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Terrain Question (raised indoor terrace)

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Level 14
Dec 9, 2006
Hey guys,

I am looking to create an indoor temple. The temple has a ground level, and then a small set of stairs (five steps or so) that leads up to an upper terrace with the altar on it. I wanted the floors for both the ground level and the upper terrace to use the Dalaran Ruin's White Marble tileset. However, there is no White marble cliff tile.

So, my question is, what other method can I use create the upper terrace itself. Or, is the best and only way to create a custom cliff tile using the Dalaran Ruin's White Marble.

Level 7
Jun 16, 2008
Good day, Asomath
After reading the details of the problem you currently face, I admit I do indeed have a solution for you. Most terrainers despise Blizzard's cliffs, so they have found an ingenious alternative; the "raise" and "plateau" tools can be used to make terrain rise, then flatten it out:

Simply put, use the "raise" tool to make the terrain rise, then use the "plateau" tool to flatten it - the result will bear a lot of resemblance to a cliff (so much so that, if you looked, most terrainers use this method instead of inserting cliffs.)

But a problem remains; unlike default cliffs, units can climb up. While this does make this method more versatile, simply place pathing blockers, found in the doodad palette, around the perimeter of the cliff, thus making it so that units cannot walk through or over the cliffs.
(Just a side-note, but what makes this method even better is that you can specify it to your own height levels, and not use those restrictive "cliff height" limits.)

~Elite Slayer
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