Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Level 34
Jul 4, 2007
Arrr, say y' landscrubb's, wan' to meet m' personally on m' fin' vess'l? Gar.

Level 13
Apr 21, 2007
Pirates are friendly!

Pirates are hearty
They’re bluff and they’re loud
They’ll always have fun
On their own or in crowds

Some have an eye patch
And some have a hook
In place of the hand
That a crocodile took

They’re usually friendly
Despite all your fears
But if you should cross them
They’ll cut off your ears

They’ll stamp on your fingers
Stick knives up your nose
Put ants in your trousers
And crabs on your toes

And then when they’re finished
And your spirits are low
It’s off to the edge of the ship you must go

Hands tied behind you
Eyes bound about
You’re prodded and pushed
By their jeers and their shouts

Your eyes start to water
There’s no hope, let’s be frank
In a matter of seconds
You’ll fall from The Plank

Below you’ll be swallowed
By water and sharks
Who will bite you and tear you
Into many wee parts

You prepare for the moment
When you’ll fall into space
You screw up your courage
Your hands and your face

Then suddenly, laughter!
A hug and a poke
Why those silly old pirates
Were having a joke!

I told you they’re friendly
Despite all your fears
But, if you should cross them
It could all end in tears