Tensile Field v1.0 (GUI - MUI)

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This spell is my idea, feel free

Models: @Mythic


Summon a Tensile Field, this field reduced the Movement Speed of nearby enemy units at 450 AoE. Also, drain HP of target and add to himself - Draining can not kill the target if the target is a hero - And also healing nearby friendly units per second. Lasts 40 seconds.

Level 1 - Drain 10 + 0.6x intelligence of Caster, Healing 10 + 0.6x Strength of Target.
Level 2 - Drain 20 + 0.8x intelligence of Caster, Healing 20 + 0.8x Strength of Target.
Level 3 - Drain 30 + 1.0x intelligence of Caster, Healing 30 + 1.0x Strength of Target.

Cooldown 60
Manacost 110/120/130

How to use it:

1- Under Preferences, make sure you have "Automatically create unknown variables while pasting trigger data" checked
2- Copy models to your map (credit: @Mythic )
3- Copy dummy unit, abilities, and buff (TFDummy - Call Field, Tensile Field, Slow Aura - Tensile Field) to your map.
4- Copy Tensile Field Ability trigger to your map.


- v1.0 release

Tensile Field v1.0 (Map)