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Tauren Smash

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Level 17
Jul 15, 2009

I would like to request a spell.

"The hero sends a shockwave outwards toward target position, the force creates cracks in the earth's surface, dealing 250 damage and knocking struck enemies back.

Cooldown: 60"

The knockback effect should reach a flying height of about 200 and a distance of only 100-150 (varies per unit) to make it look more authentic and there should be simple dust effects on the struck units.
The shockwave would just be Ancient Protector projectiles 'dying' along with some War Stomps.
Creativity is allowed!
Please don't use Shockwave as dummy ability, the hero already has it!!

Spell needs 1 level, and does not have to be MUI.
You are free to use GUI or JASS, as long as it's easily editable for balance sake.


Code Reviewer
Level 26
Mar 19, 2008
LOL GangSpear, I though I'm making spell for you :S

@Naro Check it, but since I haven't know that its a request for you, I thought its just a fix for GangSpear's spell.
Spell is bugless & lagless and ofc it's MUI, although if you wish to have it more realistic, smooth etc. feel free to post.
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