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teleport graphic on waygate

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Hey im looking for a way to change the art that is used when a unit goes through a waygate (the blue mass teleport rings) so that they dont apear.
I want to do it this way so that computer AI is less effected by waygates.

I created an 'under' bridge with waygates but the blue graphic and sound that is played as each unit goes under messes with how the game looks, and its just anoying.

I need either a way to get rid if this or the file path to replace it with a blank mdl.

Level 28
Jun 4, 2007
Yes, as there is no effect, buff etc on the waygate ability you'll need to replace it. The path is one of the three following:
or both, meaning you will have to import the blank model twice and give them the different paths.
yea i figured it used the tp graphics, checking to see if this works.

EDIT: thanks anyways but that didnt seem to work (unless im doing sumthing wrong)

1 creat new model in war3mdl editor.
2 save model.
3 import model.
4 repeat step 3.
5 set the full paths to Abilities\Spells\Human\MassTeleport\\MassTeleportT arget.mdx and Abilities\Spells\Human\MassTeleport\\MassTeleportC aster.mdx
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Level 19
Aug 24, 2007

Or Explore the mpq some
Ive searched the entire mpq (ROC, TFT, and patch) all ive found is;


Does anyone know how to make units who use a region tp retain there previous order? i could set the waypoints cast range to 1 so they will still use ai to head to the location.
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