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[Terraining Mini Challenge]

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Oct 24, 2008

(1) General Information

The terraining forum lost some many great terrainers lately, and the forum seems to be a little dead.

I intend to host The Hiveworkshop terraining Challenges bi-weekly to draw more hivers to the terraining forum. I think this is a great idea to provide challenges for youngsters and veterans alike. Veterans will be able to refine their techniques and for new members it is an opportunity to learn new things.

I hope to see many entries for each challenge.

(2) Challenge Rules and Specific Information

This is not an official contest, it's neither official nor a contest. For now, this is a terraining practice to hone your skills and learn new things.
The Hiveworkshop Terraining Challenges (THTC) will be held bi-weekly, each Challenge being a different theme e.g. No Imports, Distortion, Elements, Co-terraining.

THTC is unoffical and therefore has no rewards.

  • This is only the information thread, do not post your entries here. Post your entries in the Weekly Challenge Thread.
  • If you are criticizing a terrain, you have to be constructive. If you inted to flame, do not post at all.
  • Your entry has to fit the Challenge's theme.

(3) F.A.Q

  • How to join join?

By posting your WiP's and entries in the Terraining Challenges Thread for that week.

  • Who will judge this? What will be the judging criteria and what will be the reward?

For now, these challenges will remain unofficial. At the moment the Challenges are awaiting Keiji's approval. So until this will (hopefully) be made official, it will be more of a terraining practice in which it comes to proving eachother with critique, tips and help.

(4) Brainstorm Section

Have you got a good idea for future Terraining Challenges? Post them in this thread and I will add them here.
Brain Storm
- Distortion
- Co-terraining
- Fire
- Water
- Earth
- Sky
- Dream
- Disasters
- City
- Underwater
- No civilization
- River
- Moonlight
- No Blizzard resources; the contrary of Challenge #1
- Futurism
- Prehistory
- World of Warcraft
- Dystopia
- Utopia
- Doodad Construction Madness
- No doodads
- Halloween
- Melee Map
- Mountain Tops
- Mechanical
- Sea
- Helicopter View

(5) The Archives

This section has links to the previous challenges, all terrains produced for that specific challenge can be found in the first post.
Each terrain will be marked with a ++, +, +- or -


The best terrains produced this challenge. These terrains are epicly made, carry out the theme perfectly and are most creative.


Good terrains end up here. These terrains are very well made, carry out the theme in a great way, but are not really epic.


Standard terrains end up here. These terrains are okay made, carry out the theme okay enough, but are pretty standard and could be better.


Lacking terrains end up here. These terrains are not well made, don't carry out the theme in a good way and lack in many perspectives.

(5) The Winners

Terraining Challenge Winners

Terraining Challenge #1 - Megafyr

Terraining Challenge #2 - MultiGod & The-Rave
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Level 7
Oct 24, 2008
This is what I got so far. Please tell me if you are interested, have a question or a sugestion.
Go ahead and discuss, I will add more info later.

If you guys are interested, I will post the first challenge within a few days.
Level 7
Oct 24, 2008
so what be the theme for the first one?

I will create a thread called ''Weekly Terraining Challenge #1'' soon, it will have the theme included.

what'll be the rewards?

Since we have no mod appointed yet, the challenges will remain unoffical for a while, so for now it will remain a practice in which we create, criticize and give tips and help. When a mod is appointed and he aggrees to this, the reward could be around 5 to 10 rep for each week's winner.

what'd be teh judging criteria?

Since this is unofficial for now, we will have no judges.

would mod agree to this?

I hope that when a new mod gets appointed, he will agree on this idea of weekly challenges so we can make something nice out of this ;)

Since there was no theme or stuff I started :)

The first challenge has not been posted yet, the thread I will start soon will have all info about the theme etc. for this week.


Thanks for the replies. Note that this is still in it's unoffical beta stages, so please don't condemn the Terraining Challenges yet :p
Level 7
Oct 24, 2008
You are allowed to use custom resources as long as they are available to the public for download. Think again. The first contest was without the resource and will the second be too?

There are some exceptions like the No Import Challenge, but ofc this is just the general rule.

Since this might be confusing I will remove it as a general rule here and add the import rules seperatly to the Challenge Thread.
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