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TGT laddering Shaman woes

Discussion in 'Hearthstone' started by Talavaj, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. Talavaj


    Jan 18, 2010

    TGT is here and with it are the new ranked rewards.
    Considering there are golden epics obtained as soon as rank 5 I decided to tackle the ladder with my f2p account.
    Since all I ever seem to get are Shaman related cards I decided to go with it despite Thrall is one of, if not the weakest class in the game.
    Unfortunately, I cannot afford cards for any of the popular borked decks like Patron or Secret pally.

    I don't have any adventures unlocked on this account although the first wings of blackrock/naxx are a possibility and so is the second wing of naxx on Europe.
    Unfortunately, neither account has Chows or Belchers unlocked.

    The quality of cards on this account is by far the poorest, I have never obtained a Legendary on here so Dr.Balanced was an obvious choice to craft.
    Currently the deck attempts to use Mechwarper to accelerate early tempo due to lack of both Chow and Creepers.
    There are some weak links in the deck namely Tinkertown and the mechs, I'm planning to replace them with Golems, Mana Tide and TBV depending on how the setup fares in the other two decks.

    Europe is my main account however since I main Druid I have never really paid attention to my Shaman, I had no luck getting Al'akir here.
    I'm maybe going to throw in Dr.Balanced in place of Hogger and save for 2nd wing of Naxx to get myself Belchers and replace Azures with them.
    EU is more of a value oriented deck with Totem Golem and TBV along some of the standard cards.

    I have got some good cards on Asia, unfortunately they often end up being weird and for a whole range of classes.
    You may be seeing some very weak links that don't really make much sense.
    The Asian deck tries to squish in some lower quality mechs that grant spare parts.
    These are to be used with Illidan and Gazlowe. So far, I have surprisingly good result with the gimmick especially thanks to Illidan who often wins games if he manages to stay cloaked.
    Despite, this deck has the biggest room for changes.

    Tuskarr Totemic - I tried out this card, unfortunately I feel it is garbage. I think this was the most overrated "totem shaman" card out of the expansion.
    He usually summons 0/2 totems and trades very poorly, Harvest Golem and even Tinkertown usually grant more value.

    Healing Wave - I may add this one if I happen to pull it out of packs. So far I'm only using Healbot on America because of Doomhammer.
    I'm worried the decks have too low curve to consistently win the joust so I may just stick will Healbot especially because the decks use Powermace and Tinkertowns.

    Thunder Bluff Valiant - So far I'm very not impressed, I would say this was the second most overrated Shaman card.
    TBV is very slow and without a Shaman alternative to Mustard there is no way to assure he does much at all.
    I'm planning to swap the current TBVs for another card Mukla's Champion which was initially regarded as utter trash but found its way to top ranks.
    I see the obvious synergy with Totemic but since the card is trash... meanwhile the other playable totems rarely stay to see the next turn to be buffed.

    Ancestral Knowledge - I was playing with the idea of swapping Mana Tides for this but with its 2 overload it just seems like another terrible overload card.

    So ? Which of the decks you feel has the best chances of reaching rank 5 ?
    What cards you would like to add ? which ones would you remove ?
    Are you also planning to ladder up these days and if so with what decks ?

    If everything else fails I will just save 700 gold for first wing of BM and craft a Patron warrior.
    Thankfully EU has some other options to ladder up with such as my token and ramp Druid but the other two don't really have the privilege.