do is KILLING the responisble for this an it's you!
Mannaroth:They all thought that you betrayed us!But they didn't know the truth of your aim!For in your heart you know that we are...the same!
Illidan Stormrage:NOOOOOO!

added the author name...fixed some wrong issues and bugs in the cinematic triggers..slight decrease in cinematic size

added more cameras to partC...decreased the size of cinematic more...added category

fixed another wrong issues-fixed author name inside the game

fixed some leak issues

fixed lag issues,some bugs and added cameras and some music

The Alter of the Sunder v1.05 (Campaign)

09:32, 17th Jun 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Rejected 2nd map isn't even fished.




09:32, 17th Jun 2011
Status: Rejected
2nd map isn't even fished.
Level 2
Jul 11, 2009
this is boring i keep see the cinematic until i wan sleep
Are you talking about the cinematic as a whole or a did just specific part make you bored and tell me suggustions if to try to improve this by changing musics...adding cameras..etc!
This was also why I added the save/load system upon pressing ESC(supposing you wanted to complete the cinematic later)!
Level 2
Jul 11, 2009
-Kobas- said:
2nd map isn't even finished
Sorry for this mistake which I didn't know how it happened..I have already finished the 2nd map and even uploaded with the 1st one so honestly I didn't really know how I mixed between it and the other map.....
Now updated for the 2nd map...
BTW Kobas you didn't tell me what if you have seen the first map or not... if you have seen...please tell me about the bugs and things you didn't like in it so if I can edit them...
You uploaded campaign file, it's used to link few different maps with same story, objects etc into one.

In your case you uploaded only 2 maps, and 2nd one wasn't even finished.
I suggest you to use map development forum and work on your map with users around you.
They will be able to test it, play it with you, help you work on systems etc etc.
Maybe you can find project members that will work on different chapters. It will be much easier that way.
After week or two, month, year come here into map section with epic and finished project.