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Last Activity:
Oct 12, 2017
Mar 22, 2009


And I'm Back!, from Sweden

Archipelago was last seen:
Oct 12, 2017
    1. Gamecrafter_DK
      In some time, perhaps.
    2. Animalpower
      Hey Im making a group could you join my group Project spore it has a map called Archipelago that is scattered in the ocean creatures evolve... I have imported over 200 models!!!

      join my group and give me a friend request to view a lot more
    3. ap0calypse
      Nice... Though, the Doom Raiders ORPG description doesn't show, cuz its rejected.
      Oh, right, I forgot I rejected my own map xD
      I'll change it with another map right away :D

      Edit: thanks ;)
      I also deleted one of your comments in my album :P
    4. Spoontoobig
      Indeed you didn't left any area for taverns... :D
    5. Spoontoobig
    6. Spoontoobig
      Any newz...?
    7. Spoontoobig
      Any news... ? :/
    8. Spoontoobig
      I'm so maron, but :D when you will finish the terrain.. :< Couse I soo bored don't have what to work! ;d
    9. Spoontoobig
      Any new's from horde spot ? :>
    10. Spoontoobig
    11. M0rbid
      Have you contacted any moderator already? Or did u got an answer?
    12. Amigurumi
      I'm not a mod, and I did this one year ago.
      But if I play with friends, I might test it.
    13. X-OMG-X
      Nah, not atm. Its on hold untill the solo mapping contest is over.
    14. X-OMG-X
      Allright thanks (:
      I've added both of you to the credit list.

      And yea allready see the camera man.
      I''ve changed the model of it to a highelf worker and fixed the angle.
      But, thanks alot for all your work. Im sure it have improved the movie experience alot.
    15. X-OMG-X
      Brilliant! I love it!
      I've changed a few things to make it not glitch with the camera, but other than that, its just awesome! And the starting place is still working perfectly with my push system and break system, so thats quite nice. Btw, who's the creator of the PalmTree.mdx? I've to give credits to him too (:
    16. X-OMG-X
      Cant you just give me the final map instead of sending thousand maps? :P
      Then i can give you feedback about what to change, if theres any issues.
      But then please dont change anything else than the first island (position-wise).
    17. X-OMG-X
      It looks really good, but please dont change anything big that makes me have to recode much. Saw you've changed the position of the sheeps and humans, could you please keep them where they were before? Cuz my systems and coding is coded after exactly those points and wont work if you just move the regions too. But its really well made terrain and i love what you did to the island and arena. Just keep the basis as it was before ;)
    18. X-OMG-X
      Looks really cool. You just have to fix a few terrain glitchs thought. But i give you permission to continue the work on the terrain. You will get credits at the end of the movie and in the description of the final map. So, now just good luck (: And please take a look at the cinematic a few times during progress, to see if there are some glitches.
    19. Hubcool
      Hmm, sure I guess :D

      Merry (or happy, i dont know haha) Christmas to you too!
    20. Gamecrafter_DK
      Nah, you missed some commas and such, but, eh, it's good enough.
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    Cuator Tower Wars
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    Kirin Tor


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